Dear LA Kings, you guys are jerks.

LA Kings celebrate a goal

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Dear LA Kings,

Repeat after me:

Social media is an essential way to connect with fans, create more fans and, when it comes down to it, be a voice for your franchise.

Think about that statement. Really think…. Do you get it?  Because judging by whomever you let run your Twitter account and Facebook page, you don’t get it.

It’s not something to be entrusted to an unpaid intern. It’s not something that should be done off the side of a sales team member’s desk. It’s not something to be passed around to whomever has the time. Call me crazy but after following your Twitter for about a year, I think you do one or all of the following.

Your social media presence doesn’t have a consistent voice. This means your franchise doesn’t have a consistent voice. You bounce back and forth between cold and clinical, throwing out nothing but stats and facts, and biting and immature, like this link on your official Facebook page that attacks the Canucks. We know, ‘Canucks dive’, and ‘Canucks fans riot’… blah blah blah.

Hello, LA? Pot meet kettle.

I’ve thought about your social media presence a lot. To be honest, it’s kept me awake some nights. I’m not even kidding. Here’s why – I am about to move to LA. And I want to like you.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be a Canucks fans. I will always be a Canucks fan. But I would also like to be a Kings fan. I honestly consider myself an NHL fan above all else, especially since I can find something to love or someone to admire on every team in the league. Well, every team except the Boston Bruins.

I should love you guys. You’ve got solid Canadian players, even an ex-Canuck. You’re not dirty, you’re tough and you’ve won a Cup. But your mismanagement of your social media makes it really hard to want to like you.

You’re like the Kim Kardashian of social media and seem to think that bad attention is equal to or better than good attention. It’s really not the case. To be frank, Kim Kardashian may be getting good ratings, but if the big one hits and Cali sinks into the ocean, no one is going to invite her onto their lifeboat. Everyone pays attention to her because they love to hate her. Do you really want people to follow you because they think you’re a jerk? And by “you” I mean the entire Los Angeles Kings franchise.

Do you think your unprofessional Twitter antics don’t reflect on your players, your coaches, Luc Robitaille? It does. Adversely. Remember that nifty little dig tweeted out by your account after you won Game 1 of the first playoff round last year against the Canucks?  “To everyone outside of BC, you’re welcome.”

Not only did it make North American Sports news, but Kings players, the GM, the coaches and people all over the organization had to answer question upon question about it and issue apology on top of apology. This is what everyone remembers about the beginning of your Cup run. Dustin Brown saying it was stupid was my favorite memory. You looked like idiots by your own player’s admission.

How embarrassing.

There’s a difference between an official Twitter account and an official troll account. If your method brought in fans or earned credibility for your team, every other NHL team would jump on that strategy. Last I checked, no one – not one NHL team – has adopted that type of voice. Sometimes, LA Kings, being different doesn’t mean you’re innovative or a trailblazer or the first to discover something new and brilliant. Sometimes it just means you’re doing it wrong.

Victoria Pattison Denault

Victoria was born in Habs country, moved to Leafs territory for college & Canucks town for work before immigrating to the land of sunshine, movie stars & KINGS. When not watching hockey Victoria writes novels.

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105 Responses

  1. KingsFanSince1983 says:

    BTW, although that LA Kings Twitter comment after the Kings knocked the Canucks out of the playoffs created some backpedaling within the organization, you can’t deny the fact that hockey fans from other Canadian NHL just don’t like the Canucks.  Dewayne was stating the obvious…

  2. KingsFanSince1983 says:

    Sure, it is just a plain fact that Brown and Kesler dive.  So does Brodeur, Riberio, and Crosby.  The common thread here is that they are all great players, and highly competitive.  They all want to win.  Personally I wished the diving would stop.  I don’t like to see it…

  3. KingsFanForLife says:

    And we all know things read on the Internet are true FACT.  Where did I hear that, on the internet

