The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 3 at Avalanche 4

Ryan Kesler didn’t mince any words after the Canucks blew two, third period leads to the last place Colorado Avalanche yesterday. “We played like shit for 40 minutes,” he said. “We gave them everything they got with turnovers and miscommunication and not getting the puck out. It was shit,” he added.

Just about sums it up perfectly.

Here’s how you, Canucks fans, saw the game.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 3 at Colorado Avalanche 4

The Vancouver Canucks and Colorado Avalanche meet for the final time this season.

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Lizz is off doing school stuff, Victoria is basking in the sun in La-La land, and Chris is at the Whitecaps game so you get me, J.J., doing TGATT today as your Vancouver Canucks meet the Colorado Avalanche in an afternoon matinee in the Mile High City.  Call me Dustin Butler if you will.
For those looking to catch the game live, boy, does Denver have a deal for you.  Apparently, you can get tickets for the price of a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal.
People looking to take in Avs today: $4 tickets on StubHub right nowadater
Visual proof of Avs cheap StubHub tickets today
After a bout with the flu, Cory Schneider is back in net for the Canucks and Roberto Luongo is back opening the bench door for him.
Does anyone know what’s wrong with Dustin Butler and why he’s not on the bench?j.Bowman
The game isn’t 2 minutes old when Kevin Bieksa passes the puck to Avs captain, Gabriel Landeskog, who had a clear path to the Canucks net.  Landeskog makes no mistake and gives the Avs an early 1-0 lead.
Oh Bieksa. #CanucksBrooklyn D.
JeeeeeSUS Kevin Bieksa. That was stupid.Cam Davie
GD, KB3. GIT. #canucksLinds
Kevin, we are the guys in WHITE. #CanucksDave Cee
I’m gonna assume AV won’t bench Bieksa for that because his name isn’t Ballard. #canucksYoung Gandalf
The giveaways must be infectious.  All the Canucks are doing it.
Burr, Bieksa, Schneids: YOUR TEAMMATES ARE IN WHITE DAMNIT! Knock-off the bad giveaways. #tgatt #CanucksluonGOLD
Interested to see Schneider’s #BailingOutBieksa average at the end of this game – .666 BOB so far #TGATT @canuckshockey #CanucksJay Jones
It’s really nice if the Canucks to be giving away such nice gifts (passes) to the last place team.Mike
Did Schneider give his teammates the flu?Ben Kuzma
The Canucks get a couple of first period chances to tie the game on the powerplay.  Lots of possession, several chances, no goal.
2 more weeks for #Canucks to get away with PP that looks good and creates chances. After May 1st, it has to scoreJeff Paterson
The first period ends with some shenanigans between Jannik Hansen and Cody McLeod.  Hansen may have embellished a bit.
HANSEN FLAIL. #drink #canucksLinds
Speaking of Hansen, what say we try to forget the first 20 minutes with some Honey Badger drinks.
With more Canucks giveaways and Avs scoring chances, the second period looks just like what the first period looked like.  I mean, even Greg Zanon, he who has 12 career NHL goals in 8 NHL seasons, had a pretty good chance to score his 1st of the season.
Welp if Greg Zanon had scored there it would have been time to rebuild. #CanucksJordan Clarke
I feel like Greg Zanon’s beard belongs in an Old Spice commercial. #Canucks #AvsMatt Lee
Greg Zanon’s good scoring chance was slowed down by his beard. #TGATT Imoo
Finally, at 4:30 of the second period, the Canucks break through Jean-Sebastien Giguere.  Max Lapierre, on a makeshift line with Ryan Kesler and Alex Burrows, pots his 4th goal of the season, his 2nd goal in as many games.  We have ourselves a 1-1 tie.
Canucks at Avs – Maxim Lapierre 1-1 Goal – 04.13.13 – HDcanuckshd
Lappy! He’s not just a pretty face. #CanucksMartina
Lol @KB34myHart Lappy can dance in my lap anytime…all the time. Wooooo!! #CanucksBaw-nee
I’m gonna assume here that Lappy dances better than Hank and Dank.
NHL Sedin Twins promo (Extended Version)nhlvideo
A couple of minutes after Lappy’s goal, Hansen is the beneficiary of some slick Sedinery.  Going to the front of the net, he pokes home his 9th goal of the season and gives the Canucks a 2-1 lead.
