Dear LA Kings, you guys are jerks.

LA Kings celebrate a goal

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Dear LA Kings,

Repeat after me:

Social media is an essential way to connect with fans, create more fans and, when it comes down to it, be a voice for your franchise.

Think about that statement. Really think…. Do you get it?  Because judging by whomever you let run your Twitter account and Facebook page, you don’t get it.

It’s not something to be entrusted to an unpaid intern. It’s not something that should be done off the side of a sales team member’s desk. It’s not something to be passed around to whomever has the time. Call me crazy but after following your Twitter for about a year, I think you do one or all of the following.

Your social media presence doesn’t have a consistent voice. This means your franchise doesn’t have a consistent voice. You bounce back and forth between cold and clinical, throwing out nothing but stats and facts, and biting and immature, like this link on your official Facebook page that attacks the Canucks. We know, ‘Canucks dive’, and ‘Canucks fans riot’… blah blah blah.

Hello, LA? Pot meet kettle.

I’ve thought about your social media presence a lot. To be honest, it’s kept me awake some nights. I’m not even kidding. Here’s why – I am about to move to LA. And I want to like you.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be a Canucks fans. I will always be a Canucks fan. But I would also like to be a Kings fan. I honestly consider myself an NHL fan above all else, especially since I can find something to love or someone to admire on every team in the league. Well, every team except the Boston Bruins.

I should love you guys. You’ve got solid Canadian players, even an ex-Canuck. You’re not dirty, you’re tough and you’ve won a Cup. But your mismanagement of your social media makes it really hard to want to like you.

You’re like the Kim Kardashian of social media and seem to think that bad attention is equal to or better than good attention. It’s really not the case. To be frank, Kim Kardashian may be getting good ratings, but if the big one hits and Cali sinks into the ocean, no one is going to invite her onto their lifeboat. Everyone pays attention to her because they love to hate her. Do you really want people to follow you because they think you’re a jerk? And by “you” I mean the entire Los Angeles Kings franchise.

Do you think your unprofessional Twitter antics don’t reflect on your players, your coaches, Luc Robitaille? It does. Adversely. Remember that nifty little dig tweeted out by your account after you won Game 1 of the first playoff round last year against the Canucks?  “To everyone outside of BC, you’re welcome.”

Not only did it make North American Sports news, but Kings players, the GM, the coaches and people all over the organization had to answer question upon question about it and issue apology on top of apology. This is what everyone remembers about the beginning of your Cup run. Dustin Brown saying it was stupid was my favorite memory. You looked like idiots by your own player’s admission.

How embarrassing.

There’s a difference between an official Twitter account and an official troll account. If your method brought in fans or earned credibility for your team, every other NHL team would jump on that strategy. Last I checked, no one – not one NHL team – has adopted that type of voice. Sometimes, LA Kings, being different doesn’t mean you’re innovative or a trailblazer or the first to discover something new and brilliant. Sometimes it just means you’re doing it wrong.

Victoria Pattison Denault

Victoria was born in Habs country, moved to Leafs territory for college & Canucks town for work before immigrating to the land of sunshine, movie stars & KINGS. When not watching hockey Victoria writes novels.

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105 Responses

  1. 604YVR says:

    I’m a Canucks fan and I find their twitter feed quite entertaining!

  2. BooHoo says:

    you sound bitter.

  3. Brown'sADiver says:

    Calling someone bitter just to dismiss their whole argument proves that you yourself are ignorant to the valid points brought up in this article and perhaps are insecure that she just might be right.

  4. Raliegh11 says:

    Didn’t they just win an award for their Social Media presence?  

  5. CarlW says:

    maybe its just them lashing out because news stations in LA still dont know the difference between them and the Sacramento Kings

  6. This article is another perfect example of why the hockey world dislikes the Canucks and their whiny, uninformed fans.The LA Kings have one of the most integrated, thought-out, well-written and creative Social Media presence in the sports world. They have a target audience (Kings fans and potential Kings fans) and guess what team the Kings hate? Vancouver! Anyone who lives outside out the Canucks tranquility bubble would get half way through this and burst laughing.

