The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 2 vs Oilers 3 (SO)

Doesn’t it feel like we were just here? After a full day of NFL playoffs, we’re right back into hockey mode. Let’s just hope tonight’s game goes a little better than last night’s. I mean, it can’t get any worse, right?

Here we go.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 2 vs. Edmonton Oilers 3 (SO) (January 20, 2013)

Looking to rebound from their opening night loss to the Anaheim Ducks, the Vancouver Canucks take on the Edmonton Oilers. Lizz Moffat recaps the game in your tweets.

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Doesn’t it feel like we were just here? After a full day of NFL playoffs, we’re right back into hockey mode. Let’s just hope tonight’s game goes a little better than last night’s. I mean, it can’t get any worse, right?
Penguins are toying with the Rangers. It’s like men vs boys or Ducks vs Canucks. #ouchShane M
I started drinking extra early tonight just in case. #CanucksGayCanuck
Dear Boys in Blue, it’s not really Octobuary. I hope it’s not a lot to ask that you have it a little more together tonight. #tgattTara T
Well done sir. RT @dghartley1959: @hosea24hours are the canucks defense gonna debut tonight!?Hosea Cheung
I hope no one was too wrapped up in the Patriots game, because game time is 6:00 tonight, whether the Pats are done or not.
Dammit!!! Why couldn’t the #Canucks game be at 7? Would’ve been a perfectly scheduled day of sports…Curtis Reid
In case you missed it, Luongo will be starting in net, which Coach V said was the plan all week. Plus, it turns out that even the most well-groomed goalies are having trouble this weekend.
Lundqvist got pulled. Seems like ALL the really good goalies in the league are having a rocky start. Not just Schneider. Imagine that. #NHLVictoria
Tonight is the first time Lundqvist has been pulled since March 31, 2011 when he let up four on 22 shots against the Islanders.Dave Lozo
Rangers goalie controversy right? I mean it’s only fair.P Y
While we wait for the football fans to join us, does anyone have a prediction? Eddie has a couple:
@canucksgame do u have a goal pool? If u do I got Tanev for first goal! #justkidding #igotsedin #oneofthemEddie Lack
I take @strombone1 for the last goal! @canucksgame #opennetterEddie Lack
Our regularly scheduled anthem singer has returned. Always a crowd pleaser.
Yeeeeaahhhhh Mark Donnelly!!!!! Go #canucks go!!!!Kristiinee Wiinee
Canuck fans just sang the anthem like the players played the game last night: #notatallKirk Paul
#anthemanalysis for Mark Donnelly: pitch 5, pace 5, appearance 4.5 (no tux) singability 5, ending 5. Total of 24.5/25 (98%). #TGATTClay Imoo
And away we go…
#Canucks need to keep it simple tonight. Pucks deep, use their experience, and let the young #Oilers make the mistakes. Gonna be a fun oneRK
You hear me @SNJohnGarrett? I’m about to tear up in anticipation of finally hearing your sonorous tones.Shaun Stewart
I would like to mention how great it is to hear Shorty call a game again. Last night was just a nightmare, right? #TGATTTara T
Watching the #Canucks game with a table full of friends who are die hard Oilers fans. So go Canucks go, this time for sure! #TGATTRobyn Crystal
That was fast. Taylor Hall takes the first penalty for tripping Henrik. I have Hall in the CHB pool, but it’s so complicated I have no idea if this helps me.
Taylor Hall proving he doesn’t just trip himself and his own teammates. Equally opportunity klutz. #TGATTVictoria
Taylor Hall tripped Sedin with his lips! They’re just that big!Shane M
Trouty Mouth, go feel shame.Chad Forrest
I honestly never noticed Hall’s mouth size before… I wonder if that helps my pool?
Keith Ballard Ballards the play in front of the net, but Luo has this covered.
