The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 1 at Blues 2 (SO)

After rolling through some of the weaker teams in the West, the Canucks begin a stretch of games against potential playoff dance partners.

They started with a game against the St. Louis Blues last night, a chippy affair that featured a lot of rough stuff and name calling, and resulted in a 2-1 Canucks loss in the shootout.

So, of course, we find a way to work an O.C. reference in TGATT.

Here’s the game recap in your tweets.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 1 at St. Louis Blues 2 (SO)

The Canucks continue their road trip and the second half of a back-to-back in St. Louis.

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We’re back and the Canucks are all ready to go in St. Louis. 

Well, almost all of them. Kevin Bieksa will sit this one out.

Bieksa out with groin injury…… does he need help with that? Because… #puckbunnythoughtsVictoria
Seems like the early start is keeping some of you away as well.
At work till 11pm so I’m stuck listening to the game on the radio LIKE SOME KIND OF BARBARIAN!!Jennifer
Cory Schneider is back in net, with a special message for his hometown on his stick.
Special message on Cory Schneider’s stick tonight. #prayforBoston #Canucks Canucks
And… game on!
It’s not the most eventful first period we’ve ever seen…
It has been a slow start. 17:29 left in 1st, 0-0 game. RT @concretefluff: @canucksgame It’s the Bluezzzzzzzzzz, not you.Canucks Game
Although, Keith Ballard seems to be up to no good.
Ballard’s, "who me" shrug after clearly decking a Blue is why I love the guy.Kirk Paul
Keith Ballard just up and punched a Blues player. No disguising it at all. Oh Bally… that was wrong but so awesome. #CanucksVictoria
If Ballard was not busy getting shots in at anyone he could find the Blues may have gotten 15 less chances in those last couple minutesSchneider’s Teeth
The team seems to have decided to let Cory earn himself a first star this game.
Safe to say Canucks will be utilizing the "pray Cory stops everything and maybe scores a goal or two" for the playoffs.Wyatt Arndt
First period is over. All I can say about the 0-0 score is thank you Cory Schneider. #CanucksOmar
And on that note, we head to the first intermission, where I hear there’s rumors of an outdoor game coming to little ol’ Vancouver.
@KB34myHart Dion
Is this outdoor game news for realz? OMGOMGOMG. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.Alix
6 NHL outdoor games next season? Does this mean 6 versions of HBO’s 24/7 too?Canucks Hockey Blog
I probably could have named 15-20 teams that would’ve made more sense to play the #Canucks at BC Place than the Senators, but whatever. Fun.Dimitri Filipovic
Back for the second period. 
Someone must have taken the last window seat on the plane, because Kesler is one angry Ryan tonight. Ryan Atwood angry.
I’d like to commend the prankster who urinated in Ryan Kesler’s coffee this morning.Dimitri Filipovic
It’s angry Kesler tonight. Great battle with Sobotka all game. Not sure, however, running Jackman is the best idea.Jason Botchford
Barrett Jackman is just mad because he could win 5 Stanley Cups and he will still be the second best Jackman on the planet. #Wolverinej.Bowman
David Backes and Angry Ballard look ready for a fight when Alex Burrows sweeps in out of no where to stop him, or tackle him, or maybe just hug him.. no one is quite sure what that was.
Let Keith Ballard draw him in by dropping the gloves and have Burrows jump him from behind! #canucksHosea Cheung
Oh man that 2 on 1 fight would’ve been hilarious. #KB4knockoutj.Bowman
Clearly, Burrows wanted to go off early here so he could be well-rested to win da turd.Pass it to Bulis
Keith Ballard’s new nickname is "The Feisty Decoy" #TGATTj.Bowman
oooh Ballard was mad. I don’t think Burr should’ve jumped in though #Canucksashley
Well that was a weird sequence of eventsSeamus McKale
Whatever it was, it probably wasn’t the best idea Burrows ever had. He’ll spend 4 minutes in the box.
I’m a Burr fan but that was one of the stupidest things he could do. And it may cost us. He needs to check his French Canadian fury. #TGATTVictoria
Ballard gets a penalty for making teeth marks on Backes stick…. #TGATTPaul Tonsaker
Burrows got 4 for hugging there. #Canucks #TGATTBruce Ng
A little advice for Burrows: if Backes wants to go off for 5 mins with Ballard, let him. All day. Every day.Jeff Paterson
With only 12 seconds left in the period, Alex Edler scores a goal! Powerplay to boot! Nice screen by Jannik Hansen.
Canucks at Blues – Alex Edler 1-0 Goal – 04.16.13 – HDcanuckshd
That’s what I’m talking about…Edler with his sniper! #TGATTKiran Mehat
On that Edler goal, finally a bounce from the post that goes in for the #canucks. Too many times they have been denied.Justine Galo
Edler’s 7th of the year and 50th career goal (according to Fox Sports so I may be spewing lies…) #Canucks #TGATTVictoria
The third period it a go. The Canucks have a lead to protect, so I’m sure it’ll be fabulous.