    The Los Angeles Kings Social Media presence rules. I guarantee you their fans, front office, sales staff and marketing department agree.

    Now take off your Canuck googles and start living life in teh real world.

  7. I handle the LA Kings social media presence and would love to chat with you about it.

  8. Scoringdpt11 says:

    Dear VanCanucks:

    You guys are sore losers. Win games. Then talk.

  9. ASpadesASpade says:

    First off, I cannot even begin to take you seriously because your account name is “Brown’s a diver.” No Kings fan will ever deny that Brown falls down a lot. We have drinking games dedicated to this. Unlike Canucks fans who insist even 1/4 of Kesler’s antics are true penalties and not dives, we admit that Brown is never going to win a skating skills competition. The man can’t skate, he keeps falling, but he’s no diver. You’re proving your own point about ignorance. 

  10. ASpadesASpade says:

    To clarify, in the states it made the news because Canucks fans became enraged? upset? Basically news media outlets paid attention because a simple tweet was blown out of proportion by a rival fan base. The outcry was more of a news story than the actual tweet. I believe that’s what press was referring to when they asked the players. Players said the situation was stupid, I’ll never forget that. 

  11. GoCanadiansGo!! says:

    Dear La Kings fans get your team some American players and quit riding the coat tail of Canadians that make you look good and then you take credit for it…oh wait…that is typically American, Well Done!..LOL

  12. Pretty sure Victoria reached out to you on twitter, but if you’re looking to still reach us here at CHB please let me know.

  13. Not going to knock the attention that one tweet got here in Vancouver (by the media AND fans), but I think the fact it was so different from what we’ve seen from professional sports clubs is what gave it national life.  These teams are run like businesses and the public relations staff have done a solid job sanitizing the messaging that a “ballsy” tweet stands out from the crowd.

    Did I like it when I first saw it?  No.  But over time and some further thought, it doesn’t bother me as much.  In fact, now it just amuses me.  And I have to say that I’m somewhat impressed that the social media team behind @LAKings:twitter has been able to keep it going via a veiled shot at the Vancouver Whitecaps FC when they lost to the Galaxy.

    So as your handle reads, let’s just call “a spade a spade.”

  14. Were you looking to connect with @VanCanucks:twitter or was that an abbreviation statement to the Vancouver Canucks in general?  While I’m not sure, my simple answer to your point is that the Canucks have won games.  Now if I guess at what your next retort will be, no the Canucks have not won the Stanley Cup.  But I have faith.

  15. How do you know that @0095860959f51bdca86f55f9db61f753:disqus is even American?  It’s not fair to call what he/she said typical.  And as a proud Canadian, I’ve got no issue if the Kings, Canucks, Blackhawks or even the Bruins for that matter wish to have Canadian boys playing for them.  Heck, they can sign Swedes, Danes, Americans, and Swiss players for all I care.

    I just enjoy watching hockey.  Let’s keep the focus on the ball.

  16. I can’t knock the team behind the social media for the Kings for the same reason you’re unable to categorize either the Canucks or its fan-base as whiny or uninformed.  All you and I can do is infer, believe, or simply hold our own opinion on either matter.

    What you are bang on about is the fact the Kings understand their target audience and nail it.  If the attention to the Canucks get the Kings fans riled up or interested, it’s no different than how people up here feel about the Bruins or Blackhawks.  Heck, even the Wild at one point used to pump the Canucks rivalry up – although it was somewhat one-way, whereas the Kings/Canucks rivalry definitely seems to have steam on both sides.

  17. Only one I could find was the 2012 PromaxBDA Sports Media Marketing Awards for Best Social Media & Interactive Campaign.  That the one you’re referencing?

  18. *sigh*

    So Brown never dives?  If you’re argument is not as often as Kesler, then it’s simply a matter of opinion and not fact.  Now do I think Kesler has never embellished a hook, tug or pull?  Heck no.  This is a competitive professional sport – every player on that laces the skates has likely done something to draw a call.

    As to the falling down part, can’t say I watch Brown all that much.  Is it as regular for him as it is for Mason Raymond?  MayRay seems to trip on the blue line – in fact I think there are props bets on how long it takes before he falls most games.  It’s cray cray!

