The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 3 at Blackhawks 4 (SO)

Coming off back-to-back losses, the Canucks travel to Chicago to face their rival Blackhawks.

I hope everyone got off work in time, because this game is not waiting for you. Seriously, they’re not waiting for anyone, not even Eddie Lack.

Of course, we had to invite Mr. Lack to #TGATT fun.

Glad you asked. Read on and check it out.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 3 at Chicago Blackhawks 4 (SO)

Coming off back-to-back losses, the Canucks travel to Chicago to face their rival Blackhawks.

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I hope everyone got off work in time, because this game is not waiting for you. Seriously, they’re not waiting for anyone, not even Eddie Lack.
Oh, great. Slacking already… RT @eddielack: @canucksgame on my way stuck in traffic haha!Canucks Game
@canucksgame they don’t call me Eddie Slack for nothing!Eddie Lack
@canucksgame @eddielack I see what you did there #wordPlay #heyEddie let the best live tweeter win, going to be tough to beat Jory #veteranFrank Corrado
@frankcorrado22 @canucksgame I’m not trying to beat him just learn from him;) just like u are learning from me rookie!Eddie Lack
@canucksgame @eddielack This is gonna be legen-wait for it-dary! @lizzmoffat may just get some of your tweets in #TGATT. ;)Canucks Hockey Blog
What does TGATT mean? #swedishprobsEddie Lack
If you’ve followed me on Twitter for any length of time, you know my goalie of choice is Mr. Lack, so I’ll just be over here fan-girling for a few minutes.
In other news, Chicago is undefeated in regulation, which is really just not okay. Like, not at all. It’s the worst. It’s the opposite of Batman. We have to correct that, won’t we?
First regulation loss, I can feel it now. #blackhawksdownSpencerDubas
I seriously love when the Hawks play the Canucks. I also seriously hate when the Hawks play the Canucks.Beckie Elizabeth
Finally, David Booth is back in action, albiet on the fourth line.
The first penalty will be called when David Booth hits the ice with a bow and arrow instead of a hockey stick. #oops #headsupKirk Paul
Dale Weise and Brandon Bollig fight, or rather Bollig starts punching until Weise joins in, and the Canucks even get a power play out of the deal.
Dale Weise vs Brandon Bollig Feb 19, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
We got Bollig off the ice. Everything is going according to plan.j.Bowman
I’ll never question Dale Weise’s gumption, but man, dude needs to learn to not be a punching bag. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Bollig starts punching Weise as he’s standing up. This is the level of class I’ve come to expect from the Hawks.Shaun Stewart
No one can describe how much I wanted Weiss to knock his teeth out!!! @canucksgameEddie Lack
Marian Hossa STILL manages to get a breakaway while on the penalty kill, but don’t worry, Schneider had it covered.
Schneider looked way too calm making that glove save on Hossa. #confusingcomplimentHosea Cheung
They always say the best player on your power play has to be the goaltender…oh wait…good save anyway #CanucksAndy Eide
Sure, let’s throw in a few more breakaways for good measure.
Schneider is going to be DIALED IN for the shootout tonight. I like our chances.j.Bowman
Holy crap #Canucks. What’s up with the extreme brain farts? Your goalie can only bail you out so many times.gladys
what’s with all these breakaways!?!? Come on boys….DEFENSE!!! At least Schneids is playing well. #canucksChris Schneider
Maybe let’s, you know, not give them a hundred billion breakaways. Just an idea. #CanucksSpencerDubas
I had more resistance going to the fridge just now that the Canucks have given the Blackhawks so far. #TGATTj.Bowman
Hey now, calm down, Daniel can get on the action too.
It’s like Oprah is running this game: YOU get a breakaway, and YOU get a breakaway, and YOU, and YOU …. #CanucksMelaina
Just 5 breakaways in this game so far. Booooooring.Don
BAM. Danny comes through with a backhander to give the Canucks a 1-0 lead.
Canucks Vs Hawks – Daniel Sedin 1-0 Goal – 02.19.13 – HDcanuckshd
Typical. Five breakaways and the first goal is scored on a backhand from a ridiculous angle. But you kids out there, work on the backhand.Ed Willes
Are you not entertained?!?!? – Daniel Sedin to the Blackhawks crowd #CanucksCanuckFanInSF
Keith Ballard sends Jonathan Toews into the net. Toews not happy. Toews mad.
Keith Ballard is our killer, Toews! HE’S A KILLER! Arndt
Silly Toews, nets are for pucks. Goals are for #Canucks #TGATTCanuckLEEhead
What a mess this game is. Buckle up. Dig your trench. Hold your cliches tight. #Canucks #BlackhawksAlan O’Sullivan
Sportsnet was nice enough to give us a glimpse of Lack and live-tweeter extraordinaire, Derek Jory.
Or NR 2? Lack
And @eddielack and I were just on Sportsnet. Dan Cloutier texted Lack. My mom texted me…Canucks Game
Man, @eddielack and @canucksgame are an entertaining combination! I could get used to this. #TGATTKristin McGunnigle
