The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 1 at Sharks 4

Welcome to San Jose where the Canucks are taking on the undefeated Sharks in what I believe Sheldon Cooper would call a ‘prevening’ game.

Hokkai then. Here we go.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 1 at San Jose Sharks 4 (January 27, 2013)

After shutting out the Anaheim Ducks on Friday night, the Vancouver Canucks head to San Jose to face the streaking Sharks. Lizz Moffat recaps the game in your tweets.

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Welcome to San Jose where the Canucks are taking on the undefeated Sharks in what I believe Sheldon Cooper would call a ‘prevening’ game.
If the #Canucks are gonna beat those #milkhotdogs, they’ll have to shut down the milkiest of all the hot dogs, Patty MarleauJenn Johnson
It will be hard for Marleau to score more goals cowering on the bench hiding from Kassian.Kirk Paul
Time for the Canucks to make sushi out of the Sharks. After all, I’ve always found Joe Thornton to be a Hokkai Guy. #TGATTClay Imoo
I wish Finn would roll into the HP pavilion, beat Sharkie senseless, then spend the entire game antagonizing the San Jose crowd.Kirk Paul
I’ve told you before, guys. Orcas can mess sharks up. I’d include video but they are NASTY.
The referee hasn’t had the chance to drop the puck when Ryane Clowe and Alex Burrows start some pushing at the dot. They’ll both start the game in the sin bin. I guess this is what you get when you put Burrows at center.
Love the emotion at the faceoff circle to open the game… this is how you know this game means something. #Canucks #SJSharksClayton Corley
Clowe clearly trying to upstage Corey Perry in the ridiculous histrionics dept. Early douche sighting #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
Not even kinda. RT @brooklynd24: Lol. Hansen kinda cross checked the ref there. #canucksClay Imoo
Joe Thornton scores in the opening minute. So apparently we’ll be starting the game with a -1 handicap.
Well, that wasn’t the start we were hoping for… not much #GingerBricks can do, when Garrison just gives Thornton the puck in the slot.Clayton Corley
Seriously?!?!! Hey Garrison CLEAR the puck don’t pass it to Thornton. You continue to disappoint me kid. #Canucks #TGATTVictoria
Hey @strombone1 get your head ready. I think you’re gonna be playing some hockey tonight.Don
Three minutes later Pavelski makes it 2-0 . I hope no one was stuck in the hot dog line in San Jose, they’ll have missed a few things. Number one being some great assists from the Canucks.
Drivers beware: Canucks are asleep at the wheel. #zzzKirk Paul
Garrison is the new Bieksa in the blame gameJenn Johnson
#Canucks STOP giving the puck to Shark players. They are the guys in black.Dave Chia
We need a Canucks fan in the crowd with a Big "D" sign and another one with a big cardboard fence.Don
Zack Kassian takes matters into his own hands and takes on Clowe. Kassian may have technically lost that fight, but he definitely won for craziest hair.
Zack Kassian vs Ryane Clowe Jan 27, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
Kassian was off balance from the start. He’ll only get better. He has all the tools – and he looks insane while chucking them. #loveitKirk Paul
Bieksa takes a penalty at 14:20 for delay of game. At least someone’s going home with a souvenir puck.
Bieksa smartly fires the puck over the glass to give Canucks a short-handed opportunity.Brent Butt
The puck over the glass rule is as stupid now as it was at its inception. #TGATT #CanucksJustin Abraham
Bieksa is just jealous that Garrison is getting all of the blameJenn Johnson
#Canucks AV. Thrilled. Martignago
And with that, the first period ends. At least we start the second with a power play after an interference call on Brad Stuart  Any other upsides?
That first period could have been worse. The Canucks could have let Scott Gomez score, for instance.Pass it to Bulis
THANK GOODNESS that is over! Regroup, Refocus, restart….. LET’S GO #CANUCKSG5!!! #TGATTDeborah D Burke
Timing is everything, guys. Like six minutes in and 2-0. Like two minutes short handed. Like you have a lot of time to #FIXTHIS. #TGATTAbby Walsh
FIX ITpablopatel
Now would be a good time for Higgins to show his rippling abs. That would make me happy. #CanucksGayCanuck
Always a highlight of any night.
Deep breath and let’s start the second.
Clowe gets another penalty for tripping Danny.  
Ryan Clowe with another TRIP to the penalty box #TRIP #TRIP #TRIP #GETITSchneider’s Teeth
Mason Raymond is playing really good tonight. Too bad he’s the only one.
Kassian is still wearing the blood from his fight in the first. He didn’t even try to clean up at all. Way to strike fear in the heart of your enemies. Or at least me.
Boy, the #Canucks sure are hated by California teams… I’m surprised they haven’t been banned from Disneyland.Matt Lee
Goal by Burrows, courtesy of Hansen’s foot. 11:05 of the second.
Canucks at Sharks – Alex Burrows Goal – 01.27.13 – HDcanuckshd
Oh sure, Hansen’s backhander hits the post but THAT goes in. #CanucksMatt Lee
Lappierre takes a penalty for interference and Patrick Marleau scores on the power play to make it 3-1. Awesome.
Bad discipline Lapierre. Hasn’t played much and he curbs the momentum the Canucks were building.Kirk Paul
Lappy doesn’t deserve another shift for the rest of the period at least. #dumbasspenalty #canucksJunior
Lapierre is at times, just good to look at. What a terrible penalty to take. Dumb, like hot model dumb. #Canucks #TGATTJustine Galo
This is how games are lost. After Burrows goal, Lapierre takes dumb penalty and Marleau makes it 3-1.Ben Kuzma
Another close one, this time by Higgins, another post ruins the potential goal.
