The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 2 vs Blackhawks 1 (SO)

Are you ready for this? I hope so, because it’s Canucks v. Blackhawks baby!

That is just unnecessary and uncalled for. 80’s music is amazing thank-you very much. I now officially declare it 80’s night.

Now, on to the game.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 2 vs Chicago Blackhawks 1 (SO) (February 1, 2013)

Canucks fans have had this game circled in their calendar since Duncan Keith’s dirty elbow on Daniel Sedin. Lizz Moffat recaps the game in your tweets.

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Are you ready for this? I hope so, because it’s Canucks v. Blackhawks baby!
If there’s one thing I hate more than bad 80s music, it is Vancouver Canucks fans.Scott Stewart
That is just unnecessary and uncalled for. 80’s music is amazing thank-you very much. I now officially declare it 80’s night.
Billy Idol – Dancing With Myselfemimusic
We have no shortage of pre game stories; first is our starting goaltender: Roberto Luongo.
Luongo to start. Coming off a strong win on Wednesday. Here’s hoping the trend keeps. #GoNucksGoShamil Meghji
@strombone1 almost game time: You’ll have a Great Game no matter what happens 🙂 Thank You! #TGATTDeborah D Burke
Next is the potentially imminent payback for this little hit on Daniel Sedin by Duncan Keith: 
Duncan Keith dirty hit on Daniel Sedin. March 21st 2012hockeyvideohd
Instead of chasing Duncan Keith, or whoever the Canucks wanna go after, I think those 2 points and a win are much more important.HELEN BIEKSΔ
Nobody wants revenge on Duncan Keith more than the media people…amirite??? #Canucks #TGATTCurtis Reid
Drinking game: take a drink every time the name duncan keith comes up on your timeline.Caitlyn
Cowardly lion on a fan’s sign in relation the Duncan Keith. We’re not in Kansas anymore. #Canucks #Blackhawks
If the #Canucks really wanted to get back at Keith, they should have deleted the 30 Rock finale from his PVR last night. #missedopportunityPass it to Bulis
True point, that was a masterful hour of television.
In other Sedin news, it’s Henrik’s 900th career game tonight.
MILESTONE ALERT –> RT @VanCanucks: Tonight marks Henrik Sedin’s 900th career @NHL game. Congratulations, Henrik!NHL
Plus Rick Rypien’s brother, Wes, is in attendance, and will be dropping the puck for a ceremonial face-off, Unfortunately for us at home, TSN neglected to air it.
Rick Rypien’s Wes on hand for the Hockey Talks puck drop. Standing ovation in Rogers Arena. #CanucksG8Canucks Game
Up close and personal. Wes Rypien dropping the puck at @RogersArena tonight. Canucks
I hope the Canucks win this game for Rypien since his brother is gonna drop the puck. We miss you old boy ❤PennyLou
@VanCanucks Awesome to see the Canucks raising awareness for something so important. I love to sport one of those shirts #HockeyTalksSara
And now for a quick learning opportunity before we start the game.
#CHB teaching moment: TV timeouts occur on first whistle after the 14, 10 and 6 minute marks of each period. You’re welcome. #TGATTClay Imoo
Per previous tweet: unless the whistle is due to a goal, penalty call or icing. #TGATTClay Imoo
Jordan Schroeder is having a solid first period, which means we all may have to start working on our spelling and pronunciation soon.