The second period starts with the continued dominance of Schneider.
It doesn’t matter how this game ends. Halfway through and Schneider has already won everything. EVERYTHING. #Canucks #TGATTRobyn Crystal
#DESCHNEID! Is it safe to say #Schneider is winning this game? #Canucks still 1-0 to #Blackhawks #TGATTSteven Kinsey
Still, a puck manages to sneak in eventually, and Patrick Sharp makes it a tie game.
BOOOO I hate this song and never want to hear it again. You hear me #CanucksMarda Miller
At some point the Chicago feed must have shown a kid in a Canucks jersey, because Blackhawk fans were not impressed.
How is that even possible? Kid with a Canucks sweater and I think his dad with a Blackhawks sweater. Scratching my head at that one.Vanessa
Hope u choke on the popcorn your eating kid earing the canucks jersey. #yourfatherdoesntloveyouPhil
How in the world can you let your poor child be a Canucks fan when you are sitting next to him in a hawks jersey.. #PoorKid #ComeOnNowKelly Lucinski
Maxim Lapierre takes a penalty, and after a full minute of pressure, the Hawks take the lead. Boo.
Kesler’s stick breaks, #Blackhawks cycle around, Hossa hammers one past Schneider, Chelsea Dagger plays, I need another beer. #CanucksEd Lau
I swear that’s the longest goal horn that ever existed. #Canucks #BlackhawksMelaina
If Vince Vaughn is here right now I wanna punch him in da face!! @canucksgameEddie Lack
A little over three minutes later and Hossa scores again… and that goal was a little amazing…. I’m sorry, I’ll just show myself out now.
I hate you Hossa, but goddammit I respect you.Don
That goal was so amazing, oh my godSchneider’s Teeth
QUIT LETTING THE SHITHAWKS CONTROL THE PLAY!! Play some hockey in THEIR END! #NoMoreChelseaDagger #CanucksChris Schneider
The bright side? The Blackhawks now have that dreaded 2-goal lead. #CanucksMelaina
No matter how many goals Hossa scores, his first name is still "Marian".j.Bowman
Maybe I can sneak down and cause a blackout????! What do u think? @canucksgame #superbowlEddie Lack
Yes. Yes, Let’s force the commentators to fill air time for 20 minutes and then stage a 49’ers style come back.
Super Bowl XLVII Black Out Saturday Night Live 2/9/2013trackstarpete1020
Sharp hits Alex Edler and teammates on both sides join in the tussle.  When all is done, they’re both in the box for roughing.
Why are you angry Patrick Sharp? You’re handsome and your team is winning. #CanucksJordan Clarke
Nothing for the retaliation slash for Sharp?Rob Williams
We don’t have a #24, ref. Maybe you need to have your eyesight che…oh wait. #Canucks #BlackhawksEd Lau
Tempers are flaring. Just in case you didn’t know, these teams don’t like each other all that much.Canucks Misconduct
It looks like the Canucks had a goal for a minute, but the refs were just playing with us. It’s not going to happen.
If these refs worked at an airport, there wouldn’t be any planes left. #MaybeIcing #MaybeGoalBryan F.
That was clearly not a goal. I suppose this phone call is just for someone on the other end to tell the ref what a tool he is.Shaun Stewart
Okay where did these refs learn their hand signals? It’s not that hard is it? #CanucksMatt Lee
That "goal" call prevented the Canucks from being able to put the unfrozen puck in the net. This team gets screwed over every way possible.Marcus Anderson
This is a rare type of bad reffing. It’s not that they are making terrible calls, but they are terrible at making the calls.Shaun Stewart
I did not enjoy that second period. Not at all. You didn’t either. 
I am not a paid analyst but I’m certain the Hawks will never lose again, and the #Canucks will never win again.Jordan Clarke
Everyone find something that makes them happy inside and go watch/do that during intermission. Personally, I choose the musical episode of Buffy. You’re free to choose alcohol.
Buffy the vampire slayer- Walk through the fire [Subtitulado español]adriandifazio
So based on the goal scoring trend of this game, the #Canucks score 5 in the 3rd, right? #TGATTChris Golden
See, now don’t you feel better? We’re back for the third where demon child and notorious bad-ass Jannik Hansen hits Hossa. Depending which team you support it was either a clean hit and Hossa is a whining baby, or Hansen is the devil incarnate.
I love that Hansen is Chicago enemy #1! Have you ever heard him talk? but you know Honey badger don’t care… #Canucks #TGATTKiran Mehat
Most people will say Hansen made incidental contact with Hossa. Not Blackhawks fans. They’ll say he was out for blood. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Brandon Bollig literally punched someone in the face 3 times before they could defend themselves in this very game. But hey, Jannik Hansen!Dimitri Filipovic
Here come the “Hansen is a notorious rat” tweets out of Chicago.Alan O’Sullivan
All of #Vancouver is laughing histerically at the #Blackhawks fans and the ref for that idea of "roughing" on Hansen. #please #canucksJason Baker
Pretty clearly unintentional contact from Hansen there, but you’ll never be able to convince Blackhawks fans of that. Just hope Hossa’s OK.Pass it to Bulis