  4. KingsFanForLife says:

    As a Kings fan I take offense to the comment “Hello, LA? Pot meet kettle.”  
    After hearing David Courtney (RIP) announce, “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Stanley Cup”, watching the team parade around the rink with the cup, I left Staples to meet up with other friends and celebrate; no luck!  Mounted police everywhere and no where to go so we left.  Why because of Lakers fans!  Kings fans are NOT Lakers fans.  So please get your facts straight when commenting.
    For the record, we did not riot when we WON the Cup, however you and your beloved Canucks rioting for LOSING!  Very classy.  
    It’s a great rivalry, and I can’t wait to visit you in Vancouver on March 2nd, wearing my Stanley Cup champions hat and sporting my Kopitar jersey with my Stanley Cup champions hat! 

  5. Agrindstaff1327 says:

    For the love of god… we do not need anymore whining here in California. I really hope your move falls through. Out of the many many KINGS fans I know not one of them gives a damn about the social media presentation behind our team. We care about performance, team moral, pride and being able to see our boys on that ice every year, win or lose. That’s a true fan. We don’t need anymore bandwagoners. Just stick with your Canucks and their Twitter if it’s so rough on you.

  6. Wobbly says:

    Brown is American. As is Quick.

    The guy who lifted the Cup and the guy who skated off with the Conn Smythe. Americans. Huh…. That’s gotta sting a little.
    And you know what? Greene is American. So is Martinez. And Scuderi. And Drewiske. And Lewis.

    The guy who shared the playoff points lead with Brown is Slovenian.

    Proud we are to have many fine Canadian players on our Stanley Cup Championship team. Salt of the earth. Hard-working and humble. I’d bet they wouldn’t take too kindly to your “coattails” dig.  

    By the way, how many Cups have those Swedes gotten for you?

  7. Terra (@tbrc12) says:

    I find it interesting that Dewayne Hankins commented above and no one has followed up on discussing the social media management of the LA Kings with him! The only real discussion that developed is how we all “have the right to our opinions”. Obvious and boring!

    Victoria, I strongly disagree that the social media of the Kings does not reflect the franchise’s point of view or company culture. “Pride, Power, Passion” is the most prevalent tag line (along with 2011-2012 Stanley Cup Champions) and is definitely reflected through the team’s social media, as well as their social outreach in the Los Angeles community. What else would, or should, a professional sports team put out via Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest other than self promoting, competitive, interactive content? In the same market as the town favorite LA Dodgers and world famous LA Lakers, the Kings have helped to drive the people of Los Angeles to not only their content, but to these other much more “popular” teams while additionally supporting and building interest for AEG’s champion soccer team, the LA Galaxy. Though unconventional (humor, a bit of snark, and a direct voice to the reader) for a professional organization, this organization took a chance and succeeded with the ever more important social media: get your customers/fans to interact, follow, retweet, post, and pin.

    Diving is funny. Rioting, as a reaction to any event in any city, is not funny. You assessed the team fairly. If you don’t like their media, don’t follow it and create your own. You seem to be fairly versed in the NHL.

    I’m an LA native, a female, and a Los Angeles Kings season ticket holder who considered applying for a social media position with the organization because I respect their unique voice. Why anyone would follow companies just because you’re a customer is beyond me. That’s a Facebook “Like” then “Hide” type of action–completely counterintuitive to the goals of social media. Go back to the Kings’ social media, take off the Canucks glasses, and rediscover why you should be a fan of this specific team: because they engage, appreciate, inform, and support you, the fan.

  8. Victoria says:

    It was actually Pat Donahue that made the comment on twitter that got them in hot water, and it wasn’t when they won the series. It was after the very first game. Do you live in Canada? I know people from several other provinces that like the Canucks. And I know some from other provinces and even BC that hate the Canucks. My husband hates them. But honestly, having lived all over Canada, I have to say more people hate the Leafs from what I’ve encountered.

  9. HollyGoNightly says:

    So here’s the thing, you
    guys. I have important work to do, but I can’t do it until I file this
    ‘comment’. There is beer to market, beer to sell and beer to drink, but I can’t
    do any of those things until I get this off my chest.  So in one giant unconscious stream of thought,
    here it is:


    The LA Kings are doing everything
    right with social media.


