The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 3 vs Stars 4

The Canucks look for a win against Dallas after a pedantic win over Minnesota.

And back after a spell with Chris Golden & Victoria Pattison behind the CHB TGATT desk tonight, you know Lizz will be bringing here A game. Just like Aaron Freaking Rome:

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 3 vs Dallas Stars 4

The Vancouver Canucks look to extend their winning streak to 7 in Friday night’s game against the Dallas Stars.

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Guess who’s back, back again. Shady’s back, tell a friend.

That’s right friends, after handing TGATT over to Chris and Victoria so I could cover other hockey games and write very boring essays I’m back in action, and just in time for the triumphant return of Vigneault’s prodigal son: The one, the only Aaron Rome.  
.@botchford did Aaron Rome stay in the guest suite at AV’s place last night or did he just give up the master?MarcelTooSweetGordon
Aaron Rome returns to Vancouver tonight. Vigneault may get emotionalZach Jones
I wonder if Av and Rome met somewhere in the bowels of Rogers Arena and had a tearful, bromantic reunion. #TGATTVictoria
Aaron Rome re-writes the Canucks record books (with a Sharpie and some hockey tape). Canucks
I don’t think Rome put his name on those award plaques. I think AV did it as a Valentine’s gift to Aaron. #Bromance #TGATTVictoria
And the fanbase did rejoice.
Looking forward to seeing Manitoba boy Aaron Rome on the ice tonight!Sabina
Aaron Rome goal montage = shortest montage ever. #canucksAidan B
Please tell me there was a ceremonial puck drop in honor of Rome’s return to Vancouver.K8
@kleine_snowdrop no but him and AV went for a Valentines day dinner yesterday.Braeden
The fact that there’s another NHL coach, aside from AV, that believes Rome is a top six d-man baffles meJenn Johnson
Speaking of grand returns, it’s also Ryan Kesler’s first game back since April. 
@concretefluff its RK17 of 2013 … they have rebuilt him…faster, stronger, better. $6 million goes a long way! #TGATTGlen Thayer
The Six Million Dollar Man TV Introthe1970schannel
Unfortunately it’s also officially the first game without Manny.
Ahem. #WinITForManny. That is all. #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
If that wasn’t enough excitement, Henrik is also looking for his last two points to take the franchise points lead from Markus Naslund.
Almost 3am! Time to get comfy on the couch and watch the #canucksSean Foley
3am? That is some dedication. Hope it’s worthwhile…
Less than two minutes in and THE KESLORD HAS APPEARED… by drawing a penalty.
Welcome back Kes. First shift he throws out some dangles and draws a penalty #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
@kesrows Kesler will surely soak up all the points. Poor Henrik may never score a point again.Alan O’Sullivan
Does seem to be a wee bit premature to have Kesler on the top PP unit, but doesn’t look too out of place there. #jumpinwithbothfeet #CanucksClayton Corley
We return from commercial with about 6 minutes left in the first and Dallas is switching goalies. Lehtonen is out with an injured hand, Bachman is in.
I didn’t think Schroeder’s shot was hard enough to injure anyone, much less a padded and swaddled-up goalie. #Canucks #TGATTMelaina
Lehtonen injured. Weird to watch a game where the goalie drama is on the other team. #TGATTVictoria
Lehtonen leaves game & in comes Bachman. May have been because of the Schroeder shot that knocked the stick out of his hand #Canucks #StarsAndrew Ngo
GOOOOAAAAAAA ——– Nevermind. Raymond scores, but it’s waved off for goalie interference. 
Yes, MayRay made contact with the #DallasStars goalie. No, goalie wouldn’t have been able to make that save either way. Oh well. #CanucksEd Lau
@KevinisInGoal Puck was already on it’s way in prior to the minimal contact was it not? Seen a lot worse infractions allowed against LuongoBrowntoBure
Raymond can’t push anyone around, I refuse to believe he was able to push the goalie into the net.Wyatt Arndt
WHAAAT!?! No goal?!? Poor MayRay!Melaina