Oh no.  Jay Bouwmeester scores the tying goal with 9:10 left to play. At least people are finally noticing Cam Barker…
Cam Barker trying to be the next Aaron Rome of the #canucks. Norris? #tgattJustine Galo
Son of a Barker. #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
Barker is bad at hockey. #hardhittinganalysis #TGATT #CanucksJustin Abraham
The moment he signed with the Canucks, Cam Barker was destined for that moment. That one right there.Seamus McKale
Hey Canucks! FYI, defensive breakdowns while sitting back in a 1 goal game probably ISN’T THE BEST FLIPPIN’ IDEA, EH? #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
Salt, meet wound. #tgatt RT @camcharron: Cam Barker was drafted third overall.Victoria
Angry Alberts is in the middle of the next scuffle.
Alberts wants to play Hulk Smash! Perron don’t even think about it!! #tgatt #canucksJustine Galo
This game has featured tons of roughhousing and horseplay. Kindergarten teachers everywhere are not impressed.j.Bowman
I’m sure Alberts told Backes to tell Kelly he said hi #Canucks #TGATTYellow Canuck
#35 in BeastMode and the Zebras need some RedBull to wake the F up! Is Zebra #66 going to get 2 for roughing with that shove on Bally?luonGOLD
Backes is 6’3", 221. Ballard is 5’11", 208. In case you were wondering why Backes would much rather go with Ballard than Alberts. #CanucksCanucks Hockey Blog
It all ends with Backes in the box yelling at Kassian for… his receding hairline? That is fantastic. You go enjoy your luscious locks Backes.
Now I want the Ducks and Blues to meet in the playoffs so Backes can shame Getzlaf to finally Bic that nonsense.Pass it to Bulis
Backes your hairline is receding too, sweetie. So I wouldn’t throw stones in a balding hairline house.Alix
"You’re bald but stay away from me do not punch me I swear to god"Gráinne
This game was worth the laugh for that balding chirp from Backes to Kassian. #lmao #CanucksMar
Hahahahahahaha who is Backes making fun of for being bald because that is awesome.Schneider’s Teeth
I’m going to take Dorothy Backes out for a nice seafood dinner and then NEVER call her again! #TGATTj.Bowman
Does David Backes think Zack Kassian actually cares about his appearance? Has he seen what Kassian looks like? #Canucks #BluesAdam Graham
"Oh yeah! Well…your bald!" – David Bakes trash talk. #Canucks #KellysAGreatGirlChris Pysanczyn
David Backes is a BALDISTAndrew Cieslak
TIEEEEE GAME. We’re off to overtime. 
Great save by Luongo! You heard me. Just because he’s on the bench doesn’t mean he can’t pitch in.
LUUUUUUUU WITH THE SAVE. …at the bench. Good to see Lu’s alert and ready, catching a puck heading into the #Canucks bench.Ed Lau
Awww Luongo gave puck to a young fan #alwaysaclassact 🙂 #CanucksLorrieForseth
LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU flashes the leather. From the bench. Which isn’t as awesome as between the pipes. But, I’ll take it. #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
When a goalie on the bench catches a puck he isn’t actually credited with a save because the puck is headed wide of the net. #canucksBrant Hardy
Overtime’s over, but not before Backes gets one more shot.
Wow, Backes gets a clear shot right in the slot and he misses high as OT ends. Shootout coming up.Ed Lau
Backes misses….. the shot and being a winner at life. #Justsaying #MaybeImOverreacting #WhoCares #BackesBlowsVictoria
Now we’re heading to the shootout. Predictions?
Pretty sure backes is going to jump on the ice and hit someone during the shootoutJason Botchford
I hope Ballard scores the shootout winner and does a Yakupov all the way down the iceSeamus McKale
*ties an onion to his belt* You know, there was a time when that horn went that meant the game was over. It was a tie & it was okay #TGATTKent Basky
If your goalie is taken out by the  Zamboni before the shootout, do you get a do-over?
Surprized Backes wasn’t driving that zamboni that was aimed right at SchneiderSeamus McKale
The zamboni was headed right for Cory Schneider before the shootout. Clearly it was Luongo driving. #Canucks #BluesAdam Graham
The pre-shootout break is so long we have time to enjoy the full version of Jock Jams. Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it.
dammit jock jams, why do you have to be so damn catchy! #canucksChris Schneider
Now I can’t get the Vancouver Grizzlies dance team out of my head due to the pre-shootout music selection. #tgattJustine Galo
Kudos to Scottrade Center for the music selection. I think this was on my Dance Mix 93 cassette.Don
Jock Jams – Are You Ready For Thistapperthaman
McDonald… Scores.
Roy… Hits the post
Shattenkirk… Stopped by Schneids.
Burrows… No good.
Burr off the post but then takes out a Zebra!! #WINNING #TGATT #CanucksluonGOLD
Steen… Goal. Game over.
Schneider sucks in shootouts, cause his teammates can’t put a bloody puck in the net. #CanuckFanLogicBrowntoBure
Losing in the s/o but the #canucks could have easily lost this game in regulation. But they fought to get a point tonight.Justine Galo
Rough game.  Pretty playoff-like.  Should be another one on Thursday.

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