Dear LA Kings, you guys are jerks.

LA Kings celebrate a goal

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Dear LA Kings,

Repeat after me:

Social media is an essential way to connect with fans, create more fans and, when it comes down to it, be a voice for your franchise.

Think about that statement. Really think…. Do you get it?  Because judging by whomever you let run your Twitter account and Facebook page, you don’t get it.

It’s not something to be entrusted to an unpaid intern. It’s not something that should be done off the side of a sales team member’s desk. It’s not something to be passed around to whomever has the time. Call me crazy but after following your Twitter for about a year, I think you do one or all of the following.

Your social media presence doesn’t have a consistent voice. This means your franchise doesn’t have a consistent voice. You bounce back and forth between cold and clinical, throwing out nothing but stats and facts, and biting and immature, like this link on your official Facebook page that attacks the Canucks. We know, ‘Canucks dive’, and ‘Canucks fans riot’… blah blah blah.

Hello, LA? Pot meet kettle.

I’ve thought about your social media presence a lot. To be honest, it’s kept me awake some nights. I’m not even kidding. Here’s why – I am about to move to LA. And I want to like you.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be a Canucks fans. I will always be a Canucks fan. But I would also like to be a Kings fan. I honestly consider myself an NHL fan above all else, especially since I can find something to love or someone to admire on every team in the league. Well, every team except the Boston Bruins.

I should love you guys. You’ve got solid Canadian players, even an ex-Canuck. You’re not dirty, you’re tough and you’ve won a Cup. But your mismanagement of your social media makes it really hard to want to like you.

You’re like the Kim Kardashian of social media and seem to think that bad attention is equal to or better than good attention. It’s really not the case. To be frank, Kim Kardashian may be getting good ratings, but if the big one hits and Cali sinks into the ocean, no one is going to invite her onto their lifeboat. Everyone pays attention to her because they love to hate her. Do you really want people to follow you because they think you’re a jerk? And by “you” I mean the entire Los Angeles Kings franchise.

Do you think your unprofessional Twitter antics don’t reflect on your players, your coaches, Luc Robitaille? It does. Adversely. Remember that nifty little dig tweeted out by your account after you won Game 1 of the first playoff round last year against the Canucks?  “To everyone outside of BC, you’re welcome.”

Not only did it make North American Sports news, but Kings players, the GM, the coaches and people all over the organization had to answer question upon question about it and issue apology on top of apology. This is what everyone remembers about the beginning of your Cup run. Dustin Brown saying it was stupid was my favorite memory. You looked like idiots by your own player’s admission.

How embarrassing.

There’s a difference between an official Twitter account and an official troll account. If your method brought in fans or earned credibility for your team, every other NHL team would jump on that strategy. Last I checked, no one – not one NHL team – has adopted that type of voice. Sometimes, LA Kings, being different doesn’t mean you’re innovative or a trailblazer or the first to discover something new and brilliant. Sometimes it just means you’re doing it wrong.

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