  19. It's Our Game says:

    I think this is a good article because it has inspired debate and the writer has done her homework. What I find annoying is that when a Canucks fan says something that some other team’s fan doesn’t like they call us whiners and bitter. That’s just a cop out period! The article makes some very good points – and we all have the right to our opinions. It just helps so much more when the opinion is informed. Thanks Victoria for your bold observations and for putting them out there. And people have you forgotten she is wanting to,like LA? I wouldn’t call this a Canucks fan whining, but rather offering some ideas to eradicate some of the juvenile behaviour that social media exposes and endorses.

  20.  This is true. ^^  He does the social media.

  21. Steve says:

    Maybe if your attention was more towards Hockey, than Social Media, you may have a won a Cup last year.

  22. RichGKG says:

     actually the buffalo sabres take a very similar approach to handling their social media, and even by their own admission, acknowledge that they took a page from the kings playbook because it makes things more fun with the fans. Also, referencing the royal half’s preview post as an extension of the franchises thoughts is blatantly disregarding the disclaimer they put at the top of the article. TRF is a simply a fan and a fans views, not theirs.

    if you truly are sitting here crying over some hockey clubs perception on twitter rather than worrying about more important stuff like what goes on on the ice then you really need to re-asses your love for this game. please grow up.

  23. Chris Brito says:

    You just sound bitter that we AGAIN beat you guys. Again, your welcome Canada.

  24. Eddie Resendez says:

    “How embarrassing.”

    This pretty much sums up this article. Good luck in LA, you’ll need it with that thin skin of yours.

  25. josh n says:

    Please don’t bother moving here, you’re clearly too sensitive, and traffic is already bad enough.

  26. what I’d like to add to this mix is this: There has been a Kings/Canucks rivalry since at least 1979.No doubt there has been back and forth and jabs and such. Now it seems that since 45 years of hard work and finally not letting go of draft picks has resulted in LA haveing the Cup, some in BC seem to have a problem. This rivalry,along with Kings/Phoenix(Winniepg) did not really become heated till this year. As a Kings/Yotes fan I personally have no issue with the canucks,except what is percieved as arrogance. There is such a thing as respect of peoples opinions,something that seems to be lost in these times

  27. Well said. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I’d love a good rivalry between the two.  While I disagree somewhat with your belief that people in BC have an issue with the success of the Kings team, I’d completely agree that there are many of us who are jealous of the Cup win – what Canucks fan wouldn’t be?  We all want our favourite team to win it.

  28. I’m curious Eddie, do people in LA not have differing opinions?  For instance, you don’t agree with Victoria – should we have an issue with that?

  29. This post has nothing to do with the loss – in fact it was written well in advance & was only published after the fact.  What the post is discussing is the use of social media.  In fact, you seem to be aware of the tweet which got everyone’s attention considering your reference to it (implied or not) at the end of your comment.

    Would it make you feel better to hear that I felt the Canucks nearly stole two points on Monday?  Because any hockey fan worth a puck could see that – Luongo stood on his head.  Would it also help to hear that me say that I (and probably many other Canucks fans) are jealous of the Kings Stanley Cup win?  Damn straight I am – what hockey fan out there doesn’t want their team to win it?Do you like how the Kings social media team does things?  Cool.  You’re entitled to your opinion.  Just as we are.  And just as Victoria is.

  30. Rodriq500 says:

    You would be a perfect Ducks fan. 

  31. Just to clarify – you know us worrying over what happens on the ice here in Vancouver is wasted effort, right?  We’re not the team.  Just a bunch of fans and armchair GMs who have a blog.

  32. As I just mentioned to @c4f993af906a79d004df6c25833618bd:disqus – no matter how much attention us at Canucks Hockey Blog focus on hockey, there’s very little we can do to help the team we love win the Stanley Cup.  We’re bloggers.  Social media is our game.  We leave the hockey to the players.

  33. Kingsgirl44 says:

    Dewayne, I’ve always wondered who runs the Kings social media and, personally, I adore you.  In fact, in my season ticket survey, I mentioned you deserve a raise.  The fact that an article like this has been written (although there are a couple inaccuracies), proves that you are fantastic at what you do.  Keep on keepin’ on and thank you for making the Kings media presence fun and exciting.

