The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 0 at Oilers 4

There was a lot of anticipation heading into the Canucks’ matchup against the Edmonton Oilers last night. After all, a win against the high-powered – and suddenly streaking – Oilers would extend their win streak to 7 games and keep the Minnesota Wild at bay in the race for the Northwest Division title.

Good vibes, right?

Ummm… not quite.

The Canucks gave up 3 goals in 3 shots in the first 3 minutes of the game, and Taylor Hall had a hat trick before the first period was 8 minutes old, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now on to the grisly details and your reactions.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 0 at Edmonton Oilers 4

The Canucks travel to Edmonton where both teams are looking to continue winning streaks.

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The long weekend continues as the Canucks head to Edmonton, looking to continue to six-game winning streak. We’ll just drop the puck, and… oh.
Napping on the ice is a great way to start the game;
Taylor Hall scores 16 seconds into the game. Awesome, but the kid was skating pretty darn fast there. Let’s brush it off and… oh… Ladislav Smid scores not even 2 minutes after.
Worst start. #WaiveEverybodyPass it to Bulis
I wasn’t in the room, so I’m not 100% sure, but I get the feeling that this wasn’t exactly what the #Canucks drew up to start the game.Dimitri Filipovic
Absolutely inexcusable for the #Canucks to be so obviously unprepared. Absolute garbage. #TGATTKent Basky
Cory is already getting pulled. That has to be some sort of record.
Two goals in two minutes and Cory gets the hook. Not the #Canucks night, so far. C’mon Lu, pull a rabbit out of your hat for us! #tgattgerimaple
Umm when does the game start? I think my internet feed is showing an Oilers practice against some peewee players in Nucks uniforms #TGATTVictoria
This is the worst pre game warmup I have ever seen. #Canucksj.Bowman
With Luo in net maybe the team will wake up and… oh… Taylor Hall scores again. Buckle in friends, we’re only three minutes in.
Three shots, three goals. Hall again, this time on Luongo. Oh boy. #CanucksBrad Ziemer
The Oilers have taken 3 shots and scored on all three. Twilight zone. What a nightmare.Just Becky
After allowing 3 goals in 3 GAMES, the Canucks allow 3 goals in 3 MINUTES. #roughstart #TGATTClay Imoo
They’ve never had offensive playe… Oh. Wow. RT @EdmontonOilers #Oilers set team record for fastest 3 goals to start a game: 2:43.Jason Kurylo
How do you completely lose track of Taylor Hall (and more specifically, his lips) like that twice in the first 3 minutes?Dimitri Filipovic
Is it April fools day? Cause this has got to be a joke.Caitlyn
Well now what are we supposed to do? Can we unpull a goalie?
Great. Now we’re going to have to listen to the CBC idiots talk goalie controversy all intermission.Shaun Stewart
Trade ALL THE GOALIES! #Canucks RT @hosea24hours: Oh wait, cue the trade Luongo ones too.Phil
Time out? Anyone? Bueller?Katie Maximick
Put Luongo in. Wait. Put Schneider back in.Cam Tucker
What’s the over/under on ridiculous #Canucks goalie controversy posts tomorrow? #TGATTBruce Ng
Could really use some help out here, guys. Any way we could bring Schneide-oh yeah, never mind.Roberto Luongo
PUT HAMHUIS IN NET. #canucksLinds
I’d really hate to show up to this game a few minutes late..
…I look away for five minutes and the #Canucks are down 3-0 to the #Oilers? What the hell happened?Ed Lau
People are probably walking into the bar late right now, rubbing their eyes, checking their watches, and walking back out.Shaun Stewart
The Canucks get a short break in the scoring… until the 7:43 when Hall scores again. That’s a hat-trick. That’s the fastest Oilers hat-trick in franchise history. It beat Gretzky by five minutes.
LOL it’s not even 8 minutes in and Taylor Hall has a hat trick. Trade for him so omeone might have a shot at Safeway Score and Win. #CanucksEd Lau
Uh-oh! @eddielack it’s your turn in net. Get out there! #Canucks #TGATTVictoria
This defensive hockey is boring, we said. There aren’t enough goals, we said. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
I’ve seen better man to man coverage at a junior high dance.Alix
…..if anyone needs me, I’ll be in a corner, in the fetal position…..#tgatt #canucksCJ S.
Dana Murzyn would look great on D right now. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Heck, @lyteforce would look great on D right now. RT @canuckshockey: Dana Murzyn would look great on D right now. #Canucks #TGATTClay Imoo
Hey guys, if anyone can blow a 4-0 lead, it’s the #Oilers.drek
The joke is on Edmonton: Vancouver has no shame. Pour it on!Canucks Misconduct
"It has been an adventure for the Canucks defensively". No CBC, an adventure is what Bill & Ted had. This is a fucking nightmare.j.Bowman
At least the CBC graphics department is on our side…
Now that’s better. Thanks for the mulligan CBC. Moffat
Ooh, I like that score graphic CBC. 0-0 tie again. #CanucksJason Miller
Uhhh… Did CBC just erase the 4 EDM goals? The graphic says 0/0Paul Andersen
The first period ends and the Oilers don’t score for a full 12 minutes. So… we sure showed them. The crew at CBC tries to keep the faith.
Hey guys, bright side: No goals in the last 12 minutes of the first… #progress @canucksgame #TGATTLizz Moffat
#HNIC doing whatever they can to keep us watching. Thanks Friedman. #Canucks still have a chance!! *cry*Bruce Ng
And Jordan Eberle shows us all that he did very well in math class.
Jordan Eberle just discussed shooting percentage, noting that scoring 3 times on 4 shots makes for a high one. I’m sure he would know.Dimitri Filipovic
Now onward to the second, where preparations are being made for emergency replacements…
Does Canadian Tire sell Centers? Gillis should make a trip.Bryan F.
@jBowmancouver Wearing my goalie pads, got my phone beside me. PUT ME IN, COACH.Goalie Graveyard
The second period itself is pretty uneventful, which is probably for the best. The Canucks can’t take advantage of either of their power plays, but that’s the least of their problems at this point.
At least the #Canucks can’t blame this one entirely on the power play failures. This was already a disaster before the PP’s. #tgattgerimaple
It ends the same way it began. 4-0. Brightside: 32 minutes without a goal against.  But they’re not making any effort to catch up either.
#Canucks #CanucksArmy ….. #tgatt I had a dream that we were trailing the #EdmontonOilers 4-0 and its still the 2nd periodDominador Martin V
#Canucks not just sitting on leads anymore. Looks like they’re sitting on 4-0 deficits now too. #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
The bad news is the #Canucks are down 4-0. The good news…uh…well, they didn’t let in any goals in the 2nd period. That’s something…Ed Lau
That’s almost a silver lining, giving me an excuse to share my favourite new country girl. Cheer up friends.