GEEZ THIS POST IS A SHARKS FAN. This agression will not stand, man.Alix
Posts keeping #Canucks at bay, unfortunately. Niemi should buy it dinner after this game #TGATTJustine Galo
The posts are playing like they are in a contract year. #tgattTara T
see you in hell, post.Judith
New game: take a swig every time you hear the *ping* of the goal post. #TGATT #speeddrinkingArielle J. Tuliao
That’s a good way to get very drunk, very fast on a Sunday night.
Clowe heads back to the box for high-sticking. They’re going to start making him pay rent. He has a full out tantrum about it, earning him another two minutes.
You mad, Clowe?Jason Brough
Clowe was angry at the glass, obviously. #canucksSpencerDubas
Here’s the ten-dollar question: Whose side is Clowe on? So far, he’s been creating the best opportunity for the #Canucks #TGATTLia
Hah. Good. Clowe gets flushed for a while, and the refs do the right thing by punishing the Sharks for his douchbaggery #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
I don’t read lips well, but I assume the referee didn’t take kindly to Clowe repeatedly calling him a "duck."Ryan Classic
Clowe SMASH.
The Avengers – Hulk Smashing Loki (Good Quality)danbmwman373
Yet another post and the Canucks will start the third with over three minutes of power play time.
Are you KIDDING me! Off ANOTHER post?!?! #TGATT #CanucksG5Kristin McGunnigle
I haven’t seen this much iron since I was at that Pokemart. #Canucks #nerd #dontjudgemeMatt Lee
Is there a Safeway prize if the #Canucks hit 5 posts in one game?Canucks Hockey Blog
My favourite part of the broadcast is poor Lappiere sitting in the hall all alone. Did Coach V not allow him in the locker room or something?
Lapierre sitting on the Time-out Trunk? lol what the hell was that?! #CanucksBruce Ng
Hahaha Lapierre sitting all alone during the intermission thinking about what he’s done #canucksSeamus McKale
The intermission also proved to be your guys breaking point on Ottawa radio commercials.
Okay, I’m going to lose it if I have to see that Ottawa radio station ad again. #Canucks #SportsNetBrad Ziemer
I keep looking for an ALL NEWS RADIO station. Anyone know of any? Preferably higher than 1300 AM….Paul Tonsaker
Hey 1310 News Ottawa’s only all-news radio station, your advertising budget would be better used on ads for the Ottawa area, not the PacificSeamus McKale
While Lappiere was taking his time out, Clowe was adding up his penalty minutes. Turns out he was handed a 10 minute misconduct, bringing his total to 27. So we won’t be seeing him for the rest of the night.
They should actually throw a book at Clowe. Encyclopedia letter R, so he can also see how to spell Ryan. #Sharks #canucksSpencerDubas
Ryane Clowe’s ejection is tough, but we all know if you scream at the ref long enough, he may change his mind about the penalty he called.Dave Lozo
Gomez back in the NHL… serving penalties for Clowe..Blake Price
After another failed power play, Raymond takes an interference penalty, and Joe Pavelski  takes the opportunity to score.
Sigh. #canucksBrooklyn D.
Mmmrrrrrhhrhhrmmmrrhrrrrr. #CanucksLinds
BlargCanucks Game
I feel like the Canucks shouldn’t be giving San Jose more powerplay opportunities. #Hockey #AnalysisMike Halford
I think I’ve figured it out guys, it’s that Jaws-themed shark attack hand motion the fans do in the Pavilion. It’s the secret key to their power play success.
The shark hands in the HP pavilion will make me laugh. Every. Time. #SharksSpencerDubas
That shark mouth thing the fans are doing is kind of ridiculous. I LOVE IT.Jenn Johnson
Volpatti takes on the slightly larger Douglas Murray. He doesn’t exactly win, but the guy holds his own, considering he’s fighting a truck.
Aaron Volpatti vs Douglas Murray Jan 27, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
Good on Volpatti for taking on freak of nature Doug Murray there. Didn’t back down an inch after Murray took a run at him #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
good on Volpatti for standing up for himself against Murray… but this whole game has been like…. WTF?! #TGATTDeborah D Burke
“@yyjordan: Murray just ordered a fist burger with two juicy Volpatties. #Canucks” slow clapMarda Miller
I’m sure Douglas Murray is the nicest guy ever, but god knows if I ever met him in an alley I’m handing over my wallet without being asked.K8
Bieksa takes some anger out on Andrew Desjardins. Those were some impressive punches he’s landing.
Kevin Bieksa vs Andrew Desjardins Jan 27, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
Love it Bieksa! Levels Gomez and then fights to back it up! #CanucksLucas Martin
Desjardins regretted that decision…Alix
LOVE when Kevin throws down. “@KinseySS: Thank You #Bieksa for making worth watching this game till the end!! #CanucksG5 #Sharks #Canucks”Dave Chia
Nice hit Bieksa! – Almost everyone is either benched or in the box. Just go out in style! … Bench brawl next?Patricia Teter
Bieksa’s one-two in that fight was nuts. Holy cow. He was rage-punching. #CanucksHarrison Mooney
After a couple more penalties to Ballard and Burrows, the game ends in a 4-1 loss.

Sure the Sharks are still undefeated, but the Canucks did stop Marleau from a record five multi-goal games to start the season, so who’s the REAL loser here?

No mock stick-breaking motion from Burrows for ending the Marleau two-goal streak? Disappoint. #CanucksJordan Clarke
Marleau’s streak is broken, so there’s that. #tarnishedsilverlinings #tgattTara T
Ya, it’s still the Canucks. There’s always tomorrow.
Let the Sharks have this one…we all know what will happen come playoffs! On to LA! *Go #Canucks Go* #TGATTKiran Mehat
So…..when do @Ryan_Kesler and @D_Booth7 get back? #CanucksG5 #TGATTCody Barendregt

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