Feb 192013

On Friday, Henrik Sedin passed Markus Naslund as the all-time leader with points as a Canuck, Ryan Kesler returned from injury, and Canucks fans were getting a chance to vote on what they felt the boys in blue should skate out to.

Clay, Chris, Ed and back again as a special guest, Alan from the Hogshack in Steveston, ponder these and more in this latest episode of CHB TV. Apologies in advance for the singing.

  • http://twitter.com/millionsofmyles Myles Harris

    Memories of Vancouver. It getting dark in 30 minutes…

    Great video guys.

  • http://www.canuckshockeyblog.com/ Chris (@lyteforce)

    Thanks Miles! Original plan was to film earlier in the afternoon, but that Clay… sheesh… ;)

  • http://twitter.com/millionsofmyles Myles Harris

    Hi Chris,

    Darkness was not a criticism. It bought back good memories of the sun being down by 4:30 and it being cold while enjoying a Sleemans.

    Hi from Australia!

  • http://www.canuckshockeyblog.com/ Chris (@lyteforce)

    Hahaha.. I didn’t take it as a criticism at all. Just as an opportunity to take pot shots at Clay!

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