The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 2 at Coyotes 1

The Canucks are battered and bruised, but made it to Phoenix. Well most of them did. Steve Pinizzotto and Zack Kassian did not. Chris Higgins did, but tweaked his back in the morning and couldn’t play. At this point they really just need to hold on and bubble wrap everyone. At all times.

Now, on to the game.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks at Phoenix Coyotes

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The team is battered and bruised, but made it to Phoenix.  Well most of them did.  Steve Pinizzotto and Zack Kassian did not.  Chris Higgins did, but tweaked his back in the morning and couldn’t play. At this point they really just need to hold on and bubble wrap everyone. At all times.
“@OneGirlOnePuck: The Canucks are only a few injuries away from running a fan contest to play on their fourth line.” #tgattJustine Galo
@canucksgame I hope no more people gets injured!Eddie Lack
Not superstitious but I posted this last time and the #Canucks won. Nothing wrong with a bit of Divine Intervention. <a href="" class=""></a>Clay Imoo
With a shortage of forwards, the Canucks had to make some choices. 

First up: A call up for prospect Andrew Gordon.
Andrew Gordon out for warmup wearing No. 44. Somewhere, Todd Bertuzzi is pissed. #CanucksBrad Ziemer
Commissioner Gordon is playing for the #Canucks tonight, eh? #TGATTChris Golden
Also, playing Keith Ballard on the fourth line.
I see what AV was doing now! Hiding and resting the Canucks secret scoring threat in the doghouse! You sly devil you! #Ballard #cupisoursSpencer
What if Ballard has an amazing game as a forward and we all realize that he’s not that bad he was just playing out of position all the timeTurtle
I so want Bally to have an absolutely AWESOME game!!! C’MON BALLY YOU CAN DO THIS!! #TGATTDeborah D Burke
These #Canucks forward lines are either going to create something glorious or be the biggest dog’s breakfast in NHL history. #TGATTClay Imoo
Game on! 

