The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 1 vs. Ducks 3

Not exactly sure what happened between Monday and last night, but maybe the switch was flipped – just off? Or was it connected to the SkyTrain, because boy were there issues. Regardless, this tweet sums up the game nicely:

At least we have TGATT to make things better!

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 1 vs. Anaheim Ducks 3

Higgins, Hansen and Hamhuis put in a solid effort. Garrison got us a goal. But Hiller and the Ducks wanted it more and managed to earn the win without making this game the least bit interesting. Oh well, at least there were Awards – and boob talk!

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This is going to be the last time we hear John Garrett talk about food for six months. Cherish it, Vancouver.Pass it to Bulis
Pre-game ceremony at Rogers had the Canucks handing out their Team Awards! 
Team awards time. Ballard sweep.Wyatt Arndt
I didn’t get to see it, what with having to watch the local Anaheim broadcast, but I hear Hamhuis, Schneider, Higgins and Hansen all scored awards. 
How can you be the most exciting player and the unsung hero? #Hansen #TGATTSteve May
Steve, Steve, Steve, when you are a HoneyBadger like Hansen, you win whatever the heck you want. Cuz you CRAY-ZAY like that!
The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)czg123
Awards have been won, Luongo is in net and Canucks win the draw. Let’s DO this!
If tonight is Luongo’s final home game for #Canucks, he’s gone 136-53-26 here in reg. season at home with 24 shutouts #NHLJeff Paterson
Is anyone else getting ready to cheer, cry and give Luongo a standing O? #Canucks #TGATTYellow Canuck
Well, some of us are doing more than cheering…
I’m blowing kisses to Lu. XOXO
After a slow, uneventful start. Burrows gets the first penalty of the game. Hooking at 4:43
Burrows has the most minor penalties in the league? The Zebras got it out for him… #CanucksCanuck Nation
When in doubt, put Burrows in the box lol. #Canucks’ bad boy, leads the league in minor penaltiesDee
Someone should tell Burrows there isn’t a team trophy for most minor penalties.Wyatt Arndt
PERSONAL NOTE: The Anaheim announcers just used the dropped Andrew Alberts name and the term “defensive depth” in the same sentence. 
Tom Cruise Maniac Laugh (REMIX)suburbanhicks
Luongo makes his first save of the game. A lovely looking one. And then he makes a few more. 
Well this isn’t playoff hockey. Not a long going on yet, Luongo looking sharp with six saves, 11:28 left in 1st. 0-0 score. #CanucksG47Canucks Game
Does #tgatt care that this game is making me sleepy? . No flow… I am enjoying Lou in goal though. #CanucksluonGOLD
I know, Amy, it’s a snorefest. Disappointing considering these two teams are playoff bound. 

As the game gets more boring, talk turns to deeper subjects…
I wonder if Lovejoy gets a lot of Simpsonisms as smack talk on the ice. #tgattJustine Galo
The only thing worse than Smirnoff Ice? The plethora of #iced jokes right now. Weaker than the coverage on Getzlaf’s dome #TGATTKent Basky
More shots on goal needed for the canucks to have a favourable game…just sayin’ @canucksgame #TGATTTJ Vancouver
Can someone tell the top line that the game’s not called "keep away". The point is too hit the twine with the round rubber thingy. #tgattluonGOLD
I wonder if Hank has ever gone in on an odd-man rush thinking shoot? Is there an alternate reality where that’s true? #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
Another solid shot on Luongo. Hansen helped him block that one. 

And then another goalie we all know and love tweeted a selfie!
@canucksgame @aviewfromabroad c’mon I’m nothing but nice!!!! Lack
Hello, bearded Eddie Lack! But even Lack’s adorably scruffy face can’t stop the inevitable…

