CHB Contest: Pick the 2nd Line and Win Canucks Tickets!

If there was one thing clear about the Canucks early exit from the post-season, the lack of secondary scoring and production from the second line was a large issue. So it’s definitely worrisome that Ryan Kesler is still on the mend (with no schedule to return yet) from off-season surgery AND David Booth has encountered a temperamental groin, leaving him on the shelf for four to six weeks.

David Booth and Ryan Kesler

Photo Credit: Jeff Vinnik/Getty Images

So how do you replace two-thirds of your second line for close to a third of the shortened NHL season? This is where you come in.

We want you to tell us what your answer to the Canucks second line woes. If the hockey gods like your answer, we and our friends at the Vancouver Canucks have a pair of tickets to Saturday’s home opener to give to you.

To enter:

  • For one entry: In the comments section of this post, tell us what you would do to plug the holes in the Canucks second line. Maybe it’s a combination of existing players or a deal you pull the trigger on. (Make sure you enter your email address when you log-in so we can contact you if you win.)
  • For a bonus entry – Tweet the following:

I entered and RT to win #Canucks tickets from @canuckshockey @VanCanucks & @lyteforce #CHB #OTOW

You have until 6:00 PM on Friday, January 18th to enter. Once the contest closes, we will randomly pick one lucky entrant who will become the proud owner of a pair of upper bowl tickets to the home opener on Saturday, donated by our friends at the Vancouver Canucks. You must be able to pick the tickets from Will Call at Rogers Arena (they will be available after 6pm) prior to puck drop.

You don’t have much time. What are you waiting for?

UPDATE: Congratulations to Shawn Car (@ShawnVanCity) with her comment (and line) of Higgins/Malhotra/Hansen. She’s won the pair of tickets to the game tomorrow night!

Chris Golden

Chris is the Head, Social & Community Relations here at CHB, hosts the C4 podcast and is the guy who goes streaking when Chris Tanev scores goals. He's also still looking for 1.21 gigawatts of power.

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121 Responses

  1. Chris Tsang says:

    Raymond / Lapierre / Kassian

  2. Tsryan Tr says:

    use the players we have and alternate the two arguably best goalies in the league while we have them. I think between the goalies and the new defensive aquisitions we sjould do alright defensly until kess and booth return . the forward we have will produce by commitee.

  3. Alan says:

    Burrows, Higgins, Lapierre

  4. Manly C says:

    My answer to the second line would be to pick mark santorelli on waivers and put him with mason Raymond and kassian

  5. Amanda says:

    Burrows/ Ebbett / Kassian

  6. Shawn Car says:


  7. Maninder says:


  8. Caroline says:

    Kassian, Lapierre, Burrows

  9. Rebecca says:

    Kassian, Lapierre, Raymond

  10. MK says:

    Higgins, Lapierre, Raymond

  11. MJ says:

    Lapierre, burrows, raymond

  12. Shen says:

    Raymond – Schroeder – Higgins

  13. Charleslawson says:

    Raymond, Kassian and Higgins

  14. Felicia says:

     Lapierre, Burrows, Raymond

  15. Anita says:

    Raymond, Lapierre, and Higgins

  16. Ahmedkhan6911 says:

    They best thing in my opinion would be to try a combination of existing players. Let burrows play on the second line to help with scoring and for sedin twins, who produce regardless, place a player that needs to gain scoring or work on it yet is gritty enough to protect the sedins. For center they should use higgins and raymond on wing. That way our good working 3rd and 4th lines stay intact and we get a decent 2nd line and a player to play with sedins so the sedins can help mature that player.

  17. Jlnjcb says:

    Raymond – Schroeder – Higgins

  18. Sherwin says:


  19. Maxim Lapierre, Daniel Sedin, and Zack Kassian. Split those twins up, the second line needs a leader. Henrik was fine when Daniel was injured.

  20. Christopher Co says:


  21. Darren says:

    Raymond- Schroeder- Luongo…..just kidding!! Lapierre 

  22. Sharan says:

    (Raymond-Schroeder-Burrows). Raymond needs to prove himself this season and I think after last season he knows he needs to step up and help the team. Schroeder needs to be challenged to improve and develop his game and I think he will be able to make the jump fron the AHL to the NHL and make an impact. As for Burrows, he is consistent and knows where to be to score goals as a consistent 20+ goal scorer.

