The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 1 at Blue Jackets 2 (OT)

Much like the Canucks had problems getting going against the Columbus Blue Jackets, we had some technical difficulties of our own.

#TGATT is a day late, but don’t worry, it promises to be more exciting than the game itself.

Well, anyway, let’s just get to it.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jackets

The Canucks head to Columbus for the first of two meetings in one week.

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This Game According to Twitter is coming to you from Beverly Hills, 90210, baby! It’s Victoria covering for Lizz. I recently moved here and have a new life as a Beverly Hills housewife. I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule of  massages, laying by the pool and shopping to bring you TGATT, so here we go… cue the music!
Beverly Hills, 90210 Opening Seasons 2 and 3spencemc7
The puck drops and one of our two starting goalies – the Ginger one – makes 2 saves in the first few minutes of the game. It’s a slow start. But isn’t everything about an early start game in the eastern time zone slow? And boring.
Wow. #Columbus fans are quieter than #Canucks fans! #TGATTChristy M
‘I really miss those fans in Columbus who dress up like refs and bang the glass.’ – No one ever #CanucksAdrian™
Is anybody awake watching this game? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…….. #tgatt #canucksluonGOLD
And if you’re looking for more reasons to fall asleep, we play Columbus again on this road trip, apparently. Oh goody! 
Snoring Dog, schnarchender Hundmaddox2907
Waaaaay too easy rebound for Umberger. #Canucks trail 1-0.Canucks Hockey Blog
“@ThomasDrance: Weird fact: Schneider believes R.J. Umberger is for whatever reason, "has his number." #Canucks #CBJ” well no kidding ehMikey C.
Not sure how, but reading about that goal on twitter is more frustrating than watching it happen. Get it together boys. #Canucks #tgattTara T
Canucks for years have had this ability to make the average goalie look like all-stars. Please for the love of all things holy stop. Please.Greg Djorssen
And now back to your regularly scheduled boring game….
This VAN/CBJ game is one of those games I swore I wouldn’t watch this season, after the lockout and all. Why am I watching it?HockeyLegends
Okay, this #canucks / #Blue #Jackets game is worse than torture, I could not imagine anything worse than a #Canucks #Wild game, I was wrong.VC
The first ends with Canucks leading the shots on goals but Jackets leading in goals. Boo. When we return the game stays boring, but you guys are getting testy.
I may or may not have paralyzed someone at WalMart in my hurry to get home for this game, #Canucks. I am disappoint. #TGATT #DOSOMETHINGKent Basky
Guess we can’t really complain…knew this would be a boring-ass game. But we SHOULD NOT LOSING TO THE BLUE JACKETS! WTF??? Wake up #CanucksLumber Jat
And apparently, Booth is having trouble passing, and shooting, and, you know, playing a good game.
Booth just can’t seem to get the hockey gods on his side #canucksAndrew Gay
Soo when is Booth gonna figure it out? 2 assists and a -2 in 7 gamesJordan Babbage
Does Booth intentionally try and make passes explode off his stick every time or…Matt Larke
Painful to watch. David Booth might be Gillis’ worst move as a GM.shane.m
With another 20 minutes of no scoring, Canucks fans lots of time to play armchair GM. 
Did someone tell the Canucks that today was an off day? #TGATTDeborah D Burke
Canucks struggling to score but don’t worry cause we have 5 mill sitting on the bench #GillisIsSmartJorge
Don’t really understand the logic of Lapierre with Kassian and Booth while Schroeder skates with the lumps.Jordan Clarke
I don’t understand why AV would rather have Fat Alberts in the lineup then Ballard. @VanCanucks #CanucksPierce Kamensek
At this point, I’m just assuming Andrew Alberts is actually Vigneault’s younger brother and his mom demands he bring him along. #FreeBallardTravis McLean
