The Longest 17 Minutes of My Life (Reliving Game 7 from April 2011)

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  • Bruce Ng

    Still have this game on my PVR from 2 years ago. I watch it if i feel like i haven’t seen Canucks play good hockey in awhile. which has been more often than i’d like haha! thanks for the post, Clay!

  • Chris (@lyteforce)

    So many emotions were experienced during that game & nearly experience all of them every time I re-watch the video.  Something I just noticed though – take a look at the Canucks bench during the entire clip leading up to Burrows game winner.  Nearly the entire bench is standing, while the Blackhawks was sitting – something to read in to?

  • Glen Thayer

    Goose bumps all over again. Thanks for the re-live of that goal!!

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