Just before the end of the 1st… it begins… Corey Perry’s whining.
Someone get Perry a tissue. He was stoned by Lu and whined a little after as he passed us. #tgattJustine Galo
Ughhh my hatred for Corey perry will never dieMonsieur Candie
I’m pretty sure these people are Perry’s relatives…
The 1st periods closes with shots Ducks leading Nucks 11-5. Everyone grab a caffeinated beverage  and get ready for the 2nd.
That new back-up #Canucks goalie looks so tense like he’s about to poop his pants lol! #chillkid #itsallgoodRoxy
Games that don’t matter to anyone are just brutal to watch. What on earth has happened in this game? #Canucks #NHLDucksEd Lau
#canucks vs ducks sucks. Game is in slow motionMike McManus
Canucks & Ducks scoreless,now in the second period #yawnerShawn Doerksen
Yep. Feeling an exhibition game vibe. #TGATTElmee Baterina
The only exciting thing about this game has been Luongo’s play. Other than that… *Yawn #Canucks #DucksDarrian Martinson
The whistles blow. Not just to wake up the audience either. Penalty Cogliano. Somehow the Ducks end up with a shot on goal from all this. 
LUOOOO #CanucksNicki
Luuuuu that was EPIC. #canucksAlyssa Campanella
LUUUUUUU! Saved Edler’s butt on that one. #CanucksHolly
That was a great pad save by Luongo. Louuuuuuuu! #tgatt #canucksluonGOLD
The Power Play is a coma nap. And then Belesky snags one for the Ducks. 
We have a goal: Cam Fowler with a point shot. Matt Beleskey was in front for the tip. Ducks lead 1-0 over the #Canucks.Hosea Cheung
aww ducks draw first blood. 0-1 oh well GO #Canucks #Lui GOJamie Way
Twitter crashes when the #Canucks get scored on by an AHL team. Bah!David
Lol I wonder if the Canucks actually give two shits that that went in .kyle
If that Ducks goal has you depressed, CHB’s Lyteforce knows how to turn that frown upside down!
@DCanuckgurl Boobs is a guaranteed pick-me-up. @thestanchion @jasgreywall #TGATTChris Golden
Kat Dennings vs. Christina Hendricks — The Cleavage Showdown!tmz
And then the Ducks score again. No, really…. 
2-0 #nhlducks Staubitz scores vs #canucksNHL Archive
Luongo didn’t see it.Lei-Lani
does roberto luongo ever expect a shot from a bad angle? #figureitoutbroAndrew Tufts
I hate how everyone is going to blame Luongo :(Priya K.
Well.. this 2nd period sure ain’t going the way we wanted. #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
Family guy – Disappointmentstevieboss
That last video is dedicated to Duncan Keith. 

And now back to this sad, little hockey game.
Is this taking a game seriously? Ummmm…okay! #TGATTKiran Mehat
After a pair of goals from the Ducks, is there a pair of something else that will make everything alright? #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
Chris is not letting this boob thing go. Fine. Let’s talk about boobs. 
Family Guy- Side Boobsparbineagle1
Unlike Lyteforce, some of us do have our mind on the game… which is still boring and frustrating.
MORE SHOTS! #CanucksAmanda
Canucks being outshot 22-8. They’re not winning the give-a-shit competition.Ed Willes
Anyone else want to complain? 
how i met your mother robin is quietyourmentaltorture
Now that we’ve got that out of our system…

