The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 3 vs Blues 4 (SO)

Having throughly erased the third period of Friday night’s game from our collective memory, we’re back for a Sunday night game against the Blues.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 3 vs St. Louis Blues 4 (SO)

The Canucks play at home again against the St. Louis Blues.

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Having throughly erased the third period of Friday night’s game from our collective memory, we’re back for a Sunday night game against the Blues.
I suppose I’ll be hoping for a solid 60-minute effort from the #Canucks… about the only thing missing from Friday night.Clayton Corley
Alex Edler playing his 400th NHL game tonight. Has 193 points all-time. #canucksHosea Cheung
my prediction: #CanucksG14 3-2 Win Kes with the Opening Goal Edler with the 2nd goal to celebrate 400 games GO CANUCKS GO!!Deborah D Burke
Good timing: we wrapped up shooting our new CHBTV episode just as the puck dropped. @lyteforce @edlau @al_bizClay Imoo
Although not all of us were completely ready for a 6 PM start.
Guess who just found out the #Canucks game starts at 6, not 7? #thisgirlLizz Moffat
@lizzmoffat I would have had an easier time guessing if you’d mentioned a quantity of thumbs.Shaun Stewart
@lizzmoffat uh oh… better get on it! #tgatt #canucks #notreadyErrol Feuchuk
@lizzmoffat Hey at least you remembered! (BTW Tuesday’s game is at 5:30)Shamil Meghji
With assists from both Sedins, Ryan Kesler scores his first goal of the season on the power play.
Canucks Vs Blues – Ryan Kesler 1-0 Goal – 02.17.13 – HDcanuckshd
Oh, did you hear Ryan Kesler’s back? Nice feed from Daniel and the Keslordian One is in the ‘goals scored’ column. 1-0 good guys #TGATTKent Basky
Man, the #Canucks PP sure looks different with Kesler, eh? 1-0 good guys. #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Holy shit! There’s the #Canucks powerplay we used to guarantee goals with!!!Curtis Reid
With the assist on Kesler’s goal, Henrik Sedin has broken his own record to become the #Canucks all-time leading point getter.Tyler Green
Not long afterwards though, T.J. Oshie scores on the rebound and ties the game. You guys really love puns, huh?
Oshie didn’t!Alan O’Sullivan
Oshie-t. Blues tie it up. #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
I wonder if yOshie gets an apple every time he scores a goal. #Blues #CanucksSpencerDubas
There’s less than a minute left in the first when Henrik finally scores his first goal of the season. Canucks take a 2-1 lead into the first intermission. 
Canucks Vs Blues – Henrik Sedin 2-1 Goal – 02.17.13 – HDcanuckshd
Henrik’s first goal, and even then the puck didn’t want to go in.Iain MacIntyre
There. Are you happy now? Can you lay off the guy? He is the all-time leading scorer after all. Hank scores and Burrows has 2pts #TGATTKent Basky
Almost looked like Henrik fought every fibre of his being to direct that puck on net instead of onto a teammate’s stick…Scott Rintoul
That was the ugliest pretty goal I’ve ever seen. #CanucksChris Golden
IT WENT IN, THAT’S ALL THAT COUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!Canucks Game
I’d like to use the first intermission to remind everyone that it’s Micheal Jordan’s 50th birthday. While some remember him for his basketball career, his real star turn came in a little 1996 movie called Space Jam. So that’s what we’re celebrating tonight. You better be ready to dance.
Space Jam Theme Songxilymikehx
In less awesome movie news, it seems like a whole bunch of you just saw the Kokanee movie trailer for the first time.
The Movie Out Here – Official Trailerkokaneeglacierfresh
Oh good there’s a Kokanee movie.Don
Who in their right mind says, "Yes, I’d like to pay to go watch an extended Kokanee commercial in theatres"?Andrew Bucholtz
I bet this Kokanee movie is going to be about as good as Kokanee’s beer.Shaun Stewart
The Movie Out Here looks the most horrible. Ever. You’re ruining Canada.Darin Graham
Chris Tanev starts off the period with a high-sticking penalty. Such a bad ass. Shorty agrees.
Did Shorty just reference evil Tanev? YessssPass it to Bulis
Tanev is such a badass these days. Soon he’s going to start playing with a cigarette dangling out his mouth. #CanucksSpencerDubas
When Shorty referenced evil Tanev I pictured an evil twin with slicked back hair, a leather jacket, and a cigarette in his mouth.Jenn Johnson
Evil Tanev wearing a felt goatee. #tgatt #canucksErrol Feuchuk
He clearly crossed over from the darkest timeline.
Tie game again. Andy McDonald scores on a bounce that didn’t exactly go our way.
Lu leaves a HUGE rebound straight to Andy McDonald and he snipes it into the open net at a sharp angle. Tie game again. #Canucks #STLBluesEd Lau
Backes straight up mows down Luongo and… nothing happens. No penalty. 