    To be clear, I know very
    little about the sport of hockey. I don’t understand what icing is. Or why they
    don’t wear face guards. Or how it’s phonetically possible for some players to
    have so many consonants in a single last name. 
    I don’t understand the fights. Or the conference scheduling. Or how Gary
    Bettman still has a job after TWO work stoppages in a 10-year period.


    What I do know is that I
    worked in variety of roles, on variety of levels, with two different NHL franchise
    teams for a span of nearly a decade. Operations, Ticketing, Customer Service,
    Creative Service, Digital Media, Social Media, Interactive Marketing…I’ve touched
    it all. I’ve attended wake up rallies and drafts, I’ve begrudgingly sacrificed
    holiday celebrations to cover free agency deadlines and willingly forfeited
    sleep to memorialize a franchise player who was tragically lost.


    And before I even get to the
    point (I swear, I’ll have a point) you might cry, BUT HOLLY, YOU DON’T EVEN
    would probably agree. But the thing is, I know a lot about other important

    I know a lot about other competitive sports that don’t end in ockey. I’ve
    played in a World Cup, I’ve played professionally, I’ve won a National
    Championship, I get Hall of Fame discounts at my hometown mall food court. I’ve
    earned the right to ‘relate’ on some ‘sports’ level even if I can’t stand up on


    I also know a lot about
    social media and not in some douchey ‘let me tell you the 5 steps to building
    successful campaign’ consultant bullshit. I mean, I know what it takes to
    influence people and become relevant. I know what it’s like to build an online
    brand from nothing, slowly and at times, painfully. I know what it feels like
    to succeed and fail and get praise and get criticism. I know what sort of
    enormous responsibility it all carries. The fact that we are talking about this
    means something is working.


    Hundreds of thousands of
    corporate twitter accounts ‘succeed’ every day. They gain new followers, they solicit
    comments, they receive likes for posting approachable, median content that
    appeals to the masses. And that model works. I mean, obviously.  Cautious CEOs like it. Thin skinned readers
    like it. People click like and say, OH THAT’S NICE, DEAR, PASS THE CASSEROLE, WHEEL
    OF FORTUNE STARTS IN FIVE MINUTES. And that works for a lot of brands. It
    actually works phenomenally for a lot of really huge, really respectable
    brands.  The point is, the LA Kings are
    neither of those. They are localized. They don’t have shareholders.  And having been at the wheel of one franchise
    with my foot steadily on the break at all times, I’d just like to say, Thank


    Thank you for saying what
    most brands don’t have the stones to say. Thank you for pushing it to the edge
    of what’s comfortable. Thank you for giving your team something to rally
    around. Thank you for giving the other team something to rally against. Thank
    you for being relevant in a sport that often defines professional sports
    irrelevancy. Thank you for having guts. For posting content that you stand
    behind. For being the human beings sitting behind the computer screen pushing
    send on behalf of a Stanley Cup championship team that has the audacity to say
    what every other fan in your zip code is thinking. Thank you for pushing
    people’s buttons. Thank you for never settling for average. Most of all, thank
    you for convincing your management team to trust you, to trust your vision.
    They were right to trust you.


    The majority of us will never
    represent a brand larger than ourselves. We won’t be afforded the luxury of
    accidently tweeting our kid’s video game score or criticizing Detroit’s driving
    on behalf of a publicly traded company.  There’s
    an enormous amount of responsibility that comes with owning those keys, that
    comes with being trusted with those keys. And most people would argue that the
    first order of business is: don’t embarrass the brand. And if you think this
    way, then you’re probably butt hurt and from Vancouver and you’re also MISSING
    THE POINT. This isn’t the Red Cross. It’s a bunch of dudes who get paid insane
    amounts of money to chase around a rubber disc with blades strapped to their feet.