Keith Ballard with a terrific pass … to Edmonton’s Horcoff in front of Luongo! I can hear the door to the doghouse opening.Hosea Cheung
"See the key to beating Edmonton is to wear them out in our defensive zone by turning over the puck to them repeatedly." -Keith BallardWyatt Arndt
Ballard just wants to show the people in Vancouver Luongo is worth keeping. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
This following is my favorite tweet of the night thus far. So simple. So true. 
Yup. Keith Ballard. He’ll do that.Shaun Stewart
Nice defensive play from the newly re-signed Alex Edler and just like that it’s a goal from number 23. 1-0 Canucks.
Alex Edler goal 1-0 vs Oilers (Jan 20, 2013)canucks
OH GOOD GRACIOUS ALEX EDLER. How do I say "I need a fainting couch!" in Swedish?!?! *Fans self*Alix
Wow what a magnificent play by Edler! Breaks up play in his own end and then hammers a shot past Dubnyk. #Canucks #TGATTMatt Lee
Man, what a terrific play at both ends by Edler. Poke check, streak down the wing, blast it into the back of the net.Cam Davie
Celebratory puns for everyone!
How Swede he is! Edler with slapped! #Canucks #TGATTJustine Galo
Hey kids of the Oilers, #RespectYourEdlersP Y
Looks like Edmonton may have found themselves a goalie. Nice save off Voltron’s shot.
What kind of forcefield was around the Oilers net to keep out Volpatti’s shot? #tgattTara T
Dubnyk looks much improved. Oil may have a goalie.Kirk Paul
Anyone wanna go & measure Dubnyk’s equipment? Those should have been goals #Canucks #TGATTJustine Galo
#Canucks looked a little less rusty in the first period than they did yesterday. But then again it’s the Oilers. #TGATTMatt Lee
And now for the first intermission, I give you adorable children.
my 16 mnth old son can now say ‘ockey & ettmanSucks! No other words could make a mother prouder! #CanucksDawn
Guys, the goalie controversy is over. I have found our new starter. #Canucks Price
We’re back and Shorthouse admits to something Bachelor related…
Best line of the night ‘I live the Bachelor’… Just don’t tell his wife #canucks #shorthouseNick Fane
Speaking of, has everyone seen the lady who arrived in a wedding dress? She has the crazy “I’m gonna stab someone” guys. Stay alert fellow contestants, she is off the charts on the hot – crazy scale.
HIMYM – The Hot-Crazy ScaleAlejandro Martínez Vieites
You guys just love any excuse to make fun of Weise. His Dutch fans would be so unimpressed.
Dale Weise just blew a tire and hit the side boards harder than any player has hit an opponent all night. #Canucks #OilersFlying V Blog
Weise skates too fast for his own good… #Canucks #TGATTCurtis Reid
I thought Weise was going to go after Petry for that hit, but I guess Dutch league superstars don’t drop the gloves #CanucksTurtle
Do they even have skates in the Dutch league? Or do they just wear their wooden clogs? #WeiseSpencerDubas
Remember when Dale Weise was on Twitter. LolMar
Ohhh yes. We all remember. Such good times.
I love when Raymond does something right, my dad gives him a sincere “good job,” like he just knows the kid has it in him.
Wow. Raymond with a really smart, aggressive defensive play there that stopped a shot on goal. And he didn’t even fall down doing it! #TGATTVictoria
I love seeing Raymond trying to push around Eager. It’s cute… Like a squirrel poking a very large, ugly bear. #Canucks #TGATTMatt Lee
If you listen closely you can hear Eager whispering "Don’t do somethin’ stupid, Ben. Don’t do somethin’ stupid, Ben…" #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
Hit by Eager, and he didn’t even fall! #Canucks #TGATT RT @jbowmancouver: With that back check, Raymond is officially a Selke frontrunnerBruce Ng
These Mama commercials need to stop, creepy little kids freak me outTurtle
Mama – Official Trailer [HD]trailers
I whole heartrendingly agree. Stop bringing home creepy children, movie characters. It has never ended well for you.
GOAL BY KASSIAN. Five minutes to play in the second and it’s 2-0.
