The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 1 vs Wild 3

Only weeks ago we all assumed the Canucks had the Northwest Division locked up. Sure our power play was horrible back then, the defense was muddled, injuries were taking a toll, and goaltending was simply adequate… but things aren’t that bad are they?

That can’t be good, can it?

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 1 vs Minnesota Wild 3

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We’re back again for our final game against the Minnesota Wild, with a chance to take back the divisional lead.
Dear Minnesota Wild; thanks for keeing the Northwest Division lead warm for us. We’ll take it from here…bitches.j.Bowman
Game on! One minute in and so far it’s less eventful than recent games. Let’s count that as a positive.
No six second goal okay #Canucks…we know how that ends up! #TGATTKiran Mehat
WHAAAA? No goal OR penalty in the first 20 seconds? #you’redoingitwrongCanucks #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
The Canucks are the first team to head to the power play. You guys are not very optimistic.
Here comes a deadly #Canucks powerplay!Chris Pysanczyn
Why does the other teams player go to that box thing? Oh? We’re supposed to have an advantage you say? Weird. #CanucksSpencer
They did not score. Didn’t even get a shot. 
0 shots on power play for #Canucks. Garrison took four shots. None got thru. That’s 0-for-35Brad Ziemer
Death, taxes, and two minutes without a Canuck chance on a powerplay.Cam Charron
Two new power-play units and no shots for #Canucks. Funk is now 0-for-35. Smelly.Ben Kuzma
“@patersonjeff: Flames have scored two PPG tonight. It can’t be that difficult #Canucks” lol you’re rightTurtle
So basically the Canucks have played more than an entire regulation hockey game 5-on-4 and have 0 goals. That’s beyond laughableSeamus McKale
Suter crosschecks Henrik, so guess what? Another power play!
Suter, that was a dirty cross check! Bad Boy, timeout! #Canucks #TGATTPaulie Walnuts
Well… looks as though the #Canucks might actually wake up for this one. Bench agitated after that dirty crosscheck by Suter #TGATTKent Basky
Henrik is down after taking a shot in front of the net. Suter cross-checked him in the ribs, and the Canucks go to the power play.Canucks Misconduct
Can Newell Brown just start thinking up new PP strategies already? Knowing AV, he is not going to ask him. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Can we please score on this PP? It’s looooooooooooooooooong overdue.Crystal Harms
Well… Bieksa almost scored on that one. Sure, it was the wrong net, but it’s something. I guess.
#Canucks best scoring chance on that PP was self inflicted. It has come to that.Matt Lee
So the Canucks were almost -1 / 36 on the powerplay after that one. Yikes.Seamus McKale
Apparently #BoomBoom didn’t think this game was challenging enough and wanted the #Canucks to be a goal behind >< #BieksaStv
Bieksa almost pulled off a BieksuckJustin Ho
Garrison’s had a lot of shots off during the first. He seemed to be aiming for something other than the net, sure, but again… it’s something.
What’s the point of having a hard shot if you can’t hit the net? #CanucksMike Kha
Even though Garrison is aiming for White Rock on the PP, he’s at least rifling them. #Canucks #tgattJustine Galo
If at 1st you don’t succeed RT @SchneidersTeeth: Garrison is gonna keep shooting until it’s in the net or everyone in front of him is dead.Cam Davie
It doesn’t matter that Garrison makes $4.6M per year, he couldn’t buy a goal right now.Crystal Harms
So does garrison make like $87,000 a missed shot for the canucks. #TGATT #canucksWill Golden
For intermission let’s head over to Rome where Clay has a very special Canucks Commentary
Clay’s Canucks Commentary for March 18: On Location in St. Peter’s SquareClayton Imoo
We’re back for the second period, and you guys can stop worrying. Eddie Lack has a plan.
This is what’s gonna happen:Minnesota gonna score the first goal, everyone will panic before Van scores 2 and wins the game! #trustmeEddie Lack
Europeans have all sorts of predictions tonight. A poor Finnish reporter is making himself very unpopular in the press box.
"This SO looks like an overtime game" – yep, @jhiitela just jinxed the world. If you follow him, unfollow NOW! And throw something at him.Canucks Game
Canucks to the power play… and…. GOAL. I know, I was doubtful to. But the power play actually looked good. Henrik with the goal.