Even the Dallas Stars commentators thought that call was weak. #CanucksLauryn Solomon
Can someone explain to me why that’s not reviewable? #CanucksPartho Ghosh
Boo, you whore.Rida
Mean girls boo you whoresolae93
And now the tables have turned – Smith scores on Schneider to make it 1-0 for the Stars.
Of course the Stars would score after that. #CanucksCanucks Hockey Blog
I also kind of think that Stars goal should be called off because the puck interfered with Schneider.Wyatt Arndt
Well that’s only going to make Kesler grumpier, so the joke is on YOU, Dallas. #Canucks #tgattMatt Lee
Although if it’s any consolidation, in some other timeline things went very differently…
Alternate universe Canucks game, 2-0 for the good guys. Davies
I hope we get the one where Britta marries the pizza guy…
Remember how Coach V said he was going to manage Kesler’s minutes? It turns out that meant managing to let him play ALL the minutes.
Ease him into the lineup he said… Limit his minutes he said… #Canucks #tgattMatt Lee
Kesler looks aight in his season debut. Now what about the long-awaited Cam Barker debut? #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
The first intermission features Mike Gillis talking about the end of Manny Malhotra’s season.
Murph: is there any procedure Manny can have? MG: it’s miraculous that he got to the point he did. Tribute to him and his character #TGATTIrrational Fan
Gilly didn’t choose his words very well… talked about forcing manny to "prematurely end his career". Oops?Taryn D.
This interview about Manny is breaking my heart. #TGATTVictoria
But the real story is what happened to his head.
Clearly the Malholtra news is so sad for Gillis it’s driven him to drink. And possibly punch himself in the face #WhatsOnHisForehead? #TGATTVictoria
Manny Malholtra apparently beat the crap out of Gillis after the decision.Bryan F.
This picture will have a long shelf life RT: @NotRonMacLean: @FakeDanRussell What, this?
Back to the ice and Daniel sends a puck in for a goal, tying the game. Henriks’ assist allows him to tie Naslund’s franchise point total.
Henrik Sedin Ties Franchise Record with Naslund – Canucks Vs Stars – 02.15.13 – HDcanuckshd
Henrik ties Naslund on an assist to Daniel. #Canucks equalize. How fitting.Matt Lee
#SedinTwinPowerActivate!!! This was on the cards… fantastic push and the twins find some of their ol’ touch out there. #Canucks #TGATTClayton Corley
YAYYY!! Sorry neighbors, I got a teensy loud for a second there #Canucks score!! #SedineryMar
Henrik better not overshadow Rome’s returnTaj
Your celebrations from the first goal hadn’t even had time to die down before Higgins scores to take the lead. 
Canucks Vs Stars – Chris Higgins 2-1 Goal – 02.15.13 – HDcanuckshd
Less than a minute between 2 Canucks goals. Screw you refs. #Canucks can get goals and YOU CAN’T STOP THEM!Marda Miller
And then BOOM! 53 seconds later Higgins scores! Have I mentioned I met Chris Higgins? Only about a hundred times? Okay then. #TGATTVictoria
Dale Weise gets a Dutch of a pass over to Higgins! ABSolutely great finish there. ABSANITY EVERYWHERE.Wyatt Arndt
everytime Higgins score he should show hes abs #sexy #hot #canucksAlesha Johal
Kesler also takes his first point of the season.
Didn’t take Kesler too long to earn his first assist of the season! #GoCanucksGo! #CanucksJustin Stockton
Goal by Burrows to make it 3-1, but more importantly…
Henrik Sedin Becomes the All time Canucks Leading Scorer – 02.15.13 – HDcanuckshd
Henrik Sedin gets the assist and breaks the franchise All time points record.
Congratulations Henrik Sedin on becoming the all time #canucks points leader. @SunnyDeolSD36 O’Shea
Only fair that Burr gets in on that action. Daniel to Henrik to Burrows. Your new #Canucks all time leading scorer #HenrkSedin #TGATTKent Basky
Henrik you beautiful human being and flawless captain!Jessica
#SedinTwinPowerActivate… for the record! The only way Henrik knows how; that was one slick pass. Oh yeah…it’s #PeanutButterBurrowsTime!Clayton Corley
There’s the record-setter. Henrik with beautiful cross-ice to Burrows at 9:56 of second. #CanucksBrad Ziemer