    There is a voice and a
    personality and – to be clear – a healthy sense of humor behind the LA Kings
    social media plan.  You can argue that
    it’s cruel or inflammatory. You could find it juvenile or judgmental. And maybe
    it is.  But it’s got personality and
    that’s a tribute and a testament to the men and women behind it.  It was strategic and methodical and it worked.
    That the Kings found the right combination of snark and sass and borderline
    belligerence to incite a league competitor’s blog to call foul means they’re
    actually doing it right.


    I don’t live in Minnesota
    anymore and I don’t care who wins the Stanley Cup, but I will follow this
    LA/Vancouver rivalry because it’s everything that’s right about a league that
    just lost half a season to it’s own blind selfishness cloaked in legalese and
    finger pointing.  It’s entertaining. It’s
    engaging. It actually makes me want to learn what icing means.


    24 hours and 60 comments (and
    counting) later, I’d argue the pot has in fact met the kettle and I’m a sucker
    for jerks.


    Well done, LA.  Well done.

  10. Victoria says:

    Hi Terra, 
    Thanks for your comment. You make a good argument for your team. I just want to comment on what you wrote here:  “Victoria, I strongly disagree that the social media of the Kings does not reflect the franchise’s point of view or company culture.” 
    I don’t believe I said that so I’m unclear what you’re writing that. 
    I do think what a professional sports organization should put out is engaging, fun but respectful content. I don’t think the Kings do that on social media. 
    I never brought up their outreach in LA because I’m not aware of it’s full extent and of course, if they do have community outreach to help their city I think that’s great and respect them for that. The one time I noticed their twitter feed mention a charitable act, it was something about a player donating a money for every retweet or something, (sorry I don’t remember exactly) I tweeted them and said “nice to see you use your social media for good instead of evil’. They wrote back “touche’.  I was honestly pleased to see it. Although, to be honest I did think it seemed out of character, and that’s too bad. 
    I don’t have Canucks glasses on. I actually am looking at this as a person who has professional experience. I just don’t feel that attacking another fanbase to draw attention to yours isn’t good brand management. I feel that teams like the Penguins or the Canucks or the Carolina Hurricanes do a really great jobs with contests, promotions, giveaways, interviews and articles of engaging, appreciating, informing and supporting their fans… 
    Building your fanbase by supporting an article that makes fun of riots (a very dark time no one is proud of) or silly myths (we’re the most hated team in Canada) leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m just not into that bully attitude where you build popularity at the expense of others instead of on your own merit. 
    Maybe when I live there I will see more of the good. I’d be happy to see it. But the good won’t change my opinion that this other stuff is unnecessary and detracts from a positive brand.

  11. Lperry714 says:

    There is just one flaw in your logic. You compare the LA Kings, in general, to the rest of the NHL. Please keep in mind where they are based. LA. This means arrogance and not giving two cents about what others think about you. If you are going to be moving to LA you may want to get used to that because that represents the whole city and, through extension, the teams fan base. You will want to develop a thicker skin than that before you move down here. Suck it up and realize not every NHL twitter account will, or should, be the same. LA is filled with people who want to stick out from the rest and be talked about. Thank you for just doing that. 🙂

  12. Victoria says:

    I’ve spent a great deal of time in LA prior to this move. I’ve never had a problem with my skin. I wear sunscreen. 

  13. Jhopkins1717 says:

    fuck the ginger sisters……..   L.A is the city of KINGS!!!!!!!

  14. Terra (@tbrc12) says:

    Holly’s a genius. Ever in LA, drinks on me!

  15. Terra says:

    Thanks for the reply Victoria. And it should be noted that a successful blog generates posts and good long threads of commentary, so well done! You did exactly what the Kings’s media did with Canucks’ fans (in a more PC fashion): got ’em riled up!

    My disagreement was with your comment on how the Kings’ social media, and as a result the franchise, does not have a “consistent voice”. I just happened to reference it as point of view and company culture.

