The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 3 at Oilers 2 (OT)

After falling 3-2 to the Oilers on home ice, the Canucks head to Rexall Place to seek revenge against the young guns.

Ouch. Now, on to the game.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 3 at Edmonton Oilers 2 (OT) (February 4, 2013)

After falling 3-2 to the Oilers on home ice, the Canucks head to Rexall Place to seek revenge against the young guns. Elizabeth Moffat (@lizzmoffat) recaps the game in your tweets.

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The Canucks are in Edmonton tonight, and for the fourth straight game, Roberto Luongo is back in net. 

Before the game starts, we all need to watch Zack Kassian star in the least enthusiastic Subway commercial you will ever see. It is amazing.
Pregame reminder that Zack Kassian is the greatest sandwich salesman in history: (sorry Jared) #CanucksSeamus McKale
Windsor Spitfires Subway Adetr102
The game’s also at 6:30, so if you got home at 7:00, you missed some stuff.
Since when do Canucks games start at 630…Derek Puri
Also, sorry to have to tell you, but Rexall Place does not offer the same razzle dazzle as the Super Bowl, but I am 90% sure they’ll manage to keep their lights on.
This hockey game needs more Beyonce.Don
What does this #oilers powerplay and the #superbowl have in common? They both had no power #zing #canucksTurtle
This game is not off to an exciting start. Everyone’s resorted to making fun of Edmonton.
Hey, we’re starting a hockey team. Let’s choose the ugliest colour combination and then name ourselves after a liquid. #oilersSpencerDubas
Everyone in Rexall still looks slow and stoned or flu ridden. Players, coaches, fans, officials. Someone check for a gas leak.Alan O’Sullivan
Seriously, the only thing good in Edmonton was their ice, even it sucks now. #BuildAnotherMallBrowntoBure
Yes! Let’s build a mall and go with Robin Sparkles.
Robin Sparkles-Let’s Go To The Mall’ (full version).imawesomeandbea
Henrik Sedin is sent to the box for boarding. In case you missed the Blackhawks game, he’s our resident goon now.
That goon Henrik Sedin is up to his usual shenanigans.Shane M
Henrik Sedin changed after he threw that hit on Keith. He’s an animal out there!Wyatt Arndt
Henrik’s defence: "But I’m Henrik Sedin." #CanucksPass it to Bulis
Henrik gooning it up, and Kassian doing the scoring so far this year. #BizarroWorld #Canucks #TGATTBruce Ng
So what twitter is telling me is that Zack & Hank crossed the streams and have now changed roles. #TGATTChris Golden
Robin would approve.
how i met your mother robin is quietYourMentalTorture
Ales Hemsky scores with just over two minutes left in the first.
Those Oilers are sneaky and fast. Too fast for Garrison apparently.Marda Miller
Scary how quickly the Oilers turned that puck up the ice and scored that. Garrison’s still wondering what happened. #CanucksHTTN
Should have given him the old strombone. RT @alixiswright37: I’m amazed Luongo managed not to pimp slap Garrison there.SpencerDubas
Adorable dog intermission break!
@VanCanucks this pooch doesn’t mess around #canucks #superfan #meanmuggin #snapback #puggle Stoltz
Puck drop for the second period, and the S.S. Burrows is about to set sail.
So Kassian just lost his spot on the first line? I wonder what horrible thing did he do to AV? #TGATT #CanucksKiran Mehat
Ryan Smyth scores. It looked like Luo had the save, but then the puck casually rolls into the net. 2-0. Robin did not approve this time.
How I Met Your Mother – Give Me the StickCBS
Sloppy, sloppy. Oilers up 2-0. At least the Canucks know two-goal leads aren’t safe!Hosea Cheung
Yeah…. that was a meltdown from hell. Why are the Oilers suddenly our kryptonite?! This is embarrassing. #TGATTVictoria
The #canucks look very disinterested in this game. Could be a ugly night if they keep this upJunior
LOL Edler makes the error and Sportsnet puts a camera on Keith Ballard. Bally can’t buy a break. Gets blamed for everything. #CanucksEd Lau
Can someone remind the #Canucks that there’s another team that may try to take the puck from them? #sloppyJeff Green
Nice job defense. #SlowClapMarda Miller
