The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 3 vs Blues 2

Still trying to get last night’s game out of our minds, we’re provided the best tonic – a game the following night against St. Louis rolling in hot.


The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks vs St. Louis Blues

The Canucks play the second of a back-to-back on home ice after two disappointing losses to Detroit and Minnesota.

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The Canucks are right back into the action after a rough loss to the Wild last night. No one was impressed, and not even my best Veronica Mars videos could make it better. Here’s hoping the team has a better game tonight.
Jake Allen is 8-1. St. Louis has won five of last six. Not exactly the perfect opponent for struggling Vancouver. Puck drops in 10 mins.Hosea Cheung
I think our team could use some extra help tonight, all the way from Rome.
If the @VanCanucks ever need Divine Intervention, I will do whatever I can. Imoo
Coach V seems to be taking his time picking his lineup, but Ballard and Kassian are in, while Ebbett and Alberts are out.
Bally’s in?!. Huh. Are we sure there’s not a Bally/AV kind of Freaky Friday thing going on?Alix
This all needs to wait until the Montreal – Buffalo game wraps up though. Buffalo won by the way.
Hello Twitter It’s game time; why is my feed NOT showing me what we know as Canucks Hockey? Have they called it quits for the season? #TGATTDeborah D Burke
Hey Canucks fans, enjoying Montreal-Buffalo in OT? You just missed three goals in this game! All highlight-reel too!Hosea Cheung
I bet you thought you’d get to watch the #Canucks game in its entirety, didn’t you? TSN has something to say about that!Dimitri Filipovic
Don’t worry,  we made it back in time for the game. Although there’s some parts that you wish you didn’t need to see.
Cuthbert just referred to the Weise-Sestito-Pinnizotto line as "interesting." Which is Cuthbert being awfully, awfully generous.Mike Halford
And a Kassian fight! Stewart and Kassian trade blows, while Lapierre helpfully clears away their sticks.
Chris Stewart vs Zack Kassian Mar 19, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
Kassian vs Stewart tilt. The All-Hair team has some tough customers. Solid fight. #canucks #bluesHosea Cheung
“@KinseySS: Wow way to take the heat out of the fight. Tripping on sticks >< #Canucks” i couldn’t help but laugh watching kass almost trip!Harmen Ashley Tatla
That might be Kassian’s best play in weeks, getting the red-hot Stewart off the ice for 5. #TGATTKent Basky
Kassquatch looking like he belongs in Slapshot, the movie! #tgattJustine Galo
More entertaining than the fight was Lapierre and the ref clearing the equipment out of the way so they could goSeamus McKale
I like both those guys. Those guys like fighting. Everybody’s happy.Shaun Stewart
Great save Schneider! (Repeat as needed.) That save was Lack-approved.
Wow that’s a save!!!! #highlightEddie Lack
#TGATT RT @sedinitronic: Moves. Like. Schneider.Victoria
Schneider is Tanev-level cool tonight #canucksSeamus McKale
DE-SCHNEID! #Canucks I feel like CoryRhymeswithGlory is going to need to make some spectacular saves tonight to keep us in this. #tgattluonGOLD
Cory Schneider definitely came to play today…too bad we can’t say that about the rest of the Canucks #wherestheheart @eddielackMinhas
So Schneider is finally giving us the goaltending we need. Now can we finally score and win this game already? #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
That’s a wrap on a scoreless first period, in which the Canucks didn’t even take enough shots to get a good buzz going.
Canucks being overwhlemed by fresh and superior Blues team. Shots were 15-3 Blues but, hey, Nux better on faceoffs 9-for-14. #canucksElliott Pap
Shots are 15-3 for the Blues? Cool. Sounds like a surefire way to win.Jenn Johnson
So yeah remember #shotshotshotshotshotshots lets do that again! #CanucksWanda
"3 shots in twenty minutes" sounds like a really crappy drinking game.Don
Hey, 33% of the Canucks’ shots this period were scoring chances!Schneider’s Teeth
I would now like to use the second period to remind everyone of the girl, the legend, Kelly.
Burrows asking Backes how Kelly is doing? #nicegirl #tgattJustine Galo
The Canucks Trash Talk the Blues on Game 1 of the 08/09 Playoff Series in HDcanuckshd
Back on the ice for the second and the Canucks score!