Canucks Vs Wild – Henrik Sedin 1-0 Goal – 03.18.13 – HDcanuckshd
A PP GOAL! Holy moly, what sacrifice will #Canucks fans have to provide the hockey gods for that… #TGATTKiran Mehat
Wait! Was that actually a functional power play?!!?Alyssa Kupila
Well that goal pretty much cost us Daniel Sedin’s life.Schneider’s Teeth
Breaking News – Powerplay goals are infact legal in vancouver hockeyLuu’s Lemons
1 for 33 is still awful.Ron MacLean
A #Canucks power play goal? What is this? Dark magic? #TGATTChris Golden
Of course, now that the Canucks are capable of scoring on the power play, the Wild get a very brief 5-on-3 thanks to penalties to Bieksa and Daniel.
Bieksa has looked completely lost since coming back. Sloppy plays, unmotivated skating, & now undisciplined plays. Needs to get it togetherSpencer
Jonas Brodin scores to tie it up. Nobody wants to be your bro here Brodin!
#MNWild tie it up on the PP. Brodin? That sounds like a made up name, bro. #CanucksEd Lau
Brodins before hodins #Wild #Canucksmisterdilly®bar
Have you heard? Revolution is almost back. Garrett has, and he is pumped. 
Garrett has such terrible taste in television. Revolution is an awful show.Pass it to Bulis
Garret should quit color and just review tv shows.Kirk Paul
John Garrett, I will come to your house and eat KD with hotdogs but I will not watch Revolution with you. Please stop asking.Claire Gibson
Loving John Garrett’s views on TV shows. The power is back on in Revolution! #canucks #TGATTnewvanfan
Garrett’s ramblings are getting more and more hilarious. Dude’s a total cartoon. #thepowerisbackon #CanucksGraeme Tait
A weird looking necklace took all the POWER away and people had to fight with swords for some reason. But now it’s BACK and they have helicopters, so I sure hope they haven’t killed all the pilots yet.
Revolution: Returns March 25th Trailer (HD)televisionpromos
In better entertainment news, the Veronica Mars movie is going to be a thing. I want to celebrate with you during the second intermission.
Kristen Bell – Veronica Mars – Sings – One Way or Anotherpunjabimc1
She even has an appreciation for Canada.
My favorite scene from Veronica Marsleathertuskadero
This is the stuff we should be showing Garrett guys.
The Wild score to take the lead 2-1. 
Charlie Coyle with a perfect redirect… that’s what the #Canucks need to learn to do… 2-1 #Wild early in the 3rd.Andrew Ngo
Coyle re-direct of Stoner shot goes high over Luongo’s right shoulder. #wild take 2-1 leadStu Walters
Cullen scores, giving the Wild a 3-1 lead. Keith Ballard did not do himself any favors here.
See you in 5 games Keith. :(Wyatt Arndt
Keith Ballard will never play another professional hockey game again.Dimitri Filipovic
Ugh. Ballard misses the body check and let’s Cullen get throw. Through the five hole. Son of a #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
Half-assed open ice hip check thrown by Ballard results in a goal. #Avsdoghouse #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
I want Ballard to do well. I really do, but when I see missed plays like that… Ugh. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Imagine the post game rants there would be if Tortorella was the coach of the CanucksMarcus Anderson
Rogers Arena can stop cooking the spaghetti tonight. #spaghettiisforwinnersWyatt Arndt
It can’t be good when sparkly vampires are scoring on you.
I hate myself just a little for knowing that reference.
I’m done. Defense this season has been abysmal more often than not. Painful to watch, needs to be addressed. Want to be contenders? FIX IT!Spencer
Roberto Luongo has allowed three goals or more in six of his last eight starts. The Canucks have trouble scoring. Bad combo all around.Hosea Cheung
“The net is lonely.” Canucks pull their goalie with just under two minutes left.
We all thought the PP goal would have propelled us to a win, admit it. #TGATTRebecca Harrington
You know what would make me feel better right now? If John Garrett talked about food. #canucks #TGATT #comfortfoodnewvanfan
Well… that sucked. Game over 3-1 loss to Minnesota
Maybe tomorrow the #Canucks will wake up and realize the division title is no longer their birthright.Guts McTavish
Canucks lose again? General Manager Nero has some solutions for some personnel moves. #StarTrek #ferfuck
Better luck tomorrow.

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