Raymond, gets an unsportsmanlike penalty for showering Hiller. He didn’t use soap and water. Just snow.
Two minutes to Raymond. He woke up Hiller with snow shower. Should be awarded with star. Canucks player in front of Hiller, 1st time tonightJuha Hiitelä
Sigh I remember the days when guys would be sitting on Luongo and the refs would tell him to suck it up… #snowshowerreally #canucksSandy
Refs have been letting practically everything go this game, so of course they’ll call a penalty for a snow shower. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
The 2nd was all Ducks, no Nucks. 2-0 Anaheim. 
#Canucks have 9 shots so far. That about sums it up. Any cougar or cheater commercials I’m missing? #TGATTBruce Ng
Yes.. the #Canucks game is so interesting that I’ve resorted to talking about bras on twitter tonight. #TGATT #mysteriousstuffChris Golden
Dear Chris, why talk about the bra when you can talk about The Bro? 
Cosmo Kramer invention #8indigoblue25
While we wait for the Canucks to Win Da Turd, the CHBTV crew needs you to settle a raging debate: 
RT @lyteforce: Settle an argument we had on the latest episode of #CHBTV – who does Kassian most look like? #Canucks Lau
Third period is a go. Someone tell the Canucks.
hello everyone! lets #windaturd! #tgattCJ S.
#WinDaTurd #WinItForLuo #TeamLuongokirsten
Higgins accounts for a third of the team shots. #tgatt. 9 shots, he has 3.Justine Galo
And now Derek Roy takes a shot. That was exciting…. not really but I’ll take what I can get.
Shots are meant to make it into the net #canucksaisha
Canucks have 4 shots already in the first two minutes. Baby steps?Canucks Misconduct
Hey #Canucks, winning a puck battle might help!Lynsey Stepan
Hansen decides to make like Roy and Higgins and, you know, shoot the puck at the net. 
Hansen flying in with a shot. Stopped by Hiller. Soon. #KeepShooting. #GoNucksGoShamil Meghji
hansen our unsung heroHanlet
You wanna see a hero? Rob Lowe. The original Honeybadger.
Youngblood (1986) – Rob Lowe scores late penalty.jazzforall
Okay he’s not a HoneyBadger. I just needed a reason to put in a video of someone other than the Ducks scoring a goal. 
I was offered ticket to tonight’s #Canucks game, but I refused. So far it looks like I made the right decision. #TGATT #jobhuntingWalter Siu
You know it’s one of those games when you are excited that you can fold laundry… #TGATTKiran Mehat
A beauty chance for Canucks. A beauty save by Hiller. 
Hamhuis with a great rush, but remembers he’s the shut down dman right before he shoots #Canucks #TGATTYellow Canuck
Dan Hamhuis or Pavel Datsyuk who knowsJaspreet
It looked to me like Hamhuis could’ve walked the puck into the net there – what the hell happened? #CanucksQ Smith
Slide move by Hamhuis breaking into the Ducks zone but can’t lift it on the backhand. #Canucks still behind 2-0.Ed Lau
At this point Luongo should be miked. I’d like to here him Boooo this crowd. #canucksJason McCauley
Canucks can’t get over the Hill-er #PEWPEW #PUNZPanda Wingels Rasmus
Our H-Team – Higgins, Hansen and Hamhuis – is giving it their all. Unfortunately so is another H. Hiller.
Higgins line showing some signs of life. If we can get one goal we can get 2 #hope #pray #win #CanucksG47Christopher Fromin
Higgins gets yet another good chance on net, but Hiller seems to be a brick wall tonight.Canucks Misconduct
Every time my dad hears Higgin’s name, he has to make a cheesy reference to Magnum P.I…. Every time! #canucksstephanie murao
What’s that you say.. Stephanie?
Magnum P.I.- Higgins gone mad!harendziak12
Power Play! Canucks! Yippee.
Oooh a powerplay. #CanucksTracy
P-p-p-power play #CanucksPhil [ ● ]
Stick to Burrow’s face. Canucks get a 5-oon-3. It’s now or never boys! 
3:38 to actually make something of this. LET’S DO IT, #CANUCKS!Trevor Braun
Throw them off and do a Flying V #TGATT #CanucksElmee Baterina
Gift wrapped by the refs! Lets do this #CanucksMark
Jason Garrison to the rescue. BOOM! Nucks score. 
Canucks Vs Ducks – Jason Garrison Goal – 04.25.13 – HDcanuckshd
G O A L. I’m awake! Some Sedinery starts the play, Kes with an apple on Garrison’s slapper. #tgatt Beauty!luonGOLD
My goodness!! Garrison could’ve killed someone!! Wow #TGATT #CanucksElmee Baterina
That’s one back! 5 on 3 goal, Jason Garrison! 2-1 now! #NHL #Canucks #DucksChris Larkin
Finally!! Just one more! #CanucksTheresa Lee
Garrison goal was like a Red Bull shot to every Canucks’ heart. Boys are wide awake now! Pull Luongo for a 6-on-3.
COME on canucks omfgKaelyn✌
Sigh. Empty net for the Ducks. 

BTW, this is these are the only Ducks I like to see winning hockey games. 
THE HOCKEY CHAMP 1939waltdisneykanal
Ah well…at least Hiller didn’t get a shutout! #TGATTKiran Mehat
Balls to you #canucks . Way to be #slugs on the ice.Nigel Haynes
So the Canucks’ last home game is just like their first home game: a loss to the Ducks. #TGATTClay Imoo
@CanuckClay They were going for symmetry in their season. Learn to appreciate! LOL. #TGATTgladys
So that’s it Nuckleheads. The Ducks win it. Let’s hope the team makes more of an effort in Edmonton.

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