I’ve brought in a Blues fan and a mystery account to explain.
When Bieksa pushes Backes into Luongo, it’s supposed to be called as a 2 min on Backes? #StlBlues #CanucksPaúl
if john garrett says backes wasnt pushed into luongo by bieksa, i believe it. #canucks #snhockey #tgattEvery Canucks Fan
Going to give this one to my spirit animal Jennifer Lawerence:
Really? Really? Did the glove not fit, because Backes clearly hit Luongo? #backesisthenewOJ #CanucksClayton Corley
yeah that totally wasnt Goaltender Interference……. it was clearly Lu’s fault for being there and doing his jobCJ S.
Holy cow. Brutal non call there. Should be goalie interference. #CanucksBrooklyn D.
LOL Luongo gets run over by David Backs and there’s no call. No one pushed him. Lu’s standing WAY in the crease. Amazing. #Canucks #STLBluesEd Lau
Backes, you rat. How the hell did you get away with that? #CanucksLinds
No one near Backes. Bowls over Luongo. Whines like a baby. Refs turtle and do nothing.Jordan Clarke
After missing Mason Raymond getting tripped before the face off, the refs call Keith Ballard for tripping.
Nice Hamhuis hip check on Stewart. Oh, wait. A tripping minor. Huh?Ben Kuzma
Oh so NOW the ref knows what contact is. Gotcha.Wyatt Arndt
Chris Stewart a bit enthusiastic gaining the zone after jawing with MayRay, gets HAMMERED by Hamhuis. Penalty? WORTH IT. #Canucks #STLBluesEd Lau
Breaking: anybody that shows up to Rogers Arena in a referee shirt is now allowed to be a referee as part of community outreach program.Don
Wow, Stewart’s quite the pissy little bitch. The refs are letting the Blues get away with murder right now. PP goal coming up #TGATTKent Basky
Bad officiating always wakes up the Rogers Arena crowd. I like that.Shane M
The refs are clearly pregnant because they’ve missed a period. #Canucks #TGATTNatalie
Seriously, the Monstars game had better calls.
Space Jam Monster Smashkalz619
And now Bieksa gets hit in the face. Everything is the worst.
After what happened to Malhotra, my heart stopped for a few seconds after seeing that puck in Bieksa’s face. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Surprised the ref didn’t call Bieksa for embellishing there.Kirk Paul
Henrik Sedin slap to the face of Bieksa who took a puck to the face was probably not the best way to comfort him. #CanucksSpencerDubas
Scary moment as Juice eats a mouthful of puck but he picks himself off the ice, gets a "Walk it off!" pat from Henrik. #CanucksEd Lau
Don’t worry, I’m sure the Blues won’t like Bieksa when he’s angry. I bet he’s spiking the teams water bottles with MJ’s “secret stuff” right now
Michael Jordan’s Secret Stuff! Space Jamtheoneosegood
The third period gets started with a fight between Aaron Volpatti and Ryan Reaves.
Canucks Vs Blues – Volpatti Vs Reaves – 02.17.13 – HDcanuckshd
Nice fight between Volpatti and Reaves. Reaves landed more punches but Volpatti with the takedown. #canucks #bluesHosea Cheung
Some people standing to cheer Volpatti on way to box. Purposeful fight vs Reaves. Canucks flat. Nothing happening.Iain MacIntyre
Damn between the fight and the secret stuff the Canucks sure found some energy. Despite no goals we were treated to five minutes of delicious hockey.
Great pace. Best 5 minutes the #Canucks have played in ages. The Assist to Volpatti. #CanucksG14RK
Last three minutes. Dumb smile on my face. This is good #Canucks business right here.Shaun Stewart
Wow! That was some impressive offensive pressure by the Canucks. Keep it up! #windaturd Nick Routley
Anyone who doesn’t think that hockey is one if the best spectator sports our there needs to watch the last 5 minutes of this Canucks game.Conner Galway
Ridiculously good shift. If this version of the team shows itself more they will compile some serious points vs. non divisional teams.Guts McTavish
Dammit. The Blues get their first shot of the third period and they manage to score. 3-2.
So much for that. Against the flow of play, Blues score and take the lead. #CanucksCanucks Hockey Blog
Wacky goal. Maybe Berglund got a piece? Top shelf on Lu from a sharp angle and the Blues lead 3-2. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU WIN DA TURD, #CANUCKSEd Lau
Well crap, now BOTH of our goalies suck? Blow it up. Trade everybody. Sell the team to Quebec.Don