    “Canucks’ glasses” has to be relevant because you call the Kings “jerks” for a few jokes at the Canucks’ expense. And probably most obviously because this is the CHB, no? Though you’re a fan of the sport first and Vancouver second, you are writing the post from a specific perspective.

    It’s apparent the tone of the LA Kings’s social media is not your humor cup of tea. For me it’s right on point, and that has nothing to do with it being aimed at the Canucks…I’d prefer Phoenix. It’s rivalry, wit, sports ribbing. To label it bullying is borderline insensitive, as there has been nothing malicious or personally damaging or abusive.

    Lastly, you said you weren’t really familiar with the community involvement or charity the Kings are using social media to support. That is very unfortunate as I’m sure this in itself would/should change your position, or at least soften it to give a chuckle here and there to the other more off color posts.

  16. Giffee says:

    here is what it says on the page you linked:  
    The contents of this page have not been reviewed or endorsed by the Los Angeles Kings Hockey Club. All opinions expressed by The Royal Half are solely (and most likely) his own and do not reflect the opinions of the Los Angeles Kings or their Hockey Operations staff, parent company, partners, or sponsors. His current whereabouts are not known to the Kings and he has no access to information beyond the access and privileges that go along with being a half-season ticket holder.

  17. yucryin says:

    “I am about to move to LA. And I *want* to like you” — This quote pretty much sums it up.

    “Posted by Victoria Pattison Denault” — Of course it was…

  18. Jay Mayede says:

     The fact that certain franchises have to resort to the tactics they choose to use should also indicate their relative importance in their respective market.  It’s only natural for fans of said franchises to condone such tactics and fans of opposing teams to dislike it.

    Does one person’s opinion really paint that team’s fanbase as being however you choose to paint them or is that just your own bias clouding your own judgement?

  19. Kevin Young (@kevinyoung90) says:

    Victoria, you are not the target audience of @LAKings. Social media is all about catering to your audience. Saying things that they want to hear. For sports teams, that means interacting with their fans. You don’t think that Kings fans like the way they run their Twitter and Facebook accounts? Of course we do. And they get that. That’s why they do it.

    There is nothing wrong with the Kings pushing the envelope a bit. That’s what you have to do to stand out from the crowd. The buzz that the team generated after that Game 1 tweet got a lot more fans on the bandwagon. From the team’s perspective, is that a bad thing? Not at all. More people found that tweet hilarious than we’re offended by it.

    And if the Kings’ social media tactics have been enough to keep you awake at night, that means they are succeeding in what they are trying to do. They are the Kings’ social media. They understand their audience. And their audience doesn’t like the Canucks at all. They aren’t trying to please Canucks fans. So if they are able to get under your skin because of what they say on Twitter and Facebook, then they are doing their job.

    Do you see any other blogs criticizing the Kings’ social media tactics? Any other NHL teams upset about it? Not at all. Most likely, you’re only upset about all this because you’re a Canucks fan and the “You’re Welcome” tweet that started everything was targeted at your team. I doubt you would be as angry if the Flyers said that after beating the Bruins, am I right?

    What the Kings are doing isn’t hurting anybody. It’s all harmless fun. It’s meant to be funny. And more people find it funny than not.

  20. You & I both!  My simple answer is to actually call a player for diving and send only them to the box.  Set a few examples and it will likely stop pretty darn quick.

  21. To clarify – Victoria & Dewayne have connected on twitter and as you can see from my reply to him, I’m more than willing to chat if he wishes to do so.

  22. You were doing so well supporting the case that a players nationality shouldn’t have any bearing on whether they can play and I was totally supportive… then you go and knock Swedes.  *sigh*

  23. I’ve never said anywhere that the Kings are the only team using social media in this fashion – I feel they were the first and I’ve even said that it worked.  So what exactly am I ignoring?  Heck, after the “thank you” tweet at the end of the first round, it caught the attention of the league and we’ve since seen a strong edge appear in social media throughout.

    And to correct a couple other inaccuracies in your comment – I didn’t write the article. I’ve never been to LA and currently have no plans to move there.