Canucks at Avs – Jannik Hansen 2-1 Goal – 04.13.13 – HDcanuckshd
Man. Greg Zanon just Bieksa’d that one.Pass it to Bulis
Sllllllooooowwwww moooooottionn Sediiiiiiiinnery… 2-1..Blake Price
That was like watching a normal Sedin cycle goal in slow-motion – like someone was breaking it down for an instructional video #TGATTSteve May
DADDY HANSEN !! 😀 #Canucks 2 !Boucher #23
Greatest Dane since Hamlet!!!!Gráinne
@canuckshockey Looks like I may need to create a #DirtyHansen cocktail #TGATT #CanucksJay Jones
Everyone feel better now?
That’s better. #CanucksTodd Nickel
By the way, it was Hansen who scored, right?
@BrowntoBure Trust me, it could be worse. The Avs intermission analysis guy said Canucks 2nd goal was Sedin to Sedin to Samuelsson.Colin Martin
The Canucks keep attacking.  A few minutes later, Hank has a clear 2-on-1 with Dale Weise.  Probably could’ve increased the lead to 2 goals, but Hank chose to pass to, you know, Dale Weise.
Henrik’s thought process on that 2 on 1 – okay I’ve set up guys like Bitz and Lukowich….I can do this…Steve May
Yup.  Those were pretty.
Canucks at Predators – Byron Bitz 2-1 Goal – 02.07.12 – HDCanucksHD
Canucks Vs Sabres – Brad Lukowich 3-2 Goal – 01.25.10 – HDcanuckshd
Zack Kassian comes out on the 4th line, which causes a stir among the faithful.
Is Kassian the new Ballard, with demotion after demotion. #CanucksDave Cee
Apparently, there’s not a lot of patience in 22-year old players who’s just in their second NHL season these days.
Hey guys Kassian is 22 years oldSchneider’s Teeth
Guess the Canucks should have given up on the Sedin sisters in year 3 right? Couldn’t skate or compete physically. What a disaster.Kirk Paul
No worries, guys.  It was just AV being AV.
Glad Kassian’s demotion was temporary. No sense killing the confidence of a guy who could be valuable in the playoffs.Jordan Clarke
The third period begins, and, you guessed it, more Canucks giveaways,
Avs to Canucks… All Your Giveaways Are Belong To Us.Cam Davie
Lappy’s leads to McLeod’s goal, and we have ourselves another tied game.  Score’s 2-2, 2 minutes into the third period.
So much for Lapierre’s promotion.Jordan Clarke
Canucks have set up all 4 goals tonight.Steve May
The Canucks respond quickly though.  Jason Garrison with a GAR-BOMB from the point gives them a 3-2 lead.
Canucks at Avs – Jason Garrison 3-2 Goal – 04.13.13 – HDcanuckshd
Wow, that Garrison guy has one hell of a shot. Imagine what kind of damage he could do on a first unit power play…BrowntoBure
Garrison’s shot is such a weapon and definitely not something I’d like to see on the first power-play unit.Thomas Drance
That was sexual. I wanna make sweet love to that point shot.Cam Davie
#footbreaker #CANUCKSMatthew Koutsky
Avs Greg Zanon/Tyson Barrie pairing on for all 3 #Canucks goals this afternoon. #fearthebeard #maybenotJeff Paterson
Think the Avs are done?  Think again.  A weak defensive effort leads to PA Parenteau’s 16th goal of the season and a tied game with just 7 minutes left to play.
#Schneider is getting hung out to dry by his team right now. #HolyCrap #CanucksDamon
Ugh.. Poor defending once again by the #CanucksCoby M
I just…*sigh #TGATTKiran Mehat
And to add insult to injury, the Avs celebrate with some Electric Worry.
thats our goal song!!!!! #canucksKristiinee Wiinee
It’s a 3-3 tie with the clock winding down to its final seconds.  It looks like we’re going to see some OT today. 

Except Colorado has some other ideas.
With 7.6 seconds left, Jan Hejda decides to get his 1st goal of the season on a somewhat routine shot from the point.
#Canucks about to lose to the worst team in the league. Fantastic.Farhan Mohamed
LMAOMyra McIntosh
Unbelievable. The Canucks absolutely gave this game awayJustin Ho
There will be no last second, shot off the faceoff from center ice, kind of miracle today.  After giving up two leads in the third period, the Canucks lose to the last place team in the NHL and their four-game win streak is over.
"The Switch" was off today apparently. #Canucks #TgattJustine Galo
Off to Nashville on Monday.  See y’all then.

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