Kacey Musgraves – "Silver Lining"E lice
Onwards to the third period, and you know what? The Canucks aren’t doing completely horrible.
Did you see Eberle give up that puck? That’s what’s killing me! Oilers aren’t playing great, we’re just playing extra poorly. EFF. #TGATTVictoria
The Canucks have really hunkered down after letting in 4 goals immediately.j.Bowman
So does anyone know if the Canucks are high? Seems like they are looking for the bag of Doritos rather than scoring some goals! #TGATTKiran Mehat
Hey Canucks score just one goal…. then another one, then one after that, then two more after that. #PleaseAndThankyouCaitlyn
Luongo makes a couple of amazing saves during the third. Too bad most of you seemed to leave before it happened.
Damn right it’s a great save by Luongo.K8
That save by Luongo was insane! Looked like Dikembe Mutombo swatting a basketball into the 5th row. #Canucks #TGATTBruce Ng
Luongo. Appreciation. Life.Jenn Johnson
Luongo just made one of the saves of the season against Taylor Hall. phenomenal!Hockey Buzz Eklund
It’s a shame that the save of the year just got made but no one will ever so much as think about it again ’cause it’s part of a 4-0 blowoutSeamus McKale
That’s a wrap. Oilers win 4-0. I suggest y’all go enjoy the rest of your long weekend.
I don’t want to hear, "We weren’t good enough" or "that was unacceptable, we need to do better." FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM! #NOEXCUSES #TGATTDeborah D Burke
I’m getting really tired of saying this about #Canucks games, but this time I REALLY mean it – Thank HEAVENS that one’s over #tgattgerimaple
Good to know the Canucks still think you can mail a game in, even during a 50 game season. #ReturnToSenderBill McLean
Man, that was terrible. #Canucks lost hours ago but they just made it official.Ed Lau
Dunzo. #Canucks lose 4-0. Time to forget this game ever happened. #hellojimbeam #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog

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