The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 2 vs. Wings 1 (SO)

Cory Schneider played great. So did Alex Burrows, who kept the Wings on their heels all night, and Max Lapierre, who chanelled his inner Patrick Kane in the shootout, and scored the shootout winner. With their 2-1 shootout win over the Detroit Red Wings last night, the Canucks clinched their spot in the 2013 NHL playoffs.

But who cares about all that? DJ Tanner and Aunt Becky were at the game.

Have mercy!

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 2 vs. Detroit Red Wings 1 (SO)

The Canucks seemed to leave Dallas before they could finish the third period, so here’s hoping they put up a better show back in Rogers Arena against Detroit.

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We now live in a world where Toronto not only guaranteed themselves a playoff spot, but they did it before the Canucks did.
The @MapleLeafs have made the playoffs. No one has ever tweeted that, because Twitter wasn’t around back in the day. #hockeynightMoniKa Platek
The Leafs will play playoffs games in HD for the first time in franchise history.Bruce Arthur
It’s been 3,273 days since the Leafs last playoff game, two weeks shy of nine years. Ten or 11 days from now, they’ll be back.James Mirtle
Glad for Leafs fans. Playoffs best time of year. #Canucks fans have lived & breathed 64 post-season games since TML last in.Jeff Paterson
Let’s hope the Canucks can claim their spot tonight.
Oh look, the Leafs also clinch a playoff spot before the Canucks. (Van needs just one point tonight)Hosea Cheung
If you were hoping to see Todd Bertuzzi back on the ice tonight, sorry, but looks like you’ll be disappointed.
Just ran into Bertuzzi and Samuelsson, in suits. I’m going to assume they’re not playing tonight, or they’ll be terribly overdressed.Canucks Game
Other disappointments you may feel tonight depend on your feelings toward streaking.
Since @Lyteforce is no longer streaking for Tanev due to injury, he can go #Buff4Ballard #tgattJustine Galo
@Aviewfromabroad @Lyteforce Cheer for Minny! They finish 6th and higher, and @CanuckClay goes streaking Steveston. #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Midway through the first and there’s a pair of penalties to Nicklas Kronwall and Brendan Smith. The Canucks get a 5-on-3 for about 53 seconds – can they take advantage?
Burrows tripped up by Kronwall. Canucks to the power play. Maybe they can finally get their second shot of the night, nearly 10 mins in.Hosea Cheung
There are few things in this world I hate more right now than Daniel on the point for the 1st unit PP. #giveittoGarrisonj.Bowman
YES! 12 seconds left in the second penalty and Alex Edler scores one. Five-hole on Jimmy Howard.
Canucks Vs Wings – Alex Edler 1-0 Goal – 04.20.13 – HDcanuckshd
THE CANNON!!!! That’s what I like to see from Edler… #canucks #nowristersCurtis Reid
Elder makes those goals look so easy. And by easy I mean sexy. #CanucksMarda Miller
Edler’s nickname is Bambi. He pretended that puck was the hunter who shot his mother before blasting it.Kirk Paul
Shortly after scoring, Edler takes a penalty to give the Wings a powerplay.   Though it’s Alex Burrows who almost scores a shorty.
Tremendous shorthanded chance for Alex Burrows. Just can’t get stick on puck after the deke … and while falling. #canucksHosea Cheung
Wow!!! Burrows streaks off on a short handed breakaway… Just about gets it, I saw a bit if a trip no? #Canucks #RedwingsAlece Anderson
In the dying seconds of the first period, Cory Emmerton scores a goal and ties the game up.
Damn it always hurts to give up a last minute goal. Seemed like the #Canucks had packed it in for the period. #TGATTCaylie King
Poor clearance of the zone, especially late in the period, cost the #Canucks and blemishes a pretty good period. #dammitClayton Corley
Chris takes advantage of the first intermission to check out upcoming Pixar releases. It’s going to make us cry under our 3D glasses, isn’t it?
What am I watching during the intermission? The trailer to #Planes. Could be better than #TopGun. #TGATT Golden
Disney’s Planes – Teaser Trailerdisneymovietrailers
Back on the ice for the second, and Angry Ballard finally gets his chance to fight… well, sort of. By the end of it the Red Wings end up with the power play. 
Justin Abdelkader vs Keith Ballard Apr 20, 2013hockeyfightsdotcom
Ballard gets into a fight, followed by @CanucksDJDave playing my song request. Best sequence of the game so far.j.Bowman
I love it when angry Ballard shows up.Wyatt Arndt
Keith Ballard is taking that fool "Under-Keith the Fistletoe" #TGATT
Nice to see a little bit of passion out of Ballard… hope that lights his fire a little bit. #CanucksClayton Corley
The Canucks almost get another power play, but as it turns out tripping is no longer illegal in hockey. Adjust your games accordingly.
That non call was trippy #Canucks #getit #trippyAndy Eide
If only tripping were a penalty according to NHL rules, the Canucks would have a powerplay right nowSeamus McKale
I think the teams in the NHL should buy all the on ice officials cute German Shepherds and red and canes #refsyousuckJustine Galo
@nhl officiating sucks. Theory: playoff rules all season. There4 no reason to complain in #playoffs? #conspiracy @hockeynight @NHLPA #TGATTKully Mann
The Canucks do end up with a power play a few minutes later. after a scuffle in front of their net and after Johan Franzen got a zillion whacks in to Daniel Sedin’s back.