  24. Fair enough.  And I wasn’t glossing over any of what you contributed – we have many followers who think that “we’re” the team.  Your point on the Sabres is bang-on and I’m pretty sure they aren’t the only team that saw what worked for the Kings and have tried to make their own.

    I am curious though – how well do you understand the mental state of the Canucks fan-base?  I’m a lifelong fan, born & raised in Vancouver, and feel the fan-base has never received a fair shake – it’s now gotten to the point that I normally don’t try to even argue the point as logic is well out the window.

  25. Can’t speak to what LA is as I’ve never been there, but I completely agree that the Kings social media team knows their audience and goes for it.  Is it genius?  Maybe.  What it definitely is is different than the previous norm.

  26. You may be right Zach.  But it isn’t a guy who penned the post.

  27. On the topic of what Canucks Hockey Blog wants to be – we’re a hockey blog that talks about hockey topics.  The Kings are a hockey team and have a social media presence.  In fact, this social media presence talks about hockey.  Therefore, CHB talks about it.

  28. Martin Ramos says:

    All I read was “WAH WAH WAH WAH!” Seriously. Get over it.

  29. brianguy says:

    this is my favorite new sports blog of all time.   GKG!

  30. brianguy says:

    also, if you’re wondering if this topic has been covered in depth, the answer would be: yes.  not sure if you’ve done all your research before writing this, but either way this is basically a primer with a lot of background info and context on the @LAKings account:

  31. Swediep says:

     ‘Canucks fans riot’… blah blah blah.Hello, LA? Pot meet kettle.
    Are you now referring to the City of Los Angeles or are you still talking about the franchise. If you haven’t started to generalize the whole city and you are still trying to be clever with your failing sarcastic remarks. There was no, and there has never been any riot associated with a Kings game, so Pot…meet Nut.  

  32. Kings forever says:

    Bitter, party of one, your table is ready.

  33. Kurtis Strange says:

    Someone please get Vancouver a box of Kleenex 

  34. Victoria says:

    Putting it up on the Kings official facebook page pretty much endorses it. in my opinion.

  35. PuckRogue says:

    When Max Lapierre saw this, he fell down.

  36. PuckRogue says:

    Can you answer this – Why does everyone hate the Canucks?

  37. Roblalinde says:

    Hey man,

    Winning the stanly cup..The Canucks, they’re doing it wrong.

    Look, stay in Canada. Believe me LA only wants Canadians who are either A: hot women, or B: great hockey players who help us trample over Vancouver..Again. I am sure you are neither of the two. Believe me, we have enough fans here that we don’t exactly need transplants “wanting” to like the Kings. If you are already questioning it, you should’nt bother. Actually it’s funny because you cant find anything to talk other than the way the Kings organization handles their media outlets?
    You’re desperately reaching buddy. Well, I think I know why.

    I think it’s about the Kings owning your Canucks in the playoffs, I think it’s about how Dustin Brown owned 1/2 of the Sedin sisters, (owned and plastered right in front your your bench) and pretty much everyone else wearing the white green and blue. We ulitmately did what your team just can’t seem to do (win the cup). Lousy bitterness and jealousy. The fact that we continue to come back at you and frustrate you as a fan is the true voice of your blog.
    While your Canucks seem to have their media perfect (according to you), Kings media here realizes twitter accounts aren’t what matters to the fans or it’s players, it’s the game. It’s what grit, heart, and passion can do for you. Maybe you can tweet that to the Sedins, they might realize that’s excactly what they were missing when Brownie bowled over one of them,  because talent can only get you so far.

    So listen, stay home, don’t move to LA. Stay in Canada, read your flawless Canucks twitter account, drink your lousy Moulson beer, finish every sentence with “ey”and watch how the Canucks ulitmately fail on the ice……Again.

    And oh yeah, Go Kings!