  34. RichGKG says:

    Yea we thought that same thing here in LA was a wasted effort for 45 years as well then look what happened. Don’t be so cynical. Not tryin to rub that in at all, simply saying that the mental state of your fan base is one if the major downfalls of your organization and if you had more faith it could relieve some of the artificial pressures the media, fans, whoever, constantly put on them when it could be avoided

  35. RichGKG says:

    Also thank you for completely glossing over the valid points I made against the argument of this whole article that were made in the first paragraph of my initial post

  36. Ian Pay says:

    Someone is QQing all over his keyboard

  37. Kingsgirl44 says:

    Chris, you keep mentioning that the Kings are the only team that uses social media in this way and you keep ignoring every post that says otherwise or you bring attention to something else they say. So, just to make it clear, the Kings aren’t the only sports team or hockey team that uses social media in this manner.  I know the Sabers do and the Stars just got a large amount of press for a Tweet they posted shortly after the football regular season.  The Kings aren’t the only one with this model and as a fan of hockey, I think it adds something to the fan experience.  The fact that you wrote an article about it just proves that they’re doing something right.  If they can keep a fan from a rival team up at night, they’ve done their job.  Good luck in LA.  

  38. Mikelavender says:

    Sounds like a Canuck to me! LA Kings social media caters too the LA Kings fans and audience. It’s this kind of noise (complaining) that brings attention to this social media genius.

    The choice is to follow or not. The Kings don’t follow, they are leading the way.

    LA is confidence. LA is moxy. You have to have that just to live here.

  39. Chitchattj says:

    Keep Up the great work Dewayne… Kings fans love it. 

  40. Zach Lyttle says:

    I know I agreed that whoever runs the L.A. kings Twitter and Facebook page runs it like if it were run by an immature hockey troll. But is this really what the Canucks should be worrying about? They’ve lost their last two games after having a two goal lead, they’re still deciding who is more effective in net, Luongo? or Schneider? Not to mention, this shouldn’t stop this guy from going to Kings games and supporting the Kings here and there.

  41. Matt Murray says:

    I came to a hockey blog and got a social media lesson.

  42. Diehardkingfans says:

    So you’ve been lying awake at night because your team got trolled by the Kings Twitter? I’d say their social media presence is spot on, and frankly, they’re doing their job.

    Moral or the story?

    Internet = Serious Business

  43. Kevin Ellis says:

    Brown doesn’t dive? Are you freaking kidding me?!! And you call yourself a Kings fan? I too am a Kings fan and his diving can sometimes be a downright embarrassment to the Kings. I know Sutter didn’t like it either when he got to LA, and since then Brown hasn’t been diving as much. But yes, he dives. Anyone that watches Kings hockey on a regular basis knows this. lol 

  44. Kings fan for life says:

    Bitter much? Seriously. We have the cup, go cry somewhere else. 

  45. Mattfig08 says:

    I think the 4-1 series has something to with this bloggers complaints lol

  46. Victoria says:

    Hi Matt,

    If you’ve read some of my othr stuff I do not hold the Canucks up on a pedestal by any means. I have my theories on why we struggle when we struggle and I post them. But social media is a part of hockey, since every team has a social media presence. I have every right to make a post about this.

  47. Victoria says:

    As i’ve stated a hundred times, I write for the Canucks but I am a hockey fan. I have celebrated the Cups with many teams i also am a fan of (Penguins, Habs, etc). Although I would love to see the Canucks win the Cup. I’m not bitter or sad LA won it last year. They earned it.

  48. Victoria says:

    Who is this guy crying on HIS keyboard? Someone get him a tissue before it short-circuits!

  49. Victoria says:

    Thanks It’s Our Game. You seem to understand exactly what I was saying and I appreciate the support.

  50. KingsFanSince1983 says:

    Are you really going on and on about how bad the Kings look as an organization because of the person who provides social media content?  A true fan probably could care less about the social media content.  The game is won or lost on the ice, not on Facebook or Twitter.  What would you rather have, a clever yet non-controversial Twitter feed or a Stanley Cup Champion?

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