The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 4 at Stars 3

Welcome to Dallas, Texas, where everything is bigger. None bigger than Brett Hull’s skate.

Tonight, the Stars celebrate Marty Turco. Canucks fans have fond memories of him.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks at Dallas Stars

Welcome to Dallas, Texas, where everything is bigger. None bigger than Brett Hull’s skate.

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Tonight, the Stars celebrate Marty Turco.  Canucks fans have fond memories of him.  (Unlike the other Stars goaltender, who once trashed the visitors dressing room at GM Place.)
Marty Turco. The man who shut out the #canucks three times in one playoff series and still lost.Dan Murphy
Think Hank reminds Turco of that time he ended the game against him in quadruple OT? #CanucksThomas Drance
Just 35 seconds in, Jamie Benn skates through everyone and scores on #35 from along the goal line.  Not exactly the start the Canucks wanted.
Alright. Which one of you said shutout ? #TGATTChris Dion
The Canucks let in a pizza pop goal to start the game (a goal scored in less time than it takes for my pizza pop to cook in the microwave)j.Bowman
Jamie Benn just went Harlem Globetrotter on the Canucks.Jeff Angus
Zack Kassian just did the Bieksa Slide, which is regrettably not a dance move. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
Thankfully, the Canucks respond on a much-improved powerplay.  Alex Edler blasts it from the point and Alex Burrows tips it in.
Canucks at Stars – Alex Burrows 1-1 Goal – 02.21.13 – HDcanuckshd
Suddenly, we all feel better #CanucksAndy Eide
Edlers stick didn’t break! Yay! 1-1 gameWyatt Arndt
I always respect my Edlers. #CanucksAshley!
They initially credited Edler with the goal in the arena, but you guys know better.
Burrows may have gotten a bite of it…we’re not sure.Bryan F.
Sounds like @SNJohnGarrett had it right. Going to be a scoring change on the #canucks goal. Burrows did indeed get it, his 5th.Dan Murphy
For your first intermission pleasure, Mike Keenan will be talking about the Canucks’ goaltending sitch.  You know, because it hasn’t been beaten to death yet.  And because if anyone is qualified to talk about goalie tandems, it’s Mad Mike.  Right?
Shorty asks "Who better to discuss the Schneider/Luongo situation than Mike Keenan?". So far my list is up to 43 names….j.Bowman
@sportsnetmurph What would Keenan do about Schneider/Lou situation? Probably play Messier in net. #CanucksGregathus
Second period is a go.

Michael Ryder gives the Stars the lead again. 
nothing like the deadly 20 foot backhander along the ice… 2-1Blake Price
You let Michael Ryder light you up? That’s embarrassing.Alix
Give me Winona Ryder over Michael Ryder every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.Dimitri Filipovic
Awww Ballard and Garrison got their first minus as a pair as Canucks on that one.Wyatt Arndt
And it gives them some momentum too.  The Stars have a couple of breakaways and odd-man rushes.
Canucks defence trying to outdo themselves in this one — giving up 2-on-0 instead of just breakaways. Enjoy Cory!Hosea Cheung
On a 4-on-4, Kevin Bieksa decides to show his best Paul Coffey impression.
Canucks at Stars – Kevin Bieksa 2-2 Goal – 02.21.13 – HDcanuckshd
Did Bieksa just Lindros the goalie ? Almost one hands it in!Wyatt Arndt
BIEKSA! Lolz. Awesome. #CanucksBrooklyn D.
Bieksa now with 5 goals in last 8 games. #onfireGarry Valk
Zack Kassian decides to emerge from his week-long slumber and takes on Antoine Roussel.  @CanuckClay’s sweater vest gives the decision to the Kassasin.
Canucks at Stars – Kassian Vs Roussel – 02.21.13 – HDcanuckshd
Rocked him. RT @canuckshockey: Kassian just fed Roussel a bunch of punches. Like, a bunch. #Canucks #TGATTMatt G
@canuckshockey who fights with a visor on!?Kevin Rex
@canuckshockey he fed him Honey Bunches of Ouch #CerealPunJay P
Which prompts an interesting discussion.
I think Kassian would look more intimidating with a buzz cut. Anyone else?Thomas Drance
@ThomasDrance I prefer the 22 yr old w/male pattern baldness and stubble psychopath lookKitKat
@ThomasDrance With the bushy mane he looks like a maniac on the loose. Buzzed would be the fresh-outta-prison look. They both work.Justin Morissette
The Stars try to pressure again, but Schneider would have none of it.
Great Pad Save by Schneider – Canucks at Stars – 02.21.13 – HDcanuckshd
Schneider-rific! #CanucksJordan Ortillan
Ginger bricks with some robbery!Kevin Vanstone
Does that save redeem 35 for the earlier softies? close to it…Blake Price
It’s the second intermission.  Have you seen the latest episode of CHB TV yet?  You should.  I think @lyteforce did some Gangnam Style and channelled his inner Ryan Seacrest.  (Just because he felt like it.)
CHBTV Episode #03 – Milestones, Manny and Musicchbtvnetwork
The Canucks open the third period with a couple of goals.

First, Jason Garrison scores his 2nd goal of the season and makes it 3-2 for the good guys.
Canucks at Stars – Jason Garrison 3-2 Goal – 02.21.13 – HDcanuckshd
Jeeze…. What a shot by Garrison! #tgatt #canucksErrol Feuchuk
I missed a goal due to technical difficulties….. my TL tells me GARRISON SCORED!!!! and TWITTER IS EXPLODING!!! LOL! AWESOME! #TGATTDeborah D Burke
Then, Henrik decides to get in on the action and he also scores his 2nd goal of the season to give the Canucks a 4-2 lead.
Canucks at Stars – Henrik Sedin 4-2 Goal – 02.21.13 – HDcanuckshd
Woooooooooooo!!!! Hank gets his 2nd by burning Rome! 4-2 good guys! AV will be getting Rome a sympathy ice cream for that gaff. #TGATTJustine Galo
That shouldn’t be legal. Burrows and Hank give and go. Beautiful tap in #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
I just won the goal pool for our baby Canucks!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!!! #TGATTDeborah D Burke
The Stars do make it a bit interesting, but the Canucks end the game on the powerplay.  Or as the Sedins call it, Piggy in the Middle.
Man, the Sedins must have been giant jerks playing keepaway when they were kids.Justin McElroy
The Canucks toying with the Stars on their game-ending power play is exactly how my son Sean toys with me in NHL13. #frustrating #TGATTClay Imoo
That was amazing. Sedins pass the puck around in the opposing zone for two minutes to win it. Like Lucy pulling football from Charlie Brown.Andrew Bucholtz
Henrik Sedin had 14 puck touches on that last powerplay, and the puck on his stick for :46 seconds.Cam Charron
Canucks win!  Canucks win!  Final score is 4-3.
What the hell? Where’s the overtime? You can win games in regulation? Neat. Gritty road win as they head on to Nashville #Canucks #TGATTKent Basky
Is that fourth straight game for Canucks where score was 4-3? Very bizarre. #BetTheOverShanel Pratap
So Canucks won the game and we didn’t even need Hansen.GayCanuck (Tom)
Don’t worry y’all.  Hansen will be back tonight against the Preds.  See you in a few hours.

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