You’ve gotta be kidding me. MT @ESPNChiHawks Hansen nailed Hossa in the back of the head. Hansen didn’t appear to make an attempt at puck.Pass it to Bulis
Hansen with the tying and game winning regulation goals please. For the lols.Alan O’Sullivan
Most of the period is filled with penalties flying in both ways, and the refs basically guarantee they’re hated by both teams.
The officals in this Canucks/Hawks need to go back to officiating school, they clearly have no idea whats going on. #soconfused #TGATTStephanie Kitura
This game is getting frustrating… for us. Cuz we’re losing. #tgatt #canu ksErrol Feuchuk
So many questionable calls with the reffing tonight! Danny was tripped and then the Hawks player fell on top of him! So ridiculous! #CanucksChris Schneider
The refs don’t even sound confident in their own penalty announcements! #Canucks #Blackhawks #TGATTSteven Kinsey
Canucks Offense….MIA, Canucks Defense, been missing for a couple days. Canucks Goaltending – currently saving our asses! #Canucks #TGATTChris Schneider
What, #Blackhawks fans? You guys think the refs suck? We think the refs suck! DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?! #Canucks #ofcoursenotEd Lau
We’re pulling Schneids out…Scariest move ever, since he was basically the only Canuck playing against the Hawks. An Empty-Net is so risky!Carmen
With left than three minutes left, Edler scores, putting the Canucks within sight of a tie.
Canucks Vs Hawks – Alex Edler Goal – 02.19.13 – HDcanuckshd
Just one more goal! Just one more goal! #Canucks #TGATTKiran Mehat
Why play the whole game when we only need the last 5 minutes. #canucksSpencerDubas
Hells Belles, it’s a tie game. Bieksa scores with under a minute left. Now this is getting good.
Canucks Vs Hawks – Kevin Bieksa 3-3 Goal – 02.19.13 – HDcanuckshd
If you sling rocks at Bieksa all game long he eventually scores a game-tying goal.Kirk Paul
Vancouver brings it back to a tie with 1 minute left in the 3rd!!! #TGATT #whaleproblemsギオム
I kicked my phone off the couch and across the room when Bieksa scored. I still can’t find the battery. It was worth it. #canucksSpencerDubas
And THIS is why #Canucks #Blackhawks is currently my fave rivalry in the west. 3-3 with 35 seconds to go! #tgattJustine Galo
Careful Eddie! He’s nearly injured himself in all this excitement. 
I just pulled my hip when he scored but totally worth it!!!!Eddie Lack
We’re heading to overtime. The team won’t be record busting tonight, but after the second period we had to watch I think taking the point is just fine. Now let’s try for two.
The Eastern Conference does. RT @blakeprice1040: Remember when hockey games were only 60 minutes?Canucks Hockey Blog
Great work to comeback and get that extra point. Now lets see some OT magic #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
Okay, now put Hansen out there for the entire 5 minute overtime.j.Bowman
Oh man, look at Chris Tanev go straight to the net in overtime. He’s had the taste of overtime winner and wants more. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
Nothing ever seems to be decided by overtime over here, so we’re off to the shootout.
U2 Streets With No Name is playing in the Madhouse right now. That’s a great sign right?! #Canucks #TGATTRobyn Crystal
We’re going to the shootout but I don’t see anyone with an iPad in either bench. #CanucksCanucks Hockey Blog
Am I the only one who gets sick to my stomach during a shoot out? #Canucks #TGATTKiran Mehat
Toews… Nope.
Schroeder… Stoppped.
Hobbit hockey denied in the shootout #Schroeder #Canucks #tgattJustine Galo
Kane… Maybe? Yep, it’s a goal.
Haha how fitting. The refs make the initial wrong call in the shootout. Goal counts. Chicago up in second round.Hosea Cheung
With the confused refs tonight this had to happen #CanucksAndy Eide
Higgins?…. GOAL!
My reaction watching Higgins: "Higgins? Oh no no nooooooooo Ohhhh yeah!"Rob Williams
My jersey did that 🙂 #gettinhiggywitit #CanucksMelaina
Shaw… Goal.
When are the Canucks gonna learn to use speed on the shootout?!? The whole zig zag and stop schtick doesn’t work.. #tgatt #canucksHermenator
Kesler… Stopped.
I’d like to see Kesler do a move like Shaw in the shootout. No reason why he can’t.Rob Williams
Blackhawks win.
And now I’m humming Chelsea Dagger, SOMEBODY COME CUT OUT MY VOCAL CORDSSpencerDubas
I don’t even care #Canucks lost to the Blackhawks tonight. Can’t really call it entertaining, but it was definitely interesting. #TGATTWalter Siu
Well one point’s better than none, but damn, it still leave a bad taste in your mouth, doesn’t it?
Let’s face it, the Canucks were EXTREMELY fortunate to bank a point. It’s a shootout loss but really a victory when you consider everythingKirk Paul
#Canucks lucky to get a point tonight. #Blackhawks win and deservedly so. Ugh that hurt to tweet. #tgattJustine Galo
Tough to win a game when your team is absent for an entire period. Ah well, 1 point is better than no point. #Canucks #TGATTDilara Litonjua

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