The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 2 at Kings 3 (SO)

We’re back. Two nights, two games, two #TGATT’s. Let get this going.

This is why, Chris.

Now, on to the game.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 2 at Los Angeles Kings 3 (SO) (January 28, 2013)

On their third stop in California, the Vancouver Canucks meet the Los Angeles Kings for the first time since their first round playoff series last season. Lizz Moffat recaps the game in your tweets.

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We’re back. Two nights, two games, two #TGATT’s. Let get this going.
@VanCanucks How come you ask @CoryMonteith if he’s watching & not me? Are we not tight anymore? #TGATTChris Golden
This is why, Chris.
Glee – Jessie’s Girl (Full Performance) (Official Music Video)mrgleeperformances2
Now in case you missed it, Roberto Luongo will be starting in net. You guys inspire such confidence in him.
That Luongo wry-grin headshot is priceless. "I’m… still here?" @strombone1 #CanucksAlan O’Sullivan
Annnnd first up on TSN’s game coverage… Lou warming up and losing his stick. Twice. #CanucksG6 #TGATTluonGOLD
Looks like @strombone1 is so confident tonight that he won’t even use his goalie stick. #TGATT Imoo
Also back tonight is new dad Manny Malhotra. Don’t worry, you probably won’t really notice.
Welcome back Manny!! I hope you get your "I just had a baby" goal!! #CanucksG6luonGOLD
Now let’s ht the ice!
Which Canuck is going to follow Hansen’s lead tonite and cross-check an official before the opening face-off? #TGATT Imoo
And already things are looking pretty good. At least compared to last night.
I just realized the reason I already like this game: No Ryane Clowe.Melaina
Well, five minutes have passed and the #Canucks haven’t dug themselves a 2-0 hole yet.Ed Lau
If it helps, the Kings haven’t has a great start to the season. At least not on the power play, having gone 0-for-24 thus far.
So, Kings have not scored once during a power play so far? 24 of them? Is that what I’m hearing? #LAKings #CanucksGayCanuck
Rooting for the Kings to make it 0-25. You can do it, boys, keep that streak alive. #Canucks #TGATTLia
Could the pessimism have appeared to early? Luo is looking good to start the game.
I HAVE A STROMBONER! #CanucksSpencerDubas
This is my timeline after the Luongo save. He still has a few fans it seems. #Canucks McTavish
Zack Kassian with a nice little tap-in gives the Canucks a 1-0 lead with 6:30 left to play in the first period.
Canucks at Kings – Zack Kassian 1-0 Goal – 01.28.13 – HDcanuckshd
Zack Kassian has more goals than Wayne Gretzky this year. Just sayin’. #NHLonTSN #CanucksSteve Danger
#zackattack gets the Edler rebound. Kassian is what Penner could be if he wasn’t scarfing down El Pollo Loco daily. #TGATTJustine Galo
Kassassin Mode: ActivatedWyatt Arndt
RT @Murderflies: Kassian has 400% as many goals as Ovechkin!Canucks Misconduct
Team leading 4th goal for Kass…and the Kass bandwagon fills up even more…now he needs to beat up Dustin Brown #CanucksTurtle
Dustin Brown tries to draw a penalty, apparently by trying to convince the ref that Sedin suddenly acquired Clowe’s hulk smash from last night.
Are we supposed to believe Henrik Sedin all of a sudden turned into the Hulk? #dive;
That was quite the acrobatic feat on the part of Dustin Brown.Melaina
Hank be straight Swedish thuggin’Jenn Johnson
The Sedins couldn’t have a mean streak if they tried. They’re like a pair of labradoddles. Creepy, magical, wizardous labradoodles. #CanucksEd Lau
The first intermission brings us a Mike Gillis interview. 
Gillis is looking like he would rather be doing shots than answer Duthie’s questions. #tothebar #tgattTara T
GMMG is by far one of the best interview-ee’s. He’s always laughing, busting out jokes and doesn’t take himself seriously #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
Oh my gosh, was that a small grin/attempt at a smile at the end by MG?? Everyone drink!Hosea Cheung
I wish Mike Gillis was more charismatic, it’d be sweet to have a GM that was basically Jack DonaghySeamus McKale
Oh don’t we all want more Jack Donaghy
30 Rock – Therapy, Jack Stylehuludotcom
The second period is a go, and we’re treated to a great save by Luo. Actually, make that two.
Huge Diving Save by Luongo – Canucks at Kings – 01.28.13 – HDcanuckshd
WTH?! did Luongo stop that?! #CanucksBruce Ng
I want to keep Luuuu FOREVERMarda Miller
Even the LA fans are sharing the Luo love.
Why does the Canucks goalie have to be so good??? #gokingsLindsey Golnick
Burrows scores on a nice little wrap-around at 4:05 to make it 2-0 Canucks.
Canucks at Kings – Alex Burrows 2-0 Goal – 01.28.13 – HDcanuckshd
Alex Burrows is quicker than Quick! …I’ll see myself out.Pass it to Bulis
A Burrows wraparound reminds me of Game 2 vs Boston. Those were the days.Marcus Anderson
Woohoo. Burrows with 2 goals in 2 games. Great sign. Gotta give props to #1 as well, Roberto has been vintage #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
Dustin Brown tries to start something with tough-guy Sedin. 
Dear Dustin Brown, how can you be so annoyed by a Sedin? It’s like getting infuriated by a Boy Scout. Come on now…Victoria
Looks like the Kings are getting chippy and trying to draw the #canucks into a fight or bad penalty to shift the momentumTurtle
It wouldn’t be a Kings / Canucks game if I didn’t remind you all the Dustin Brown share initials with douche bag…coincidence? I think notChris David LS
Pat Sajak and Cory Monteith spotting! I’m equally excited for both.
And who’s Cory’s little blonde friend?? #Canucks #Glee