GOAL! Jannik Hansen and Jordan Schroeder with some great work, and Hansen with the goal.  Canucks cut the deficit to 2-1.
Canucks at Oilers – Jannik Hansen Goal – 02.04.13 – HDcanuckshd
Wow great work along the boards by Schreoder and then Hansen throwing it to the net. Great energy shift and goal #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
JANNIK HANSEN is the epitome of WORK HORSE. Great Dane, Great Dane! Scores his first of the season: WOO! #CanucksDee
Jannik Hansen has been one of the #Canucks highlights so far this season IMHO. Good to see him get his first goal of the year. 2-1 #Oilers.Jason Kurylo
Hansen! Puck
We givith and then we TAKETH AWAY! HoneyBadger will make you PAY! #CanucksG9 #TGATTluonGOLD
Badgers are a sneaky bunch, aren’t they? #canucksSpencerDubas
Other then that, the second period was not especially memorable.
We are killing it in face-offs. Now just do something once you have the puck. Like maybe gain the zone and score? #tgattTara T
@jehovasvictim lol. It’s boring and when it’s not boring, it’s tragic. That sums up tonight’s #Canucks effort. #TGATTVictoria
Comeback time? I think so…don’t care if they are pretty or not just get the puck in the goal! *Go #Canucks Go* #TGATTKiran Mehat
Let’s reflect back on happier things:
tinypic photoTinyPic
It’s been a little rough, but we have a few things to celebrate as we head into the third period.
Holy cow. #Canucks are 28-for-36 in faceoffs. Henrik’s 13-for-15. Malhotra’s 5-for-5. Burrows is 6-for-6.Pass it to Bulis
The Oilers get a power play as Schroeder is sent to the box following a fantastic dive by Nail Yakupov.
Good news everyone, I found the replacement refs, they’re on Sportsnet West doing the Oilers and Canucks.Kaiden Stewart
Rexall Arena is so old it has ghosts. One of them just horse-collared Nail Yakupov. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
Hahah Yakupov started diving before Schroeder even touched him, that’s pathetic. What ever happened to 2 minutes for diving?BrowntoBure
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Come on refs, that was a dive even the Russian judge would give a 10!vancitydan
A minute later, Ryan Smyth is sent to join Schroeder in the box, so we’ll play 4-on-4 until the Canucks get a minute of power play time.
The Canucks do not score.
We’re trying to win games without power plays. Is this some kind of challenge? Why don’t we all just play with 1 hand tied behind our backs?Victoria
If your timeline broke out in a non-stop stream of LUOOOOOs, it was likely just past he midway point of the third.
Sticks flying and bodies everywhere. And Luongo still makes a save. #CanucksMarda Miller
2:17 left in the game and BOOM BOOM Bieksa ties it up. Some people might need to take back a little bit of their Bieksa hate tonight.
Canucks at Oilers – Kevin Bieksa 2-2 Goal – 02.04.13 – HDcanuckshd
Bieksa — ties the game. 2-2 #Canucks #Oilers Teter
That’s Bieksa’s first of the season, also with 2:17 remaining in regulation. Ties it at 2. Hey, two goal leads really aren’t safe!Hosea Cheung
And just 5 minutes ago I was complaining about how Bieksas been having a shitty start #canucks #mademelookdumbTurtle
Oh snap, we scored. I was getting ready to go to bed really early and sulk… #CanucksSeamus McKale
We’re heading into overtime again. Sure feels better when we’re on the other side of the comeback, doesn’t it?
I like it so much better when the other team blows a 2 goal lead.K8
The #Canucks know that they don’t get paid based on how long it takes for a result to be achieved, right? Just checkin’.Dimitri Filipovic
So… did that just happen? Did WE come back from a 2-0 deficit to steal a point?! #backwardsday #TGATTArielle J. Tuliao
Who snuck "Must play OT and decide games by SHOOTOUT Every. Single. Game." into the CBA this year. #caman #CanucksG9 #TGATTluonGOLD
PVRs should record #Canucks game with extended time as a default setting this season.HTTN
I’m picking Tanev with the winner. After which the lights around the world will go dark forever. #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
Daniel Sedin hooks Taylor Hall, who will now get a penalty shot. In overtime. Christ.
Penalty shot, in OT. Taylor Hall. Uh oh. #canucksHosea Cheung