Congrats to fellow country man Hank Sedin for becoming the franchise scoring leader! #canucks #ontop #swedishmafia #meatballsEddie Lack
Lol what a nice lil brother Daniel is, going to get Henriks record setting puck for him #momwouldbeproud #canucksTurtle
It’s the #Canucks way… you’re only gonna break the record by passing the biscuit to someone else to score. #newtradition #TGATTClayton Corley
Henrik Sedin All-Time Leading Scorer (Feb 15, 2013)canucks
After the announcement the crowd goes wild. The standing ovation lasts over two minutes…
Standing ovation for Henrik Sedin, as play is going on. It’s loud in here. #canucksHosea Cheung
In a few years, 33 and 22 will be in the rafters with 12, 16, 19. Tonight was just of the reasons why. #ThanksHank #CanucksJustine Galo
Henrik Sedin Canucks all-time leading scorer reactioncanucks
When was the last time you saw a 5 minute standing ovation while the game was still being played? #captainmycaptain #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
See Rogers Arena can be loud, players just need to set franchise records every game.BrowntoBure
28,000 people were just ejected from Rogers Arena for being too rowdy. #TGATTj.Bowman
Tell me we weren’t loud enough there Vancouver #rogersarena #canucks #tgattMichael Cinco
There’s something about a standing ovation that just gives a person goosebumps! Henrik Sedin, we love you!!! #CanucksMar
But honestly, Congrats Henrik! I feel proud to be wearing your jersey as you make history. #33 #canucksJulia Bilinski
I have never ever seen a crowd that loud for that long.Gráinne
Until there’s finally a whistle, giving Henrik a chance to acknowledge the crowd.
Haven’t made Hank breaky yet but gonna treat him to special meatball sandwich when I see him! #swedishmeatballs #gourmetEddie Lack
What a fantastic moment for Henrik and all of us #Canucks fans. We have witnessed history. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person #TGATTCaylie King
Say what you want about the Sedin twins, but if it’s negative, you’re wrong :)Gráinne
Of forwards with 500+ points, Henrik Sedin has the highest assists to goals ratio (3.43 assists per goal). Oates 2nd at 3.16. #CanucksEarl Gordon
@canucksgame Not crying. Just a twig or a tree or something in my eye. ;)Pip
Definitely just a twig guys… 
Former Brown University teammates go at it, with Volpatti taking on Ryan Garbutt. Not often we get an ivy league quality duel.
Canucks Vs Stars – Volpatti Vs Garbutt – 02.15.13 – HDcanuckshd
Volpatti with the win there after a series of lefts. Fiddler, though? Not as funny as he thinks he is. #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
Holy hell the fans are getting their money’s worth tonight!! Fighting, records breaking, pretty goals!! #TGATTJennifer
Wow. Take a seat buddy. Great tussle from Volpatti. #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
The puck is barely on the ice again before Lappiere and Vernon Fiddler start another one. Anyone else?
DON’T HIT HIS FACE!!!! NOT LAPIERRE’S FACE!!!! Hockey Gods, spare the hot one! #TGATTVictoria
Oh Lappy don’t ruin your pretty face. Especially since you can’t really fight. A for effort. #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
Lapierre’s fighting style is "Please don’t hit my face."Wyatt Arndt
Apperantly the fourth line had three fights in it. Weise and Eric Nystrom trade blows and the whole line gets a head start at their intermission break.
WTF? Did the entire 4th line just fight? #CanucksCanucks Hockey Blog
Putting any doubt of team toughness to bed withVolpatti, Lappy and Weise in back to back fights! #Canucks #TGATTPaulie Walnuts
So…that was a 6 man tag match, right? #NHLinaCellj.Bowman
Ummmm so our ENTIRE 4th line is now in the dressing room. Guess we’re rolling only 3 lines for now!! 😛 #canucksChris Schneider
1 fight! 2 fight! 3 fight! bahahahahaha! #SesameStreet #TGATTVictoria
Volpatti fights, then Lapierre vs fiddler, then Weise vs nystrom. What’s left? Gaglardi vs Aquilini?Jason Botchford
YES. Yes, that is what should be next. Or maybe a press box fight?
And I’ll slap back. RT @canucksgame: No fourth fight. I’ll punch @hosea24hours if you want though…Hosea Cheung
