Out of Town Notebook: 2012/2013 Western Conference Preview

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3 Responses

  1. So the Red Wings can expect four more points than the Canucks despite having worse goaltending, defense, and forwards while playing in a tougher division? Really?

  2. Tom Wakefield says:

    Keep in mind the expected slow Canucks start without much on the second line, and the impact b.smith and d.brunner are likely to have with Detroit. I think the red wings d and forward play will exceed their initial season grades this year. Meanwhile, I think the Canucks will relatively underperform (but still win their div and get 3 seed). That’s why there’s a point difference despite the larger grade difference. Canucks have stronger team on paper…but games aren’t won on paper.

  3. Is the Northwest truly that weak in a shortened season when compared to Central?  Sure Calgary & Colorado bring the NW down, but Columbus should be an even easier walk over as Tom has outlined.  And I think one factor that most forget is that travel will be a much larger factor with the “Olympic Schedule” we see this year.

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