I have been positive for 4 games, but I can’t handle it. There is no way Alberts is better than Ballard. Shreoder on the 4th line. #fireAV!Michael Gagne
Speaking of Alberts, he did have one great hit earlier on Derek Dorsett. Hard. Maybe he read the tweets your tweets between shifts.
I guess Alberts is pissed he was a healthy scratch last game. Wow did he lay out DorsettGarry Valk
Alberts caught someone, slow of foot or not, & hulk smashed him. #Canucks #tgattJustine Galo
Really Alberts? Must be the hair cut.Lumber Jat
Great hit by Alberts. Although I may not agree with him, that’s why AV likes Alberts better than Ballard. #CanucksBrendan Batchelor
Still of the opinion that Derek Dorsett would be an A+ Vigneault fourth liner in Vancouver…Thomas Drance
His hit was one of the few highlights to the whole game. Well, that and the Columbus arena DJ trying to “spice” up the game. 
Spice Girls during whistle break #HighlightOfTheGame #Canucks..*.LoRie.*..
Spice Girls – Wannabeemimusic
Pretty sure Cam Barker was just disgusted by the Spice Girls "Wannabe" playing at Nationwide Arena. #Canucks #JacketsJosh Barkoff
Now into the third we go! Does everyone have their Red Bull, espresso and chocolate-covered coffee beans? Whatever it takes, people, whatever it takes. 
Watching this Canucks-Jackets game makes me wish Jolt Cola was still around.Squire Barnes
JOLT ADquado95
Hokay Canucks, dis game is shit. So harr da Blue Jacket. But dat doesn’t mean you gotta play like shit too! Now go hout dere and #windaturd!Win Da Turd!
It looks like our Captain got the message because Henrik takes charge and scores!
Henrik Sedin 1-1 goal vs Blue Jackets (Mar 7, 2013)canucks
I put my jersey back on and Hank scores! Your welcome #Canucks fans! #TGATTKiran Mehat
Wasn’t that a fortunate bounce? Hank fires it home and we’re tied. Maybe we’ll see some actual hockey now? #TGATTKent Basky
Henrik with a beautiful tape to tape pass to the back of the netJason Wheeler
#Canucks Henrik went first 13 games w/out a goal. Now has 5 in last 10Jeff Paterson
C’mon Canucks, you seriously cannot be wanting to go to OT against Columbus! #TGATTDeborah D Burke
Want it or not, Deborah, the dreaded OT is exactly where the Canucks ended up. OT is almost as annoying, and usually as disappointing, as the 90210 remake. 
Funny Naomi Lines 90210 Season 2twilightfreak1989
Your reaction on yet another OT goes from calm and rational…
#Canucks earn a point. Can they get that extra point? It’s OT in Columbus.Phen0menalOne
Canucks need to try new things in OT. When you have the skill advantage against lesser teams u should go for the kill, not settle for a s/oTaj
To ALL CAPS and begging…
FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING GOOD AND PURE IN THIS WORLD, let’s win this in OT. Please oh please oh please.Melaina
No surprise, but the short OT period proves as interesting as the game was.
Isn’t OT supposed to be exciting? There’s something missing here. There’s a lot missing here.HTTN
And once again, Columbus decides to spice it up, but not with the Spice Girls. With a goal.
Calvert scores and the #BlueJackets take this game 2-1 in OT. Henrik backed away for some odd reason. #Canucks need to get out of this funkAndrew Ngo
Let’s be honest, the way the #Canucks played, they were lucky to get a single point. Pathetic effort.Matt Lee
How do we lose to the worst team in the league I swear to God.Sonia
This team, I can’t even deal with you right now. #canucksJocelyn Aspa
Canucks have 3 wins in their last 11 games. This is worse than all those times Brenda and Dylan broke up! 
Dylan – Brenda – Kelly – It was Always Brendabrendawithdylan
Hopefully losing to the Blue Jackets is a wake up call and the rest of the road trip will be better. I mean, how much worse can it get?

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  1. Tara T says:

    Player only meeting perhaps? Or maybe they all need to stare into the mirror before the game and channel their inner Stuart Smalley “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, I can score goals!”

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