  38. Eric says:

    first off I’m King’s season ticket holder, and I follow notifications and feeds from the Kings on my facebook page. I find notifications to be informative and insightful, they keep me up to date, with updates, milestones, and historic events I might not otherwise be aware of through out the hustle and bustle of my busy day. Last year’s post about everyone outside BC you’re welcome was humorous. Not embarrassing nor distasteful, it was in the spirit of sporting rivalry, and if it offended anyone they should grow thicker skin, for there are bigger things in life to worry about than being diissed because your hockey team lost. Please, please do not become a King’s fan, as a King’s fan

  39. Gt says:

    blah blah blah…at least we’re not canadian !

  40. GT says:

    BTW – 70 degrees in Southern California today…little time for social media today here…In Southern California we have lives EVEN IN WINTER!  get it ? Maybe you have to spend eight months of the year in your basement hibernating like a gopher hiding from the frigid hell of Canadia with your internet and card games, but we don’t!

  41. GT says:

    You keep your social media…and we’ll keep the CUP !

  42. SD says:

    you forgot #firstworldproblems

  43. Sheldonreid 17 says:

    get over it.

  44. Mateo says:

    “This is what everyone remembers about the beginning of your Cup run” … I had no idea about that and I’ve been a Kings fan for life. Do you know what everyone remembers about the END of our Cup run?

  45. Guest says:

    The fact that you wrote this blog further promotes the Kings social media…

  46. Ryan Pay says:

    Whiny bitch Canucks fan is a whiny bitch

  47. KingsFan91101 says:

    Errr… Word of advice. LA is known to chew newcomers up and spit them out… And if the tone of one of our hockey team’s social media gets you upset, you may want to toughen up before you move down here. In LA County alone, there are 88 cities with almost 10 million people – and that doesn’t even count the neighboring San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and Ventura Counties. What you may find is that it’s hard to find your niche among the thousands and thousands of niches available to you. You could be anything from a wine-sipping hipster in Silver Lake to a hardened gang banger in East LA.

    …And the Kings have fans from just about every cross section of LA.Now think about trying to market to a huge diverse audience, trying to grab attention when you’re just one of two NHL LA area hockey teams, competing with two major league baseball teams, two NBA teams, two huge college football teams, and an NFL football team just two hours down the road (plus two other NFL teams in the state with huge fan bases in LA).

    We also have an aggressive sports culture down here. For example, the unofficial motto of the LA Dodgers is, “F*** the Giants!”.

    I can’t imagine being the guy in charge of sending several tweets and facebook updates per day out to all those people. But the mix the Kings have come up with seems to work really well.

    I’m sure things are more civil up in Vancouver (with the exception of the occasional riots… we know a thing or two about those, as you said…), but I don’t see why the social norms in your city should dictate how my hockey team markets itself. As a fan, I love the mix of stats, jokes and other content… And I’m the one paying to go see the team, so the marketing is working.

  48. N Sanani says:

    Wow. I’ve seen people get upset on Twitter about the LA Kings Twitter account. But I usually thought that it was coming in the heat of the moment. A playoff game loss…a series loss…And I usually figured that when the shock and pain subsided that these indivuals couldn’t really believe the drival that they were spouting. I stand corrected. Let’s be clear. This is hockey. It’s not politics. It’s not cancer. It’s not war. It is in fact a sport. Nothing happens in the world if a team wins or loses. No one really gets hurt. No one dies. No one loses a loved one. No one lives in fear as a result of anything that happens in this game. Let’s keep or rather even gain some perspective here. It is a game. A game I love. One that gives me fits. Makes me thrilled and depressed often within seconds of each other. But make no mistake…no matter what happens at the end of the day I know this is a game. A Twitter account is keeping you up at night? Really, I mean…really? A Twitter account who has made its focus to remind us to keep perspective. An account that reminds us all to enjoy ourselves….that this is fun, or rather that it is supposed to be fun. That we can talk some smack to one another and you know what? The world won’t fall apart. A Twitter account that knows it’s role more clearly than you seem to as a fan. You should ask yourself why you expect a sports team’s social media account to function in such a stiff and politically correct fashion. You should proabably also ask yourself what happened to your sense of humor…

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