Coach V doesn’t even care guys. He is laughing at whatever his fourth line is doing.
AV on the fights: "Entertaining" (while smirking)Taj
#TGATT tonight on all sports stns we just have #Canucks highlights. That’s it. No other events were as interestingGlen Thayer
Cody Eakin scores for Dallas. Boo.
Schneider with another soft goal. Juggles the rebound and then Eakin gets to it. #Canucks lead 3-2.Matt Lee
Schneider can’t control the rebound and let’s in another softy. Damn. Hope those fights didnt wake up the stars #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
Now that’s some old time hockey! #canucks #stars #tgattJosh Hall
The 1980’s called, they want their hockey back.Wyatt Arndt
Speaking of the 80’s, I hear it’s one Top Gun’s fan birthday today… I think he’s having a good night.
With it being my birthday & all, wonder if @CanucksDJDave can dust off that #TopGun OST? #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
Chris Tanev’s goal in the #Canucks entrance vid. Do I go streaking now?Chris Golden
@lyteforce Great bday present huh? Now if they’d play Danger Zone!gladys
Kenny Loggins – Danger Zonekennylogginsvevo
There you go Chris, Happy Birthday.
If by any chance you missed the game last night and this is the only recap you plan to read I suggest you close you close your browser right now and we declare the game over after 40 minutes.
Seriously, we could totally do a “There’s a Monster at the End of this Book” thing with Grover….
I mean it, unlike the book no one will be laughing when you get to the end…
We can all puzzle out the mystery of the double locked bathroom stalls in Rogers Arena instead…
The bathroom stalls up in press row have double locks on them.I want to know what happened that made them think "Damn,we need double locks."Wyatt Arndt
That sounds like a good plan… right?
You’re still doing this? Okay, fine if you insist… go ahead…
Third underway. Has a tough act to follow after the previous 20 minutes. #canucks #starsHosea Cheung
Although the Canucks have the lead, the score should be 4-2 but I’ll take a 3-2 lead going in to the third!! #WinItForManny #Canucks #TGATTPaulie Walnuts
Dammit, with 7:38 left to play Antoine Roussel ties it up for Dallas. Another weak goal for Mr. Schneider.
Real mediocre outing for Schneider here.Erik Rolfsen
WELPPPP. I think the coin might be coming up Luongo on Sunday…Alix
insert profane rant about the #Canucks and two goal leads here *sighs heavily* #TGATT #fbgerimaple
Come on #Canucks, play hard for Hanks record night. Quit watching the play!Kevin Skipworth
Cory has been unable to make the big save tonight. Lets hope they don’t let this one slip away.Kirk Paul
Nobody forget the disallowed Raymond goal if #Canucks lose on this historic night. @nhlMuet Puck
Dallas scores again, courtesy of Surrey native, Brenden Dillon, taking the lead, which quite frankly nobody here appreciates tonight.
Way to celebrate Hank’s achievement. *grumbles*CanuckFanInSF
I’m blaming this on Aaron Rome. Just because. #CanucksLia
Remember the second period? Those were good times. #CanucksJocelyn Aspa
I TOLD you guys to stop reading…
The last 40 or so seconds last FOREVER, with an empty net and two time-outs…
One more chance, let’s get Malhotra out there on the dra…oh…nm.Justin Tillyer
No good. Canucks lose 4-3.
"Oh, you know, it was as crazy as you’d expect from that heated Canucks-Stars rivalry."Mike Halford
We were De-Shneids the win. #TGATT #ThatsRightISaidItJennifer
Henrik sets a franchise mark. The #Canucks play one of their best games of the year. And they lose. Hockey, man.Pass it to Bulis
So how important is the Raymond non-goal now? I don’t like the rule. It’s never called the same way from game to game. #TGATT @botchfordIrrational Fan
Nothing like a Canucks loss after a long winning streak. Time for everyone to let out what they’ve been holding in.Taj
Ya’ll really did not enjoy that loss.
I’m sure Canucks fans will react completely sanely and reasonably to this loss. #burnittothegroundAndrew Bucholtz
Oh well. Cry it out guys, we’ll get ’em Sunday.

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