Canucks vs. Wild Game Day Preview: Wild Things

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5 Responses

  1. About time for a breakout game defensively from Edler, can we overcome the loss of yet two more offensive players?

  2. Lizz Moffat says:

    Hopefully neither will be out for too long, but here’s hoping that when Schroeder comes up from Chicago he can make more of an impact than he did before. With Booth out he could get more minutes on the more offensive lines he’s better suited for.

  3. Caylie King says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Jared. Edler needs to get back to his defensive game and find some consistency. When the defence is playing well it helps the forwards attack more. Canucks need to get back to their game.

  4. Has Edler really had a consistent “defensive game” in his toolkit though? I’ve always found him to be a more defensive version of Jovanovski, but that’s not a more defensive player by any way or shape.

  5. How much of Schroeder making an impact is related to where AV plays him? Do we expect him to contribute when he’s centering a 4th line?

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