  23. Nat_t_ says:


  24. Raymond. Give Shroeder a shot – An up and coming player shines when given a chance. Kasian – Unproven but optimistic.


  25. Ryanclassic says:

    Kassian – Ebbett – Raymond.

  26. skyoneder says:

    Still could be Arnott or Gomez signing here.

    Until then Ray Ebbett Kassian could be a killer line.

  27. Sini_one says:

    It’s Jordan’s chance to shine, give him the opportunity to finally contribute at the NHL level and hopefully he’ll run away with it.

  28. Sab says:

    Burrows – Schroeder – Higgins

  29. jononation says:

    Shroeder, Kassian and Raymond for 2nd line

  30. canucksfan85 says:

    kassian schroeder raymond. Kassian’s improved his speed, schroeder deserves a chance.

  31. Andrew Deutschmann says:

    Second line will be:


  32. nerdibabe says:

    Raymond – Ebbett – Kassian. Didn’t you hear about Raymond’s hat trick last night?! 🙂 So excited for Saturday!! 😀

  33. ShawnaVanCity says:

    Burrows, Higgens (it’s worked in the past), Hansen

  34. Arams says:

    Raymond Kassian Higgins. Give the kid a chance to shine! I would say Schroeder but he’ll get his shot soon enough.

  35. Will Chack says:

    Play that Schroeder Raymond Kassian line. done deal

  36. Ivana Porcic says:

    Raymond Schroeder Burrows.

    Might be an unexpected switch but Burrows on the second could supply the points, along with Raymond who’s done well during training camp, (and especially second night scrimmage) but Schroeder might be a good move to see how he can step it up on the second line. The fans will probably get a kick out of it too.

  37. Miss_j94 says:

    Double shift the Sedins and Burr for the season 😛

    … Talk about a one – two punch! #joking

    We should have Kassian – Ebbett – Raymond
    This line brings speed, grit, and skill all in one which would make for great secondary scoring!

  38. Spencer Dubas says:

    Raymond for razzle dazzle, Schroeder for playmaker, and Kassian for the muscle. Done deal.

  39. DJMillsyMills says:

    I would put Burrows (RW) with Raymond (LW) and Schroeder (C).  Schroeder is a natural centre and although he has some development ahead of him, this would be a great experience for him and perhaps give him some confidence.  Raymond can skate and move the puck, while maintaining defensive play so the line won’t be a liability.  Burrows can play either wing and has a knack for scoring, and will still be able to play with the Sedin’s on the power play.  The Sedin line will still score without Burrows, via Hansen or Ebbett, no question about it.

  40. lindey: says:

    Schroeder Raymond Kassian definitely

  41. Megan says:

    Definitely think that Raymond, Schroeder, and Burrows are the best combo that we can have right now. Put Hansen up on the first line with the twins and see how that works. Go Canucks go!

  42. Khunt says:

    I agree with the other posts, Raymond, Schroeder and Burrows. Megan made a good point of putting  Hansen on the first line with the Sedins. 

  43. Annie says:

    Burr mase lappy

  44. Burrows Lapierre Raymond

  45. Luis_oreamuno says:

    Raymond Ebbet Burrows

  46. Ei-Leen Ong says:

    Burrows, Lapierre, Higgins

  47. Msmoo says:

    Burrow, Higgins, Raymond… 😀

  48. Sonia says:

    For center, I would go with Ebbett. I would have chosen Higgins but he has said that he much prefers playing on wing so what better to do than to put Higgins on wing? And then for the other wing, since he played so well last night (MayRay hat trick anybody?) Raymond. I think that’ll be a great second line until Kes and Booth come back! Then its back to AMEX Line for me lol

  49. Kristy Suen says:

    Judging from the scrimmage, I still really like the first line Sedin-Sedin-Burrows, they do have that extra special connection between each other and should not be broken apart. For the second line, given the extra amount of effort Raymond has put into during the lockout, he definitely deserves a chance back into the second line. I saw a great connection between Raymond and young Schroeder, their speed, aggressiveness, and control of the puck together can be very advantageous if they continue to play that way. Hansen would complete this second line because of experience. I can also see this line combination working great in powerplays as well. 

  50. yg says:

    Raymond, Lapierre and Higgins

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