Chris Cuthbert with the LEGENDARY "Wheel of Fortune" play on words. Canadian hero.Pass it to Bulis
After a rare Chris Tanev penalty, Jeff Carter scores on the power play. I guess the Kings’ streak had to end sometime.
Bound to happen. Kings have been all over us. We need to get back on the attack. Can’t afford to blow another 2 goal lead #TGATT #CanucksCaylie King
Poor Cory is getting blame on that one…
Carter for LA. I blame Corey Monteith #Jinx #GleeCanucksCurse #ImJustMakingCrapUpNow #TGATTVictoria
I’ll spare you from watching another Glee video though.
Chris Higgins gets a breakaway in the last minute of the period. But it’s no good and we’ll go into the second intermission with a 2-1 lead.
Hell of a shot Higgins, if you were playing shuffle board.BrowntoBure
Higgins I adore you but that move was terrible.Alix
Higgins did not put his abs into that shotJenn Johnson
Ready for the third? With Staples as a sponsor the Kings seem to be.
Sources say Kings are bringing in this secret weapon in the 3rd to try & take the lead from #Canucks #TGATT
Huzzah. More Cartman cheers.
absolutely “@EmmaNelson2323: @CoryMonteith is that South Park voice as annoying in person as it is on tv?”Cory Monteith
I love you, Cartman, but why are you a Kings fan? Aren’t you from Colorado?Linds
Not freaking Cartman again. That chant still haunts me in my dreams. #tgattTara T
Oh my, not that stupid "Go Kings Go" chant again.Marcus Anderson
5:16 – Dustin Brown goes to the box for goalie interference, despite his protests and look of shock.
Luongo made that stopping of brown look effortless #TGATT #CanucksDebi Turner
Big mistake, Brown. Typically when you dive, you don’t want to land on the opposing netminder. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
Dustin Brown arguing a call while he lies on Luongo is about as smart as using the wrong end of a water bottleIan
OK Canucks, time to put down the Kings just like Henrik put down Dustin Brown. Arndt
The Canucks go on the powerplay again and Edler… promptly falls down. Brown will be sitting for his full two minutes.
Usually it’s Edler’s sticks that break not his legs. #Canucks McTavish
Don’t know why people think there is chemistry problem between Edler and Garrison. They just toe-picked on same shift. #harmonyIain MacIntyre
"Okay, guys. Passing randomly didn’t work. Let’s try passing as hard as you can now." #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
After a boarding call to Simon Gagne that no one seems to be able to completely justify, Sutter is putting on his angry (er) face. 
How the hell would anybody be able to tell if Sutter was enthused about anything?Not-So-Miss Kelli
Darryl Sutter looks like a demonic Pez dispenser.Guts McTavish
I think Darry Sutter was saying “Canuck off” after that penalty call, but, I’m not absolutely sure. #Canucks #LAKingsGayCanuck
Check it out. #AngryDarryls @Brina_M
Not even two blondes in tank tops can make Kings’ coach Darryl Sutter smile. #nofunzone #TGATT Imoo
Less than a minute left. The Kings pull Quick and Slava Voynov scores to tie it up.
*Chews gum, looks at clock, chews gum harder."Alain Vigneault
What is Edler doing in front of Luongo? Not moving Kings forward, not blocking the shot, not tying up anyone. #CanucksRob Williams
we should never be allowed to have 2 goal leads everJudith
Kings score and my timeline is a series of expletives & incomprehensible tweets. #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
Yep, that about sums it up.
Looks like we’re gearing up to play another five minutes.
Hockey doesn’t want me to get to bed in time.Not-So-Miss Kelli
#Canucks had just 7 shots in final 36 minutes after grabbing 2-0 leadJeff Paterson
We blew a 2-0 lead? That’s new. We’re going to a shoot out? Oh, that’s new too. #sigh #Canucks #TGATTRobyn Crystal
Yep that’s right, shoot out time. I’m so tired guys, this isn’t going to end well is it?
I wanna see Schroeder in the shootout…let’s see what he’s got #CanucksTurtle
This season so far has been brutal for deadline writers. Another shootout? Bah!Hosea Cheung
And shootout. I hate the world and everyone in it.Victoria
My shootout picks: Burrows, Kassian & Bowness. #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
Kopitar… Luo stops it!
Burrows… Goes a bit too fancy, and possibly illegal. No good.
Burrows with an interesting spin-o-Rama that didnt get him anywhere #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
WTF Burrows? Please never do a move like that again.Marda Miller
I might make fun of Burrows’s attempt there if I had any idea what he was doing.Shaun Stewart
Burrows spin like the figure skater in Mighty Ducks 2.Kirk Paul
What can Brown do for you? Nothing, it seems. #TGATTWalter Siu
Edler… Nope.
I’d have Raymond out there before Edler. Don’t get that all. Very predictableShane M
Carter… Goal.
Carter…scores. Slick stretching backhand flip top shelf where mom keeps the cookies. Zack Kassian can extend the game. #Canucks #LAKingsEd Lau
Kassian… No good. Canucks lose to the Kings. Again.
Ah F-(connection dropped) #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Ugh, Lu deserved so much better. Everyone else needs to have a timeout to think about what they did.Jenn Johnson
I can’t believe you wasted that Luongo performance. LOSERS.Alix
At least the team is headed home.
Getting a point in their 3rd game in 4? I’ll take it. Home to rest up for the Avs. #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
I don’t care what anyone says, Lou was spectacular! On to the next one…Bring on the Avalanche! *Go #Canucks Go* #TGATTKiran Mehat

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