Canucks Vs Oilers – Zack Kassian 2-0 Goal – 01.20.13 – HDcanuckshd
Daniel with a dirty behind the back pass to a rushing Kassian. So happy Kassian got one, he’s been noticeable out there #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
Hank to Dank to #ZackAttack & Dubnyk didn’t even have a chance… SBTHB reference. #TGATTJustine Galo
#RELEASETHEZACKEN!!!! Great power move to the net on a sweet feed from Daniel and it’s 2-0 #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
Finally, Kassian. You had more than enough chances. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
#ZackAttack! #KeepYourStickOnTheIce #CanucksClayton Corley
I unconditionally love you Zack Kassian #CanucksSeamus McKale
With that sweet goal the season-long episode of the Sweet Life of Zack and Cody is tied up at one goal apiece. #TGATTClay Imoo
Props to Clay for bringing it in it for a Disney channel reference.
#canucks showing the AHL #oilers how it’s done.AlbertaShank
Eberle scores with three seconds left in the second, and we’ll head into intermission with a 2 -1 lead.
Wow. Everyone in the building stunned by that Eberle goal. Great backhand. Just nasty. #Canucks #TGATTMatt Lee
All kidding aside that was a great backhand they are nightmares for a goalie to read. Lu went down too early tho.Kirk Paul
That backhand was nice, Eberle catches Luongo a bit there. We need an LA type clock malfunction to speed up the clock there.Wyatt Arndt
The third period is a go! Dale Weise, Dutch Superstar speeds towards the net, he dekes, he… falls down.
…he just fell down…deked too hard…and fell down.Taryn D.
Dale Weise, breaking in! cuts inside! Dekes! Falls over! Slides into the boards!… #CanucksSpencerDubas
In the Dutch league that’s a goalHarry Nijjar
Next time he’s on a breakaway, Dale Weise should fall BEFORE he shoots…might confuse the goalie a bit.Clay Imoo
Seriously though, Dale is looking better than last year. So good Sportsnet is showing a Weise montage video.
Here’s a Dale getting killed montage, poor Dale.Schneider’s Teeth
The gag reel of Weise highlights has me in tears laughing. He has such great speed! #tgattTara T
So far this Canucks team looks much better than last night. Weise still looks like Weise.Marda Miller
Potter with a dangerous hit on Raymond, and y’all are not happy.
Raymond goes down and it was NOT his fault. Dangerous play by an Oiler. Luckily he’s okay. #TGATTVictoria
I hope you get a bat bogey hex, Potter.Alix
Hey refs, a knee on knee is SUPPOSED to be a penalty! SO CALL IT! @RefYouSuckDee
Potter got away with a douchebag move…Curtis Reid
Dirty knee by Harry PotterSchneider’s Teeth
Not looking our best out there. A powerplay goal would have been nice…
Maybe instead of cheap hot dogs and nachos, the Canucks could have given us a functioning powerplay.SpencerDubas
Remember when a #Canucks power play would pretty much mean a guaranteed goal? Ya, I miss those days. #TGATTRobyn Crystal
I have a funny feeling this game is going into overtime. #CanucksGayCanuck
just after the knee on knee, Hall goes for the slewfoot, whines when he gets called on it. #SunriseSunset #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
Goal to Edmonton, courtesy of Hemsky with 5:55 left to play.
All tied up at Rogers Arena. Hemsky with a nice shot, under the arm of Luongo and the PP goal makes it a 2-2 game. #canucksHosea Cheung
As soon as EDM went on the PP I kinda figured that would happen. LIke a movie. #Canucks #OilersKatie Maximick
Hemsky had about 15 minutes to aim there.Schneider’s Teeth
Fight! Kassian and Eager go at it off the drop. Kassian is damn proud of himself coming off the ice.