Absolutely love Jordan Schroeder’s decision making for his passing… he’s looking rather creative out there, against the grain. #CanucksClayton Corley
If Schroeder scores against the Hawks, I will memorize the spelling of his name.Shaun Stewart
@canuckshockey just told me Shroeder is pronounced "Shray-der"?! I say T that’s like saying my name is "Jack" but it’s pronounced "Phil".Victoria
I award his solid play with The Breakfast Club.
Simple Minds – Don’t You….Forget About Me (The Breakfast Club) (HD)spiritace1
Great chance for Daniel, but it’s no good and a broken stick sends him back to the bench.
#Canucks BUZZIN’ around the Hawks net. This feels like a bigger game than just the 8th one of the short regular season.Ed Lau
Next, Keith Ballard takes an interference penalty.
Ballard watching the jumbotron to figure out why he’s in the box is kinda adorable. #TGATTVictoria
Penalty to Bally for being too goodJenn Johnson
Looked to me that they were itching to call something on the #CanucksCurtis Reid
Not sure anyone should be surprised, but Rogers Arena doesn’t have much love for Duncan Keith.
The #Canucks crowd is really giving it to Duncan Keith. Every time he touches the puck, they type on their keyboards extra hard.Steve Kt
Are the canucks fans really going to boo every time Keith gets the puck? What children.Adventurer Kaitlyn
I’m booing all of them, not just Keith. This is an awesome rivalry. #Canucks #BlackHawks #TGATTJustine Galo
Keith gets some Rebel Yell.
Billy Idol – Rebel Yellemimusic
Alex Edler to Henrik to Zack Kassian and back to Edler = 1 – 0 Canucks.
Alex Edler 1-0 goal vs Blackhawks (Feb 1, 2013)canucks
What a beautiful pass and play by that line. That was perfection #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
Normally I would Call that Sedinery but that play had a touch of Kassisain in it #tgatt #canucksMichael Cinco
That was a sexy damn play. I want to make babies with it.Shaun Stewart
SUCK IT BLACKHAWKS!!! #WOOO #tgatt #canucksErrol Feuchuk
Alex Burrows and Sheldon Brookbank are in the box, Burrows for being a general nuisance (or unsportsmanlike conduct) and Brookbank for roughing Burrows.
Phew, was scared this game wasn’t going to see any animosity. Burrows jumped by Brookbank after putting puck in net following whistle.Hosea Cheung
When hockey players get upset over putting the puck into the net when it’s clearly no goal always cracks me up…boys will be boys #CanucksCurtis Reid
I love love LOVE when Blackhawks fans complain about Burrows #doingitrightJenn Johnson
It’s the first intermission, let’s check in on the CHB drunk up, along with accompanying 80’s music…..
Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)deadoralivevevo
@concretefluff just lifted her shirt for @jBowmancouver. #chbdrunkupCanucks Hockey Blog
Truth. RT @canuckshockey @concretefluff just lifted her shirt for @jBowmancouver. #chbdrunkupChris Golden
He lifted his first! RT @canuckshockey: @concretefluff just lifted her shirt for @jBowmancouver. #chbdrunkupVictoria
Welll then… let’s get back to the game.
Not too much to report at the half way point of the second period.
Stop. Protecting. A. One. Goal. Lead.Alix
Don’t worry everybody, it’s two-goal leads we can’t protect, not one-goal leads. #WeGotThisAlain Vigneault
The crowd “Luuuu’d” a bit….
Sit back and enjoy the Luongo showJenn Johnson
