The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 3 at Red Wings 8

It’s an early game in Detroit today. Luckily NASCAR finished on time, so there were no TV conflicts in my house. None of the duct taped cars won, so I was pretty disappointed.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks at Detroit Red Wings

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It’s an early game in Detroit today.  Luckily NASCAR finished on time, so there were no TV conflicts in my house. None of the duct taped cars won, so I was pretty disappointed. 
Now THIS is what I call an afternoon delight! #Canucks #Redwings #TGATT #VancouverCanucks #GetGlue Galo
Afternoon Delightmegaknucklesandwich
Tonight is also Oscar night, so I’d really appreciate it if we didn’t go into overtime. I have some celebrity fashions to judge. In the meantime I’ll share some Oscar nominated move clips with you.
Silver Linings Playbook – Official Trailer (HD)joblomovienetwork
I’ve made my unabashed love for Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawerence pretty clear, so you know what I’m rooting for.
In hockey related news, Andrew Alberts is making his season debut, replacing an injured Kevin Bieksa. 
It’s time folks. The long-awaited season debut of Andrew Alberts. Canucks fans have clearly been waiting anxiously for this very moment.Hosea Cheung
Bieksa’s groin splits up Edler-Tanev. I hate Bieksa’s groin.Gráinne
It’s also a big night for Zack Kassian, who’s playing in font of a big family crowd for the first time.
There’s something about the Red Wings that invites the #Canucks to play their best hockey. Always fun games.Jordan Clarke
Canucks strike first. Daniel scores with an assist from his favorite brother.
Canucks at Wings – Daniel Sedin 1-0 Goal – 02.24.13 – HDcanuckshd
Amazing cycle by the Sedins and its 1-0 #canucks #redwings #nhlAustin Chang
Nick Lidstrom wouldn’t have allowed that play to develop. Sedins can run rough-shot over the Wings now.Kirk Paul
Ryan Kesler heads to the box for hooking, followed by Chris Tanev for delay-of-game. Detroit takes a 13 second two-man advantage, but don’t worry, the Canucks have it covered.
Bad call by ref, doesn’t he know Tanev doesn’t make mistakes! #tgatt #CanicksHermenator
Perhaps I spoke too soon. The Canucks kill the penalty, but the TooToo train from platform 22 scores, thanks to a deflection off Keith Ballard’s skate. Tie game.
That’s tootoo bad for Luongo. Tough goal.Dimitri Filipovic
Way to contain that offensive juggernaut Tootoo, Garrison.BrowntoBure
dear tootoo shouldn’t you be at the ballet not the hockey game?? #CanucksVanessa Reno
Canucks apparently though they could just forget to play hockey after getting a 1 goal lead early;
On the plus side, all these ‘twos’ give me an excuse to share an Alison Brie video.
Alison Brie & Danny Pudi in "Too Many Feet"ilgid
Nik Kronwall scores. Not to be mistaken for Cromwall, who according to the movie we watched in Socials 10, was a very sweaty and angry British man.
Cromwell Trailergonch28
What a beauty! Daniel scores his second of the game, courtesy of a nice bounce off the corner boards.
Canucks at Wings – Daniel Sedin 2-2 Goal – 02.24.13 – HDcanuckshd
Most magical Sedin goal of the year. Deny it. You can’t. That was incredible. And Ericsson’s terrible as I noted in 2008.Greg Brady
I’ve seen the Sedins do a lot ridiculous things, but that bounce pass off the boards was among the sickestJason Botchford
Henrik with the sick pass down and off the boards to Daniel. They practiced that this morning. I saw it. Amazing.Canucks Game
Assists to H Sedin and "the best boards in the league" as per Mason Raymond.Don
Wow, the Sedins are amazing to watch. Those that mock them might need to look at their last few games this season. #SedinVision #TGATTJustine Galo
Isn’t that just cheeky? The twins use the #RedWings building against them… active end boards, Daniel collects a great Hank pass! Boom!Clayton Corley
Babcock is still trying to figure out how the Sedins scored on that bank shot goal. #TGATT #confused Imoo
We’re not done yet. Chris “Abs of Steel” Higgins scores a pretty little wrap-around in his 500th game.  Canucks take the lead again.  3-2.
Canucks at Wings – Chris Higgins 3-2 Goal – 02.24.13 – HDcanuckshd
That play Higgins just did was called "Watch my abs". Transfixes opponents, steals puck, puts it five hole. Higgins loves your five hole.Wyatt Arndt
What an AWESOME effort from Higgins on that goal. Detroit’s D is as panicky as the Canucks’.Cam Davie
Both goalies coming into this game with shutouts, and THIS is what we are getting today?! #Canucks #WingsSpencer
I’m cheering for a 5-goal game for Daniel, because Safeway’s time has come. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
One day Safeway will need to pay up, and we will rejoice mightily. 
First intermission Oscar nominee movie break! 
Argo Trailer (2012)filmsactutrailers
I still haven’t seen this. I feel bad. 
Kassian is called for goalie interference for reasons none of us really quite understand. Coach V doesn’t even look mad. Just confused.
Kassian high-sticks Kent Huskins…who cross-checks his own goalie in the face. #Canucks shorthanded.Ed Lau
I thought that a goalie interference penalty had to have both a goalie and interference. I must have been mistaken. #CanucksSpencer