That goal was so hot the net had to spit it right back out. Raymond to Hansen to the net.
Canucks Vs Blues – Jannik Hansen 1-0 Goal – 03.19.13 – HDcanuckshd
Hansen’s shot was just under the bar, where Mom keeps the shotgun shells. (Mom owned a biker pub.) #CanucksPass it to Bulis
It has been said that "speed kills" and Raymond and Hansen just proved it #Canucks #TGATTPaulie Walnuts
Hansen is attempting the impossible. Winning both the unsung hero and team MVP. #Canucks #stretchGuts McTavish
I love Jannik Hansen to itty bitty pieces. He was shoulder-shimmying his along-the-bench high fives. That was the best.Cam Davie
Sesitio and Reaves scrap at puck drop, but there’s still words to be had in the box. 
Ryan Reaves vs Tom Sestito Mar 19, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
Weak. They danced. No real punches landed. @hosea24hours and I battle more for the softest chair in the press box.Canucks Game
Reaves asking Sestito why he wouldn’t friend him on facebook. Things are getting heated in the penalty box.Wyatt Arndt
The Sedins must have felt left out. Henrik passes the puck right through the legs of a defense man, straight into the waiting stick of brother Daniel. 2 – 0 Canucks.
Canucks Vs Blues – Daniel Sedin 2-0 Goal – 03.19.13 – HDcanuckshd
That’s Daniel Sedin’s first goal in nine games. Gets his ninth of the season. #Canucks with just four shots in second, two goals.Hosea Cheung
Daniel was upset that Hansen tied his goal lead. Goes out and scores. I like. #TGATT #canucksJustin Abraham
Hitch must be furious. Probably told his players not to let Henrik time to pass behind the net 1000000 times.Kirk Paul
This is the best Daniel has looked in a while. Very active tonight, lots of confidence with the puck. #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
A great pass from Schroeder to Weise allows Dale to show off why he’s a Dutch league Superstar, and he kindly asks that we stop making fun of him for a few days.
Canucks Vs Blues – Dale Weise 3-0 Goal – 03.19.13 – HDcanuckshd
Holy shiz. Who is this guy? Great power move by Dale Weise to finish a great pass of by Schroeder. #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
DUTCH GRETZKYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! Because this game naturally needed a Dale Weise highlight reel goal #TGATTKent Basky
That was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! #Canucks #TGATT Jordan to Dale to the goal!Glen Thayer
Beautiful goal by WEISE (?!?!?) Schroeder with a perfect pass to earn the apple. #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
Schroeder’s pass to Weise was so sick, it oughta be quarantined. It could kill a third of Europe otherwiseKevin Zecchel
Ready for the third? Good, Because Schwartz was. He gives St. Louis there first goal. 3-1.

Okay, who said shutout? #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Shocker*. After yet another firedrill in front of Schneids, Blues score. #dreadedtwogoallead #TGATT #Canucks *not actually shocked.luonGOLD
Oh. Oh no. Not only did St. Louis score, but the puck hit Tanev in the ear on it’s way in.
Tanev gets clocked in the head with a shot and the rebound goes right to Berglund. Lucky break for Blues, who cut #Canucks lead to 3-2Matt Lee
Berglund scores after he collects the rebound off Chris Tanev’s head. OUCH. It’s a one goal game. #Canucks lead 3-2 with 6 minutes to play.Ed Lau
Chris Tanev has a better save percentage than our goalies. #TGATT #CanucksJordan Ortillan
I love how Tanev was going to start playing again, until he saw the goal was scored. #highpainthresholdErik Rolfsen
Guy gets hit in the head by puck and goes down. No one even thinks of blowing a whistle. NHL clearly cares about player safety. #TGATTJustin Abraham
Tanev just goes to the dressing room to put some skin spray on like in I, Robot.’s Teeth
With a one-goal lead the Canucks are awarded a delayed penalty, and proceed to kill the clock for a full minute, with Mason Raymond almost scoring. That was some kind of amazing.
That entire delayed penalty situation that just went on was like the SMARTEST play the boys have made all year hahahaЖilbey
There’s not a lot of opportunity for exciting clock-killing, but that was pretty sweet right there.Shaun Stewart
The #Canucks just THRILLED us by sitting back. If AV does get fired, this game was his breakup sex.Pass it to Bulis
Hansen trolling the entire St Louis team. That was UNREAL.Wyatt Arndt
I swear if the goal of hockey was play keep away the Canucks would win every damn game #TGATTSean Holmes-Smith
If the Canucks scored there I am fairly certain the goal celebration in the stands would have blown the roof off. Babies tossed on ice.Wyatt Arndt
Game over, Canucks win! Final score is 3-2 and the Canucks continue their TSN home win streak. Hells ya.
#Canucks win and Weezy gets the game winner. Not pretty, but it will do. #TGATTJustin Abraham
We. Freaking. Won. YES! #TGATTVictoria
#winning! And that’s a wrap. Solid middle frame, Schneids kept ’em in it the first 20 and dumb luck got us through the last period. #TGATTluonGOLD
This is the part where everybody revises the game in retrospect and makes it look like it was all offensive domination all the time.Not-So-Miss Kelli

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