And they also “Boooo’d” a bit. As one does.
Has Vancouver forgotten that we hate Kane also? #Canucks #CanucksG8gladys
The constant booing of Duncan Keith just makes me miss Todd Bertuzzi. #tgatt #CanucksG8 #44Tiffany
It’s funny that Keith is from BC. I just imagine his friends in the crowd trying to fit in: "Ya, booooo, fuck you Duncan."Cody M
Duncan, BC > Duncan Keith #tgattTara T
Henrik goons it up.
Hank The Tank. #Canucks captain has more hits in one shift than he’d throw in one month.Ben Kuzma
Swedish thugs!Alix
Daniel knocking down Keith. Night = madeNikki
Two kids in the crowd goon it up for the TSN cameras as well.
What the hell was that…. Bareback slap each other elsewhere guys.BrowntoBure
Why did we just cut away to 2 members of One Direction in a wrestling match?! #TGATTVictoria
“@taj1944: Can the Canucks sign those kids in the intermission?” Our future. #GreatDave Chia
Jack and Diane approve… maybe.
John Mellencamp – Jack & Dianejohnmellencampvevo
The second intermission brings us some Luongo chat. Turns out the TSN panel loves @strombone1 too.
Roberto Luongo has been pretty pretty pretty good for about 5 periods now eh? #Canucks #CanucksG8Q Smith
Classic. Now #tsn panel is "pulling" for @strombone1. These guys are closet #Canucks fans. #itsoktiadmititguysSteve Pukesh
.@strombone1 just gained like a thousand followers in ten seconds.. Boy were those people late.Jeff to Pavel
Keep in mind, this Canucks team beating the undefeated Blackhaws are without Kesler and Booth… #carryonNBD
Third period and things are starting to pick up ( feel free to play this as you relive it)…
Miami Vice Theme (Long Version) – Jan Hammerboeijen50
First, Luo gets run over by Captain Serious, Jonathan Toews.
Toews just leveled Luongo, ref saw it and said nothing. Juice gave him a bit of a tap, but c’mon man!Canucks Game
Finally some emotion. Too bad it took Luongo getting run over for it to happen. #TGATTClay Imoo
Which seems to light a spark, as two big hits from Kassian and Sedin.
This may never occur again in our lifetime: Henrik Sedin leads Canucks with 4 hits.Iain MacIntyre
The Sedins are hitting everything. What world are we living in?Cam Davie
Hank Sedin hits his 900th game and morphs into a tough guy ;)Alix
One more goal for the #Canucks here and the ‘Hawks will lose it. You can see that frustration building. Then it gets fun!Richard Loat
Shoot. Patrick Kane scores to tie the game midway through the period, ending Luo’s 110 minute shutout streak.
Well crap. Patrick Kane…KAAHHHNNN…I mean, KAAAAAAANEEEE…scores and it’s a tie game. Lu was down too quick. #CanucksEd Lau
And it had to be that little curly haired drunk garden gnome on skates. #AnybodyButKane #tgattVictoria
Not surprised that Kane scored. He’s kind of good at this hockey thing.Marda Miller
Not sure what Bieksa was doing on that one…it looked like "watching" #CanucksCurtis Reid
Thanks for putting the shutout counter up TSN. Seriously? What the hell. #TGATT #CanucksJustin Abraham
Can’t believe @tsnjamesduthie said shutout during 2nd intermission. Halfway thru the 3rd,Hawks score.Grounds for @strombone1 to block him.Aaron Ward
80’s power ballad time.
Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart (video oficial)andrespg89
Marcus Kruger heads to the sin bin immediately after the goal. 1:20 later, Michael Frolik joins him for delay-of-game. 