And the Canucks’ first goal comes from everyone’s favorite half-man, half-machine: Chris Tanev. 
Canucks at Coyotes – Chris Tanev 1-0 Goal – 03.21.13 – HDcanuckshd
#BLAMETANEV for the first goal of the game!! #tgatt #CanucksG30luonGOLD
I don’t always do cartwheels in my backyard; but when I do, it’s because Chris Tanev scored. #TGATTj.Bowman
Hey @lyteforce give the kids at BP a show. Tanev scores #Canucks #tweetup #tgattJustine Galo
Slapshot to the face is no big deal for CT #GOAL #truck #tanev #canucksolivia browning
Tanev! 1-0 #Canucks! That sound you hear is @lyteforce screaming like a little girl.Ed Lau
I’m not a big stat guy, but the Canucks win 100% of the games in which Chris Tanev scores a goal. #science #TGATTj.Bowman
Sexy defensive play MayRay. You get a gold star.Jenn Johnson
Crazy injuries. Illness. When all hope is lost… #CallOnTanev TGATTKent Basky
@canucksgame hey bud give Tanman a Eddie smile when u see him! Something like this: <a href="" class=""></a>Eddie Lack
In the second period, Daniel Sedin takes the puck to the net and gets pushed in to Coyotes goaltender, Mike Smith.
I think Smith was trying to shield himself as opposed to deliberately punching Daniel. Will have to see it again though #CanucksMatt Baker
Mike Smith proving that glove hurts. #Canucks #TGATTShane Wheaton
Smith gets a glove punch in and Daniel goes off the ice, leaving a blood trail as he goes.
Eventually the Canucks will only be dressing a team of defenceman. Alain will call this "the best thing I’ve ever seen."Wyatt Arndt
I can’t believe AV let Daniel get hurt on that play, that is just SOOOO typical. #Canucks #TGATTWe’veGotTwins
Smith looks like he needs to leave, but he toughs it out.
Mike Smith embellishes contact with the best of ’em. He’s the Dustin Brown of goaltendingSeamus McKale
It’s Goaltender Hot Potato. #Canucks #coyotesLinds
This awkward Mike Smith or Jason Labarbera dance is weird…. "I’m leaving NOPE JUST KIDDING. Now I’m leaving. NOPE, SKATE SHARPENING!"Wyatt Arndt
Not to be outdone, Danny soon returns to the bench.
Danny’s back… he doesn’t need his face intact to score, anyway. #CanucksElisabeth Blue
"Daniel Sedin is returning to the bench, with a Phantom of the Opera mask" – What I wish Shorty just said.j.Bowman
The Angels : My Boyfriend’s Backnearlyoutofideas
Call it karma, but as Smith tries to play the puck later in the period, Alex Edler runs into him behind the net and Phoenix takes offense. The gloves are off. 
whenever someone hits Mike Smith – legitimate or not – he turns into the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Tube Man.Michael Blinn
Wow Mike Smith should change his first name to Mime Smith. What an actor! #douchebag #tgattJustine Galo
Daniel Day-Lewis in net for the Coyotes. This time he ain’t walking away with a statue.j.Bowman
Doesn’t Mike Smith worry about hurting his neck snapping his head back like that? Unreal. 5 for charging? Hilarious #TGATTKent Basky
Cheech is completely correct. Goalie out of crease, holds puck, he should be treated like a d-man. #canucks #coyotes #NHL @sportsnetmurphJosh Hall
Maybe if you don’t want to get hit don’t go that far out of your net you diving weenie.Alix
#tgatt GOLD! “@choderama: Mike Smith is out with hurt feelings.”luonGOLD
It looked like even Cory was going to jump into it, but he was told to stay on his side of the ice, which was probably a good choice… but also? That would have been AWESOME.
I like to think that while the rest of the bench was dissuading Schneider, @strombone1 was yelling "Come on you can take him Cory!"Pseu Sue
If Lou had been in goal, Smith would have been down for good during that scrum…#dontmesswiththeitalians #TGATTKiran Mehat
I decided to find you guys a goalie fight clip anyway. We all win.
Syracuse Crunch St John’s Ice Caps line brawl, goalie fight 1 26 2013amazingsports1111
Edler ends up getting a 5-minute charging major. Y’all are not impressed.
5 for charging? I call shenanigans. SHENANIGANS. #canucksLinds
In case you were wondering that was Edlers first major penalty of his careerGarry Valk
I try not to complain about officiating. But when i do, Mike Smith is usually involved. #Canucks #CoyotesBruce Ng
If the Canucks lose this game I’m gonna find Mike Smith and I’m gonna lightly brush up against himSchneider’s Teeth
The second intermission treats us to a Tanev homecoming feature, in which he is adorably awkward. 
Awkward Tanev is awkward. And adorable.Jenn Johnson
poor tanev. this seems super awkward. #blametanev @eddielack why aren’t you in this…?krystyna pangilinan
Less than three minutes into the third and Phoenix scores on a delayed penalty.
#Coyotes tie the game on a delayed penalty. Antoine Vermette buries the loose puck in front. #CanucksMatt Lee
We need to talk. RT @concretefluff I start watching PHX scores and ties the game. I am Canucks kryptonite. #tgattCanucks Hockey Blog
The howling after a Coyotes goal has me howling, in an "I’m so embarrassed for you, Yotes fans" kind of way. #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
Everybody updates on the score, so I think I’ll just give vague updates: "bad things happened. My face is sad. Phoenix is full of jerks"j.Bowman
The Canucks get their one-goal lead back thanks to a goal from Schreoder. 2-1 good guys.
Canucks at Coyotes – Jordan Schroeder 2-1 Goal – 03.21.13 – HDcanuckshd
LITTLE GUY!!!!!Eddie Lack
S C O R E S!!! Schroeder scores his 3rd of the year after Tanev scores his 2nd. #tgatt who needs their 4th of the year? Pattern developing.luonGOLD
Schroeder!!! #Canucks showing some 3rd period life for the first time in ages and pops it past LaBarbera for the 2-1 lead #TGATTKent Basky
I’m going to start calling Schreoder "Shredder". Because #TMNT. Also, he needs some spiky shoulder pads.Linds
Wolves Hatty anyone??Eddie Lack
As far as any of us know, the rest of the game never happened. Why? aired a commerical.
Are you a "young stud"? Looking for either a divorcee or a single mom? Boy do I know the place for you! <a href="" class=""></a>Dimitri Filipovic
Cougar Life, this is real? Seriously? Wow. This is amazing.Wyatt Arndt
It’s cougar life in the cityJenn Johnson
Sorry "<a href="" class=""></a>", I don’t intend to end up as a "tasty snack" for anyone.j.Bowman
@jBowmancouver I see a sponsorship deal here, the VanCougar CanucksJeffy B
I’m so signing up to <a href="" class=""></a>. Pretty sure @Chris_Palliser is too.Chris Golden
…I don’t think 32 counts as "cougar" yet. Actually, all those women look younger than cougar age. #CanucksEd Lau
Cougar Life. Perfect ad placement considering David Booth probably watching Canucks game from home. #cougarhuntingHosea Cheung
These CougarLife and Durex commercials are to remind male hockey fans that Sportsnet cares about your sex life. After the game.Marda Miller
"Don’t get sucked in by the jingle." – My brother, re: Cougar Life.Linds
CougarLife’s membership just jumped by like 12000%Schneider’s Teeth
You guys are just finding out about Cougar Life? Got that shit on speed dial.BrowntoBure
Hahahaha! My timeline has deteriorated chirping about Cougar Life? FOCUS peeps. Games still on. 😉 #tgatt HUGE SAVE BY SCHNEIDS! See???luonGOLD
Forget CougarLife. It’s a hockey game being shown in Canada. Where’s the PuckBunnyLife? #tgattVictoria
This broadcast has become "Cougar Life dot com commercial featuring hockey game", at least based on TwitterSeamus McKale
Once those cougars made an appearance, it was all anyone cared about. 

Martin Hanzal almost scored for Phoenix, but luckily no one showed Schneider the Cougar commercial yet, so at least he was focused.
Canucks are lucky that Cory Schneider is on his game, but seriously, how do you lose track of someone that is 6’6”?Dimitri Filipovic
Hanzel has a great scoring chance there, then he remembered Schneider was in net. He shot. Why? Who knows.Canucks Game
The refs made sure they played every last second, even with half the players in the locker room already, but Canucks stil won 2-1.
Very good win for the #Canucks. Cory is playing his best hockey of the season. Another big game from him #TGATTCaylie King
CanucksWin! Lead by the Baby Canucks: Tanev & Schroeder we take this one 2-1. 32 saves for SCHNEIDS and no new injuries. #progress #tgattluonGOLD
*HIGH FIVE* #CANUCKS FANS!!! Nucks hang on and win in the desert on Jordan Schroeder’s third period goal!Ed Lau
If y’all can tear yourself away from your new Cougar Life profiles, come visit Richmond for the Kings game and CHB Tweetup Saturday.

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