Half my timeline is calling it a #McSofty and half say it wasn’t his fault. Seems about right…Shane M
canucks can you please win for that 101 year old man at his first hockey game i mean SERIOUSLYCourtney Buffie
After a roughing call on Roman Polak and boarding to Alex Pietrangelo, the Canucks get a 40 second two-man advantage…
OMG YOU GUYS!!! WE ACTUALLY HAVE A POWERPLAY! *runs to tell the whole neighbourhood like its a golden ticket* ITS A MIRACLE!CJ S.
Kesler draws another penalty. Taking a beating out there. It’s Pietrangelo to the box for boarding and Canucks have a 5-on-3 for 41 secs.Hosea Cheung
Jeez, Kesler getting pummelled out there in the third period. Consecutive penalty calls against the #Blues give the #Canucks a 2-man PP.Jason Kurylo
Too many pray-for-a-miracle passes through the slot. 5 on 3 and passes through all 3 Blues.Alan O’Sullivan
Our poweplay is drunk af. Like, what the hell was that?Rida
Shoot the damn PUCK! DO YOU GUYS NOT WANT TO WIN THIS OR WHAT?! Shoot the puck AT the NET!! #TGATTDeborah D Burke
It’s no good. There’s still six minutes left to try for a goal or two.
GOAL! Mason Raymond scores to tie it up with less than two minutes to go.
Canucks Vs Blues – Mason Raymond 3-3 Goal – 02.17.13 – HDcanuckshd
Wow what a dominant shift by the second unit. Beautiful goal by Raymond. Tied game bitches #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
WTG MASON! Yes, THE Mason Raymond is back!!! #AWESOME #TGATT Tie GameDeborah D Burke
He’s probably been the hardest working #Canucks player tonight, nice to see MayRay get a lil payoff. Tie game. Now go for the kill! #TGATTKent Basky
May Ray did something against a team that isn’t Calgary?! #TGATTMatthew Brosseau
Say it with me… Leading goal scorer, Mason Raymond! #CanucksRob Williams
Raymond already halfway to his 10 goals from a year ago. Easily one of the best stories in early going for #CanucksJeff Paterson
Me: I think Raymond has 5 goals now. Wife: That’s what happens when you don’t fall down. Me: Oh, he still falls down.Erik Rolfsen
Hahaha. The Score must think Mason Raymond is Wayne Gretzky, Mark II. RT @bebek1ng: It won’t stopppp: Bucholtz
Now that the Canucks have guaranteed themselves at least a point, it’s time to go to overtime.
Hosea was just losing it. Hilarious. Highlight of the night. RT @hosea24hours: Well, it’s overtime. Tied 3-3. "Ugh" – reporter on deadline.Canucks Game
Burrows gets us all excited with a near-goal in the dying seconds, but we’re headed to the shootout.
How do pregnant hockey fans watch the game? Seriously how do you women do it?! #laborinducingsuspense #firstchildCanuckFanInSF
The Blues have an iPad to scope out Canucks shooters. Fantastic.
LOL Jake Allen watching #Canucks shootout moved on an iPad at the #STLBlues bench. As John Garrett says: "NERD ALERT!"Ed Lau
Allen getting a quick lesson for the shootout. iPad power. #Canucks #Bluess0nn
The shootout is stupid enough…but the iPad is taking it to a sickening level.Curtis Reid
Pick your shooters!
My shooters? Tanev, Tanev & Tanev. #CanucksChris Golden
Kesler… No good.
First shooter: Ryan Kesler…who complains about the ice. #CanucksEd Lau
Oshie… Goal.
Dear Luongo, could your five hole have been any bigger?? #Canucks #TGATTRobyn Crystal
Burrows… Nope.
I hate this god damned skills competition. What a shit way to end a great game. #TGATT #CanucksJustin Abraham
Why are the Canucks coming in so slow on the shootout? #tgatt #canucksHermenator
McDonald… Goal.  Game over.
[CENSORED]!!! 🙁 and it doesn’t get any easier for the #Canucks from here either #tgattgerimaple
To be clear: the shooters and goaltender were inept in the shootout. Equal blame tonight.Kirk Paul
Blerg. The future Canuck fan in my uterus does not approve.CanuckFanInSF
Well that wasn’t the most stellar of shootouts from the boys, but at least we salvaged a point. Hawks up next! #CanucksMarcus Anderson
Back to back zombie shows. #Canucks #thewalkingdeadLinds
At least we all have The Walking Dead to look forward to tonight… I hear it’s fantastic and will kill us all… 
The Walking Dead 3×10 Sneak Peek #2 "Home" (HD)televisionpromos
Oh well. On to #WalkingDead now. #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
See you Tuesday!

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