Canucks have a 40-second, 5-on-3 advantage.
40 second 5 on 3. Definitely vengeance time.Shaun Stewart
Nice 5 on 3. EmbarrassingShane M
What the hell, #Canucks? Can’t even gain the Hawks zone on a 5-on-3? That was terrible.Ed Lau
No good, but when Johnny Oduya takes down Schroeder, who ends up inside the Chicago net, we get another shot at the power play.
Jordan Schroeder just scored … himself into the net. Low glove side. Oh, doesn’t count. #canucksHosea Cheung
Haha! Can’t blame them for trying 🙂 RT @FoxxyCanuck: If the #Canucks can’t get a goal, they’ll fucking throw themselves into the net! LOLLia
Death. Taxes. The Canucks wasting the first 25 seconds of every power play.Cam Davie
That was close. It takes Luongo doing the splits, and the Blackhawks fight it, but no goal for Chicago.
LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Wow…what an effort. No giving up there with Luongo, keeping that puck out. FULL SPLITS. #CanucksEd Lau
Jock save! Right up there with the knob save. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
Lu can do the splits. I cannot. #Canucks #CanucksG8gladys
Looked like Lu took a twig to the berries there. Ouch.Cam Davie
Testicle save by Luongo!!!! #Blackhawks #CanucksJared S Strode
Well, we were excited for this game, and now we’ll be getting a few more minutes of it.
That’s eight straight games Chicago has picked up at least a point. 6-0-1 heading into tonight. This one still to be decided.Hosea Cheung
The #Canucks care not for your regulation time.Linds
I appreciate that you’re trying to make up for lost lockout time, but please boys, can we start winning in regulation? #CanucksRobyn Crystal
So much overtime this season. It’s like the #Canucks are determined to play 82 games no matter what.Pass it to Bulis
And for an extra challenge, Jason Garrison highsticks Kane, and the Canucks will be shorthanded for the final minute.
Sometimes it looks like the #Canucks don’t even want to get it out of their own zone…Curtis Reid
Fucking hell.. Lu deserves to win this.. and now we have to kill a stupid penaty.. tsk..Kristiinee Wiinee
Despite a partial Jannik Hansen breakaway…
Whoa, Hossa gets on his horse, which is a quick horse, to beat Hansen on that breakaway. GREAT PK by the #Canucks to send it to a shootout.Ed Lau
Hansen, man. Wants it so bad. #CanucksLinds
We’re heading to the shootout. Again.
Alright, Burr. That move from two shootouts ago. Not the last one.Shaun Stewart
Burrows is up first… No good.
STOPPED BY LUONGO! Suck it Toews.Marda Miller
Kassian… Puts it wide.
Kane… Trips over Luo and it’s no good.
LOL Lu and Kane have a good laugh about Kane’s slow skating, rapid fire stickhandling move that Lu gloves. Maximum Lapierre next. #CanucksEd Lau
Luongo stops Kane AND gets his stick, sorta.Hosea Cheung
"Not this time" – what Luongo said to Kane after that shootout save. #canucksHosea Cheung
Lapierre… No.
Current cheer in my living room: Score for LUOOOOO
Schroeder… Trickles… and GOAL
SCHROEDER SCORES! Kid goes five-hold and it trickles through Crawford’s legs. Luongo just needs to stop Nick Leddy. #Canucks #BlackhawksEd Lau
Schroeder for the shoot out? Wait, what?! Ooo, Schroeder for the shoot out!! Trickle trickle goal!!! #CanucksRobyn Crystal
Schroder: 0 goals. GWG. That’s how we roll. Suck it, Chicago. #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
A deal is a deal. I will no longer need to google Schroeder before I type his name.Shaun Stewart
Canucks Vs Hawks – Full Shootout – 02.01.13 – HDcanuckshd
Lu you were pretty amazing tonight. Awesome game tonight. Chicago really made the Canucks work for that win.Jessica
#Strombone’d !!!!!! Shootout King ! Hot damn ! That was most intense. #CanucksEllen Ransford
Erect the statue of Luongo. Give him the key to Vancouver, BC, hell, the world!Kirk Paul
Kool & The Gang – Celebrationkoolandthegangvevo
What’s that? A shootout win for Luongo. Yes it is.
@strombone1 another AWESOME game for you!! and the guys owe you dinner, drinks, and your fav treat too! #TGATTDeborah D Burke
Definitely not the most exciting Nucks/Hawks match but wow Lui stood on his head and congrats to @J_Schroeder90 on his first NHL SO goal! :DJenn
And the Zack Kassian point streak continues. #TGATTErrol Feuchuk
Best part of this win is the fact that SHRAY-DUHR is being used over Edler in the SO. Bolland’s hissy fit a close second. #TGATTPaul Tonsaker
#Canucks win & I don’t go streaking. Great night for City of Vancouver.Chris Golden
Now before you run off in your Chicago hate celebration, pause for a minute, because it seems there may be a member of Team Luo in a Blackhawks jersey.
Kane to Murph, re Luongo "…to be honest with you I’m glad he’s doing well because he seems like a really good guy" #canucks #blackhawksFarhan Lalji
Both teams praising each other post game. What? Up is down. Dogs are dinosaurs.Alix
Look at that, putting rivalries aside. Sort of. Whatever, I’ll just play myself out.
Soft Cell :Tainted Love Music Videohighlightsofthe80s
The Human League – Don’t You Want Meemimusic
Culture Club – Karma Chameleonemimusic

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