#Oilers trying to get into Luongo’s head by drawing a Penalty shot in OT. #preshootoutshootout #TGATTluonGOLD
Wait. Shootout came a bit early? #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
But it’s no good! Back to overtime.
Denied…Luongo just stood him upElliotte Friedman
"Hall felt that a shot would be the best option." – Sportsnet colour dude. As opposed to what? A pass? A punch to the face? #CanucksTrevor Presiloski
It’s nice of Taylor Hall to get Luongo warmed up for the shootout. That should be a staple in the Canucks’ gameplan.Dimitri Filipovic
19 seconds left. The Sedins pass to Tanev, who scores the winner. Damn. What a way to get your first NHL goal.
Chris Tanev First NHL Goal and Overtime Winner – Canucks at Oilers – 02.04.13 – HDcanuckshd
that’s how it’s meant to be done! @VanCanucks @NHL beautiful goal by Tanev!Cory Monteith
Tanev scored the kind of first goal most guys lie about #beautyJenn Johnson
Could have missed the first 57 minutes and still seen everything I needed to see.Bryan F.
Aahhh. I haven’t felt so happy for someone before. Tanev with a huge OT winner. Love the team love and happiness. #Canucks win! #TGATTCaylie King
And suddenly all of my chirpy #Oilers friends are silent – dead silent. Sorry, #Tanev got your tongue? #Canucks #TGATTJennifer West
Tanev is quickly mauled by the whole team. What a way to end a night in Edmonton.
I feel bad for Tanev’s face right now with all the facewashing his teammates were giving him. #tgatt #canucksErrol Feuchuk
Chris Tanev day-to-day with an upper body injury: His face has a bad case of leather rash. #TGATTPaul Tonsaker
Chris Tanev, you monster! Loved the facewashing, love this team. #TGATTBrian Watanabe
The only thing that would’ve made that better is if Tanev trolled the Oilers fans and did the Yakupov celebration. #CanucksMatt Lee
And yes Chris, you were right, and Twitter was clearly not prepared.
#TanevForNorris RT @blue_raven: EVERYTHING IS CHRIS TANEV AND NOTHING HURTS.Pass it to Bulis
"I don’t score often, but when I do, it’s the game winner in overtime." – Chris TanevWyatt Arndt
I’m not sure what a Tanev is. I think it’s something found in red wine. But I know it’s good. #CanucksJordan Clarke
I went virtually that entire game hating everything about the Canucks effort and then this Tanev love-in just melted my cynical hearttoban
The Game According to Tanev. #TGATTPass it to Bulis
Although several people seem to remember a certain promise…
Please don’t RT @canuckshockey: Didn’t @lyteforce say he’d go streaking when Tanev scores his first goal?Justin Ho
Tanev! After #SedinTwinPowerActivate… what a beauty! Hopefully @Lyteforce is already buck naked and halfway down the block! #CanucksClayton Corley
Dear Steveston Area: close the blinds @lyteforce out full Monty #TGATTJustine Galo
Because you can’t see me streaking right now, here’s a song to help you visualize. #Tanev #TGATT #CanucksChris Golden
C’mon everyone! We’re going streaking! #TGATT #Canucks #TanevChris Golden
We’re Going Streaking! – Old School (3/9) Movie CLIP (2003) HDmovieclips
While one Chris was streaking, another one was treating us to one of the most awkward interviews we will ever experience.
This will now simply be known as "The Stare". “@MikeMartignago: Tanev: "NO! NO MORE INTERVIEWS!"”Jordan Clarke
#Canucks Chris Tanev’s awkward stare into the camera post interview = the best.Mike Martignago
Chris Tanev trying desperately to take over from Mikael Samuelsson for most awkward interview moments. The stop and stare was big. #canucksDan Murphy
"I just stared awkwardly into the camera until he walked away" "I kept blinking and sniffling till they stopped rolling"Alix
We also learned all sorts of fun Tanev facts. Like how he likes his breakfast.
Anyone wonders he likes his eggs over easy and with bacon!Eddie Lack
@dietrichfriesen Tanev can’t make breakfast if his life was depending on it. Never seen him open his eyes before noonEddie Lack
And that he’s the long lost brother of Ted Mosby.
Congrats, Chris Tanev. You go party as hard as humanly possible at whatever venue Edmonton deems party-worthy. Maybe the mall?

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