Things That Make You Go Hmmm: The Code, Hank the Tank, and AV’s Mysterious Coin

Victoria Pattison Denault

Victoria was born in Habs country, moved to Leafs territory for college & Canucks town for work before immigrating to the land of sunshine, movie stars & KINGS. When not watching hockey Victoria writes novels.

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9 Responses

  1. Jgould72 says:

    I’ve been thinking…..who gives a sh*t about the well worn and traditionalist idea of ‘starting goalie’, where one goalie MUST play approximately 65-75% of the season, while the other is benched. How about having two goalies, and using whomever is on a streak, and when that fades, using the other, and giving the media the ‘who gives a rats ass what you think’ in the process?  Makes sense to me.

  2. Preaching to the converted here! With the short season, I’ve got no problem with playing whoever can get the win. Obviously they both want to start, but I’m thinking they also both want to do whatever they can to finally bring Stanley home.

  3. djk241977 says:

    spel chek? prof reed? loooks inprufationel….. jast sayen

  4. Gavin says:

    Come on, gets a crown going? Do they let any random writer write these articles.. Atleast have it proofread

  5. paul says:

    this is off subject, but i want them to impliment if you cheap shot or intent to injure, the player should be out aslong as the 1 he hit

  6. We’re fans like everyone else. We’re neither media nor PHWA writers. So unfortunately, mistakes will be missed. Thanks for pointing this one out.

  7. Definitely worth the look, but the issue with this is that teams would consider sitting a player for the sake of sitting them if it meant a competitive advantage. Maybe that’s what acts as the deterrent though? Hmm….

  8. MP says:

    They could avoid that by letting the penalized player back again when the injured player is cleared to play by a doctor.

  9. Fair enough. The only other caveat I’d like to see is the means to have a “league” doctor utilized where the “team” doctor may be working the system on behalf of the team – obviously in an appeal capacity.

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