The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 1 at Stars 5

Against another potential playoff opponent, the Canucks collapsed once again last night. This time around, they allowed 4 goals in the third period and lost 5-1 loss to the Dallas Stars.

The forwards were bad, and the defense was especially bad.

Get well soon, Kevin Bieksa and Chris Tanev. We need you back.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 1 at Dallas Stars 5

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Welcome to Dallas where we’ll be welcoming a new Derek to the team. Derek Joslin joins the blueline.
Joslin, Roy and Jory – the three amigos! RT @Ra_Erickson: @canucksgame excited to have another Derek around?Canucks Game
If you aren’t as mathematically inclined as certain other hockey bloggers, the numbers have declared that a Canucks win clinches a playoff spot for the team.
True fact: If the #Canucks win tonight, they will have 57 points, which is notable because Heinz has 57 varieties.Pass it to Bulis
@passittobulis Making a play for John Garrett’s job? #FoodTriviaBrandon Goehringer
Even purple.
In case you forgot Coach V’s favorite son, Aaron Rome, calls Dallas home now, so I’m sure these games are always special for them. Steve Pinizzotto does not know who he’s dealing with.
AV will bench Pinnizotto for doing that to Rome… #CanucksCurtis Reid
Someone should warn Pinizzotto about hitting Aaron Rome. AV will not be pleased.Wyatt Arndt
One day, Aaron Rome will tell Kevin Connauton bedtime stories of what it was like playing with the Sedins #Canucks #TGATTYellow Canuck
Romer letting Pinizzotto know how AV likes his coffee. "Does he talk about me, ever?"Jordan Clarke
Don’t worry Rome, Pinner isn’t trying to steal AV from you #simmerdownJenn Johnson
Ha! Aaron Rome, jealous he’s no longer a CanuckMar
There’s not a lot to report from the first, at least until Andrew Alberts got his stick stuck in a crack and ended up with Derek Roy’s stick, while Roy played with an elongated stick.
"Alberts playing with Roy’s stick" -Shorthouse #nhlpornShane M
Sharing (sticks) is caringJenn Johnson
"Doubt your stick can actually be ‘too long’, Shorty. Just ask the ladies"- John Garrett’s response, if he were still alive.Dimitri Filipovic
TRADE ALL THE STICKS! #canucksPseu Sue
For the second intermission, I want everyone to marvel at Jurassic Park because I saw it in 3-D and it was AWESOME.
God dammit Phil.
Kitchen scene Jurassic Parkwumbabop
Did Phil know the raptors can open doors? Because that isn’t even fair. FIX IT, Phil.
The second period is underway when Henrik takes a puck to the mouth at a faceoff. He’ll be off until he stops dripping blood on the ice.
Quick, collect Sedins blood so we can clone a third!!Wyatt Arndt
Scars are just part of a Swedish thug lifeJenn Johnson
Goal by Roy! That would’ve solicited a different reaction in Dallas a month ago. But now it means it’s 1-0 Canucks.
Canucks at Stars – Derek Roy 1-0 Goal – 04.18.13 – HDcanuckshd
Welcome back to Dallas. Derek Roy capitalizes on a beauty of a move. #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
12 days ago these fans would have cheered for a Derek Roy goal – NOW HE’S OURS, ALLLLL OURS!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAH HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!Canucks Game
Roy has to jump to reach the arms of Kesler.Wyatt Arndt
@passittobulis 5 of Roy’s six goals this year include the stars. #random #missleadingstat #canucksMatt
Dallas DJ trolling Roy, plays "Somebody I used to know" after Roy scores. #loveit #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
Somebody That I Used to Know – Walk off the Earth (Gotye – Cover)walkofftheearth
Vernon Fiddler scores in the aftermath of an expired powerplay for Dallas. It’s all tied up. Jokes on Fiddler, because Bieksa isn’t even here to see his angry face impression.
I hope Vernon Fiddler did his Bieksa imitation when he celebrated the goal. #Canucks #NHLStarsTommi Seppälä