I hope Kassian gets an assist, then it’s a Gordy Howe hattrick! Plus it means we’ll have score again, and that’s important! #Canucks #TGATTVictoria
Let’s see Hodgson fight Ben Eager. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
If you still don’t like Kassian after that you can kindly tuck and roll your way off this bandwagoner. #CanucksSpencerDubas
That was a full "Are you not entertained!?!?!??!" from Kassian as he came off.Shaun Stewart
Kassian just looks like a wild man. The crazy hair, the missing tooth. In the off-season, he was Crazy Eddie at the CFL games. #CanucksBruce Ng
Well there it is. Kassian is now a fan favorite for all time with that post-fight fist-pump.Alan O’Sullivan
And with Kassian out of the picture, the next logical linemate for the Sedins is…. Dale Weise? I know I said he was looking better, but damn.
my eyes are playing tricks on me .. is that Weise with the Twins? Can’t be…. if this works I’ll be a ….. #TGATTDeborah D Burke
Dale Weise with the Sedins. Why don’t you just rip my heart out and feed it to Fin. #CanucksSpencerDubas
Someone brought up the line up slot machine again? AV pulled lever. Weise & the twins? #Canucks #TGATTJustine Galo
That Burrows guy played pretty well with the Sedins too, right? #TGATT #CanucksJustin Abraham
No Sportsnet game would be complete without a sold Garrett quote, what will it be tonight?
"Shots that miss the net never go in." … John Garrett is back and I love it. #CanucksJordan Clarke
The Canucks said that they wanted to show their appreciation to their fans, and what better way then by adding some extra time to the game? Really make sure you get your moneys worth. That’s right. We’re headed to overtime.
I like this intense overtime intermission music. I feel like someone is trying to defuse a bomb somewhere. Maybe Jack Bauer LinesmanWyatt Arndt
Maybe when Kassian steps out of the penalty box, he can finish up his Gordie Howe Hat Trick. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Well.. I wanted to see Luo in net & I’m getting that plus extra time. #FreakingOTEllen Ransford
For the overtime goal prediction, I choose DALE. WEISE. #DealWithIt #CanucksSeamus McKale
Please stop trying to make Dale Weise happen #CanucksJustine Galo
If it were up to Alain Vigneault, tonight’s three stars would be Dale Weise, Dale Weise and Dale Weise.Adam Graham
Wow. OK, wow, we’re heading for the shoot out. Everyone pick your shooters!
OK everyone, grab the hand of your neighbor, it’s time for the Canucks shootout circle prayer.Wyatt Arndt
The shootout conceivably could be Luongo vs. the last three number one overall draft picks. #TGATTClay Imoo
AV’s shooters: Weise, Aaron Rome, a lozenge.Cam Davie
No, Garrett, having a pure shootout specialist is not a good idea with a salary cap in place. #TGATT #CanucksJustin Abraham
Dale Weise is about to score a shootout winner. Take that to the bank. #CanucksSeamus McKale
First up: Edler….Stopped.
I have it crocheted on a pillow 🙁 RT @KMaximick: THE CANUCKS ARE NOT GOOD AT SHOOTOUTS. You can print that and frame it. #CanucksJennifer
Gagner… Scores.
Burrows…No good.
#Shootout Burrows for #Canucks…. stopped by Dubnyk. We’re f*cked.Victoria
Hemsky…. Scores. Game over.
Huh, I was going to say Edler, Burrows, and Manti Te’o’s girlfriend for the #Canucks in the shootout. Didn’t think I’d be correct. #TGATTWalter Siu
Well at least that wasn’t a devastating embarrassment of a loss like last night #CanucksSeamus McKale
Queue the Panic? #canucks #tgattsarah endacott
#TradeLuongo #TradeSchneider #BringBackDanCloutier #VancouverBias #SmallSampleSize #GoodnightJesse Spector
A good ole win against Calgary is just what I need right now #TGATTMatthew Brosseau
Well, the team did give away their sticks to a couple dozen lucky fans, so let’s just leave on that happy note.
Like that the #Canucks give their sticks away after games. Just wish they wouldn’t give away points during them. #TGATTMatt Lee

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