Ref: "after 100 cross checks I had to call something. Don’t want people to think I’m totally incompetent."Kirk Paul
Good teamwork guys! Like seeing us all go after someone who goes after one of us..couple years ago we didn’t reallyAlyssa Kupila
Swede on Swede violence. Stanley Cup playoffs must be near. #sedinfranzenIain MacIntyre
It’s a NHL scrum, or as historians will call it: a "hug and sleeperhold break" #TGATTj.Bowman
Get out of here Franzen. YOU DON’T EVEN GO HERE.Jenn Johnson
The second period comes to an end and demands a very serious discussion. Playoff beards. Hot or Not?
@lizzmoffat H. O. T.Jenn Johnson
@lizzmoffat I am definitely a fan of this.Marda Miller
@lyteforce @lizzmoffat I too like the playoff beard. My favourite is the Chris Higgins or Shea Weber. #CanucksSabrina
@lizzmoffat Incredibly HOT! Bald chins make me sad in the spring.Sarah W
@lizzmoffat Mine? Always hot.BrowntoBure
Good thing I had some beard photos to find, because the first half of the third was largely uneventful.
Most exciting part of this game was seeing DJ Tanner on the jumbotron. #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
Lori Loughlin in the middle of a DJ sandwich! @candacecbure #DJTanner #DerekJory #OMG #Canucks Game
We need to get some Stamkos up in here.  (Not Steve.  Sorry.)
Jesse Sings ‘Forever’ To Rebecca – Full Housebeckwithproductions
I never thought I’d say this against Detroit, but wake me up when we get a point. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
No sooner do the complaints start then the Canucks get a pair of almost goals off crossbars.  The pace finally picks back up.
Detroit’s buzzing…the Canucks need to do some buzzing of their ownCurtis Reid
Both Howard & Schneids need to kiss their crossbars.Justine Galo
I like this fast end to end action! Lay on the pressure boys! Lets win this thing! #canucksChris Schneider
Game is finally picking up! Felt like I was watching curling there for a moment #canucksangelica laron
No one noticed for a few minutes, but Keith Ballard left for the locker room part way through the third period. If he’s hurt it’ll be just in time for playoffs.
With Ballard to dressing room, Canucks now w/o 3 d-men. (Bieksa, Tanev). Maybe this team will do what one 1982 team did.Iain MacIntyre
Mere speculation at this point, but #Canucks could face Blackhawks with Alberts, Barker & Joslin on D.Jeff Paterson
Wouldn’t be the playoffs without the Canucks having half their D injured;
Tie game at the end of regulation so the Canucks take at least a single point, and with it guarantee themselves a playoff spot. So at least that’s something.
That was PAINFUL! Painful. Woo freaking hoo, we clinched. #Canucks #TGATTCaylie King
Most Canucks way to clinch a playoff spot ever;
Canucks punch their ticket to the playoffs. And made it look REALLY REALLY hard to do.Wyatt Arndt
We clinched playoff spot with the point! This point is all Schneider’s. Okay, now let’s finish off the win. #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
"@taj1944: Are we suppose to freakout like Leaf fans now?" Canucks clinch playoffs with halfassed effort, just #champagneproblemsRida
Developing: Canucks fans don’t seem overly thrilled by their shiny new playoff spot.Bruce Arthur
But let’s try for the second point anyway.
I want to see the Sedins, Kesler and Hamhuis on the ice in ot. You’re not going to beat the Wings in a shootout.BrowntoBure
Well, the Canucks couldn’t score in overtime, but a ref was able to ask a question Canucks fans often ask themselves.
Haha ref yelling at Alberts. #Canucksgladys
Hahahahahaha "let’s go Alberts what are you doing" what every Canucks fan wonders every time he steps on the ice.Regan
What ARE you doing Alberts?Jenn Johnson
We’re going to the shootout.  Pick your shooters!
The shootout is a random event generator (that may decide playoff spots) #TGATTSteve May
Sedins need each other to score. Put them both out their together and they’ll ROCK the shootout. #tgattVictoria
Sadly, no. RT @Aisl3y: They’re showing Naslund, Linden, Ohlund shootout highlights. Are those our shooters tonight??? #canucksCanucks Game
Kesler… Nope.
Datsyuk… Flubbed it. No good.
Roy… Not happening.
Zetterberg… No goal.
That was awesome Schneider. Way to scurry back in case it rolled over the line.Victoria
Lapierre… Slow… Slow… Slow… GOAL.
Max is one act mofo. Nice s/o goal.Justine Galo
Lappy always takes it slow. He makes you want it. Then he finishes.Wyatt Arndt
God, that was a sweet shootout goal, Lappy! #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Dastardly move from Lapierre. He needs a mustache to twirl after that. Or some railroad tracks to tie Jimmy Howard to.j.Bowman
Brunner… STOPPED. Canucks win!
Schneider steals the game for the #Canucks and Lapierre nets the shoot out winner. Big win.Matt Lee
Screw it. Damn the process, we’re all about results now. #downwithfancystatsPass it to Bulis
CANUCKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Well Done Cory!!!! GWG to Lappy!!!! Play Off’s here we come!! #TGATT *tips wine glass back* #CheersDeborah D Burke
Canucks Vs Wings – Full Shootout – 04.20.13 – HDcanuckshd
What could make this night even better? Mr. Cory Schneider making an appearance on After Hours. Hell ya.
After Hours with Cory Schneider – 04.20.13 – HDcanuckshd

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