Vern Fiddler scores, goes to the bench, realizes he can’t mock Bieksa with an angry face impression and actually gets angry. #Canucks #StarsAdam Graham
Ugh. Not Fiddler. Tie game. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Goal or no goal, all I can think of when I see Fiddler is his Bieksa impression. #Canucks #TGATTRobyn Crystal
Was he on the roof!? RT “@elmeebaterina: WHY WASN’T ANYONE ON FIDDLER!?!?!! #Canucks #TGATT”Marc Pascua
Call the cops and lock him up, because Schneider just ROBBED Garbutt.
The Dallas fans got denied!!! I mean DeSchneid!!! #TGATT #CanucksElmee Baterina
Love the shot of Schneider’s glove after that save. "Awww, they were just about to show some closeups of the glove!"Seamus McKale
What a M O N S T E R save to keep this a 1-goal game by Schneids. Flashes the leather and De-SCHNEID All. Day. Long. #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
Maybe he’ll run into Ryan Atwood.
You know it’s one hell of a save when I’m OHHHHHing at home #Canucks #TGATTYellow Canuck
Schneider’s going to need an IV drip in his net to get through the season.BrowntoBure
On a related note, Cam Barker may not be very good hockey player.
Bob Barker >>>>> Cam Barker #Canucks #tgattLorna J
Staple Barker’s ass to the bench.Jordan Clarke
Cam Barker sure Cam Barker’d that one, eh?Dimitri Filipovic
The Stars almost get another one late in the second, but Alberts saves the day.
Kiss your post Cory. Then kiss Alberts. Alberts rhymes with GLORY on that one. #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
Dear Dallas fans: Goals only count before the whistle. #LookItUp #InTheRules #Canucks #StarsChris Pysanczyn
Meanwhile, shit is going down at the Canucks Tweetup.
It’s all fun & games until someone loses a limb over #canuckstweetup bingo.Chris Golden
The Stars kick off the third period with a goal. Jerks. Also a jerk? Cam Barker.
Go away, Cam Barker. Just go away.Josh Hamilton
Good Lord, Barker. You’re a defenceman, not a turnstile. You’re supposed to stop the guy, not count him as he goes by.Pass it to Bulis
The Stars scores again. Jamie Benn gets the puck after Burrows tries to pass to an unsuspecting Ballard. 3-1.
Ballard just wanted Barker to feel better about himself. What a team guy.Wyatt Arndt
Oh. The Stars score again. Awesome.
Okay I’m a jinx sorry #Canucks I new I shouldn’t have watched the 1st period. Last I checked it was 1-0 for van now it’s 4-1 … My bad lolMelissa
LMAO my mom looks at the canucks game, "4-1 ?!?! That’s no fun"Vivian C
I’m going to start flipping tables soon. Hold me down. #canuckstweetupShamil Meghji
Late in the game, Erik Cole scores on the power play. 5-1 Stars. A tussle ensues. 
Alberts just ripped a dude’s head off after a goal against, but yeah the team doesn’t respond and isn’t toughSchneider’s Teeth
Another Dallas goal. Wrap it up here boys. Tuck your tails and go home. I need a shower and is bedtime. #Canucks #tgattluonGOLD
Robidas needs a hanky. He keeps crying after every hit.Justine Galo
What the hell is happening in Dallas? #Canucks This is embarrassing.Marda Miller
Robidas has some apparent anger issues. Dr. Kassian will see you now #Canucks #TGATTYellow Canuck
Game over. 5-1 Dallas.
Hey guys, so remember when you all jumped on Luongo for those blow up games and screamed down those of us who said they were team collapses?Ian
Hundreds and hundred of #stars fans at the American Airlines Center are on their feet! Yeeee haw!!!! #tgattJustine Galo
Oh look, (insert any other tv program here) is on! Time to switch from this #Canucks game. #TGATTRobyn Crystal
Is that beeping noise I hear a truck backing up, or the Canucks backing into the playoffs again?;
At least when we lose, Aaron Rome wins. #swoonAlain Vigneault
Well.. At least this happens on Parks and Rec tonight…
Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster – Parks and Recreationnbcparksandrec
And if all else fails… Community Christmas kittens!
Here’s hoping for better luck on Saturday when the Canucks return home to face the Red Wings.

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