A Red Wings player slams into his own goalie, and Kassian gets the penalty? Bullshit. #CanucksGayCanuck (Tom)
Zack Kassian takes a penalty. Joe Louis plays Taylor Swift. How unfitting.Hosea Cheung
@hosea24hours they knew he was trouble when he walked inGráinne
Kassian. Such a heart breaker.
Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Troubletaylorswiftvevo
And of course it leads to a Detroit goal. Tie game again.
I love making excuses for defensemen. It’s my favourite thing to do. But Garrison just…sigh.Gráinne
To the Canucks credit on that Detroit goal, at least their defencemen weren’t the ones scoring it.Hosea Cheung
Tootoo lays a huge hit on our favorite thug, Chris Tanev. Kassian challenges Tootoo, who pretty much curls up on the ice instead.  Kassian loses the team a power play, but no one seems to mind.
Tootoo just took a run at Tanev. Kassian grabbed him and was going to re-arrange his face, Tootoo turtled.Canucks Game
Tootoo proves why he is despised. Charges Tanev and turtles when he has to answer the bell. #scum #tgatt #canucksHermenator
Tootoo is a turtle. What a coward.Kirk Paul
Tanev is like a Weeble Wobble.. holy crap he takes some hard hits & just bounces back up. Hope he’s arite.Ellen Ransford
Tootoo was about to fight Kassian. And then realized what a terrible idea that would be. Refs putting both of them on time out.Canucks Misconduct
One thing I hate more than anything is a "tough guy" making a play like that & then turtling when challenged for it. Embarrassment. #tootooSpencer
Personally, I’m surprised Tootoo’s head didn’t disappear inside his torso. #Canucks #RedWingsPass it to Bulis
 Henrik Zetterberg scores and Detroit takes the lead.
Datsyuk to Zetterberg and it’s 4-3 #RedWings. #Canucks find themselves behind again.Ed Lau
6 powerplays for Detroit (None for the #Canucks) are the difference in this game.Brian Wawryshyn
I believe that brings us to refs 3, players 4.Shaun Stewart
Detroit scores again, but it’s pretty clearly a hi-stick, as every Canuck on the ice helpfully points out.
Certainly a highstick. No goal 100% for sure. Or maybe they give Detroit 2 goals for that AND a Canuck penalty.Paul Tonsaker
It honestly shouldn’t have taken that long. I think the goal judges were watching the red carpets for the Oscars instead.Wyatt Arndt
Damn right they are.
The rest of the period features really bad reffing. Like hilariously bad and confusing. It hits it’s peak when the Canucks are finally given a bench minor.
Look, Canucks, you got your one power play. We can’t call another penalty so soon. (How I think these refs think this works)Shaun Stewart
Wow! Refs giving the Redwings a penalty! Did pigs start flying?!? #tgatt #canucksHermenator
Maybe the NHL is making an educational video on how not to ref a game. It’s the only explanation. #Canucks #WingsSpencer
Canucks getting two minutes for pointing out that the refs suck at their jobs. "Two minutes for telling the truth."Wyatt Arndt
If they’re giving out penalties for telling the refs how bad they are then my entire timeline has to go sit in a corner for two minutes.Don
You heard him. Go. Sit. Think about what you have apparently done.
Kassian’s day: Yelled at a Wing, skated near Howard, helped pick up Tootoo = all penalties…Paul Tonsaker
To be fair, reffing an NHL game is hard. You have to skate and simultaneously which a hockey game, I mean who can do that?!Spencer
Eventually this fun leads to Detroit scoring in the final minute of the third. 5-3.
Stopping a Powerplay would be neat though… #CanucksSpencer
Maybe if Detroit didn’t have a power play every five fucking seconds it wouldn’t be 5-3Marcus Anderson
Accordingly, our third intermission Oscar nominee will be Les Mis:
Les Miserables – Official Movie Trailer 2012 (HD)danceon
I also have not seen this… I have however seen all four Step Up movies… in theaters. So there’s that.
Step Up (Final Dance Scene)stefanvercelli
The first half of the third isn’t terribly entertaining, and I suspect I lost a few of you to Oscar coverage.
Ok. I’m out. Less hockey, more Red Carpet. #CanucksG18 #oscar2013luonGOLD
Remember when the Canucks were leading 3-2? Nope, me neither. #goodnightireneCam Davie
If only hockey games were 20 minutes long, the Canucks would be goldenMarcus Anderson
Damien Brunner scores and it’s 6-3 Detroit. 
Alberts screened Lu. Nice. You ppl wonder why I hate him. #Canucks #TGATTJustine Galo
I don’t mind if we lose exciting games like these, but can we for once WIN an exciting game like these? #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Games like this are why Vancouver can’t have nice things.Kirk Paul
And it’s 7-3. Looks like Ballard helped out with this one too.
Yep… we got ’em right where we want ’em. Right where we want ’em! #Canucks #TGATT #5goalsin3minutesChris Golden
Oh look, it’s 8-3. Honestly, at this point I’ve just started looking up Oscar dresses.
6 straight goals for Detroit. All in less than 2 periods. #TGATT #ItFallsApartJohn
Alright, time to go home. Running time, maybe? #CanucksEd Lau
And that’s a wrap. I hope you all perform better in your Oscar pools than the Canucks did in the last 40 minutes.
just speechless, and thankful the #Canucks ordeal is finally over. Ugh. #tgattgerimaple
Thank GOD that’s over. #TGATT Now back to the Oscars… which are right down the street. :-)Victoria

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