Backup Lu better than Starter Schneider so far

J.J. Guerrero

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4 Responses

  1. As a wise man kept telling me last season, the numbers don’t lie. 😉

  2. Justin Ho says:

    So far Lu has played 478 minutes and faced 198 shots. Schneider has played 454 minutes and faced 236 shots – a full 19% more shots in 24 minutes less playing time. If you’re going to point out the fact that he’s had better goal support, you should also point out the fact that he’s had terrible defensive support to go along with it. Last night’s debacle was a prime example of that.

  3. No argument about last night’s game, though I did write this post before it started.

    But also, I don’t think shots are the best indicator of how well the defense is playing. And even if it is, the difference is overstated. Not including last night’s game, Schneider is facing not even 1/10th of a shot more per minute than Lu. If you look at the games each one started, the difference is 2 shots per game.

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