The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 4 vs. Oilers 0

The Canucks really couldn’t start a game than they did against the Edmonton Oilers last Saturday. I mean, they gave up 3 goals on 3 shots in the first 3 minutes. Would love for that not to happen again.

It really was an entertaining game. A 4-0 win against a streaking divisional rival, some big plays, big goals… and a return visit by the most exciting player to ever put on a Canucks jersey, Pavel Bure.

Here’s the game in your tweets.

The Game According to Twitter: Vancouver Canucks 4 vs Edmonton Oilers 0

After an embarrassing loss to the Oilers on Saturday, the Canucks look to get some revenge while raising money for the Canucks for Kids Fund Telethon.

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Remember the last time we played the Oilers? Ya, me neither, but something tells me the team should be a little more defensive to start this one.
I’m no coach or anything, but, I think someone should cover that Taylor Hall guy tonight. #CanucksChris Pysanczyn
The Canucks made it through Deadline Day without causing too much of a stir, but they did acquire Derek Roy, who makes his premiere tonight. 
There’s a new Derek in the #Canucks organization. How’s old Derek taking the news? @canucksgame
When asked how he felt about Derek Roy taking his name, Derek Jory said, "He spells it the right way!" @canucksgameHosea Cheung
I want to say Derek Roy will score for our team tonight just because Clowe and Iginla scored for their new team. No pressure, Roy. #CanucksKimmie Nguyen
If Derek Roy’s warmup tells me anything, it’s that he is wearing #15, he can skate and he can shoot. #InsiderAnalysisj.Bowman
At least Roy can pass & hit the net. Take note David Booth. Don’t use all your good shots on Yogi and Bambi #CanucksPhilly P
Tonight is also the Canucks for Kids Fund Telethon, which in addition to being a great cause, also usually means a fun broadcast.
1-85-KIDSFUND (1-855-437-3863) Canucks For Kids Fund. Join The Team. Help Us Help. Badger
So is Pavel in town for the telethon as his community service to qualify for a jersey retirement ceremony? #TGATTChris Baldwin
Trevor Linden wants you to donate to the "Canucks for kids" fund. Do you think you know better than Trevor Linden? Because you dontj.Bowman
I’m glad that Trevor Linden was better at hockey than he is at riffing on camera.Dimitri Filipovic
Game on. There’s lots of things that are looking good early in the game, especially from Zack Kassian, who is fresh from a short stint in Chicago and probably ready to party a little less.
It’s really nice to see that the #Canucks showed up for this game. Phew. #TGATTRobyn Crystal
Would be nice to see Kassian go bar-down tonight as opposed to Bar None. #Canucks #TGATTJustin Tillyer
Hulk hits by Kassquatch & Lappy early. I like it!!! #tgattJustine Galo
#canucks Kassian looking motivated after his quick demotion to Chicago. Message received. At least so far….Dan Murphy
The Oilers take a penalty, and then seem to forget it happened and send out 5 men. Kevin Bieksa scores on the resulting 5-on-3 and it’s 1-0 Canucks.
Canucks Vs Oilers – Bieksa 1-0 Goal – 04.04.13 – HDcanuckshd
See, that’s what’s been wrong with the Canucks PP. Only one man advantage.Shaun Stewart
It won’t show up on the box score, but Jason Garrison gets an assist on that one. His slapshot takes down Petry, basically giving the Canucks a 5-on 2.5 for the goal.
Give the assist to Garrison for decimating that dudes leg with his shot. That was 3 and a half man advantage. #goalsontheceiling #scoreboardj.Bowman
#tgatt. “@SoYoureAnExpert: Jason Garrison just registered the most awesome assist ever. Kills a dude, watches Henrik Sedin do the rest.”luonGOLD
Basically, Jason Garrison shoots to kill. #CanucksPass it to Bulis
It’s not often its breaking someone’s ankle that sets up a goal.Garrison doing what Salo never had the heart to do:Shooting at people’s feetWyatt Arndt
The first period was actually really good. These are the Canucks we like to see.
Derek Roy must have brought a truckload of swagger with him into this dressing room. This is not the same team.Alan O’Sullivan
The #Canucks looked threatening in that period. Like they were all wearing leather jackets and smoking outside a 7/11. I locked my car door.Pass it to Bulis
Best first period from the Canucks in a while. Derek Roy must have brought some of that Space Jam water with him.Wyatt Arndt
The first intermission continues with player promos. The kids and families get money, we get these, everyone is a winner.
"Thanks for ‘elping us ‘elp." – Burrows is the maximum level of French.Seamus McKale
omg you guys do NOT let Alex Burrows attempt at acting be in vain. Donate to #CanucksforKidsFundPseu Sue
In the second period Pavel Bure is honoured during a commercial break, and the crowd loved it.  (So did Pavel.)
Pavel Bure welcomed back to Vancouver (Apr 4, 2013)canucks
Pavel Bure introduced to Elton John’s Rocket Man at Rogers Arena. Fans go nuts. #CanucksBrad Ziemer
"Pavel Bure had tears in his eyes". Seriously can we just bury the hatchet and hang 10 in the rafters? #CanucksMatt Lee
I honestly don’t know if Markus Naslund would get the ovation Pavel Bure just got.. If they needed a swing vote on the rafters, they got itBlake Price
Standing ovation for Bure just happened woo #RUSSIANROCKET #childhero #ishedatearTurtle
Not sure why his number isn’t retired yet, but #Hang10 is not only a cool slogan but a must do for the #Canucks #TGATTSean Holmes-Smith
Pavel Bure had tears in his eyes as he got a standing ovation, and people thought he wouldn’t care if his number was retired. #CANUCKSAmrit
Bure ovation would indicate I’m even further into anti-jersey-retirement minority. Was angry about idea, now I’m just resigned to it. #tgattgerimaple
Perhaps inspired by that video package, Kassian tries some fancy puck work. He… does not succeed. 
Garrett just killed me. "I think Kassian was trying to pass it…. Oh no, he just lost it in his feet."Wyatt Arndt
Perhaps inspired by Bure in the house Kassian tries the drop to your feet kick it up to your stick move. Fails and wastes a chance. #TGATTChris Baldwin
If you can’t tell from home,Head Trainer Mike Burnstein is making Zack Kassian walk a straight line/say the alphabet backwards on the bench.j.Bowman
LOL Kass trolls everyone. Puts the puck between his legs for no apparent raisin. #CanucksEd Lau
For those too young to remember the Pavel Bure move that Zack Kassian tried, here it is: #CanucksCanucks Hockey Blog
Henrik scores like it’s no big deal. In fact, the Oilers might have forgotten he was there. That’s how much time he had. 2-0 Canucks.
Henrik Sedin 2-0 goal vs Oilers (Apr 4, 2013)canucks
Daniel just Henrik’d Henrik and Henrik Daniel’d Daniel. 2-0 good guys.Wyatt Arndt
It’s 2013 and NHL defencemen still haven’t learned to ask "WHERE’S THE OTHER SEDIN? BEHIND ME?"Colby Cosh
I don’t think I have ever seem Hank score a more casual goal. #TGATTChris Baldwin
Call them the sisters all you want, that goal was magic #sedins #CanucksTurtle
The irony of seeing Hank set up behind the net like Gretzky used to do to us on a regular basis? Awesome. 2-0 good guys #TGATTKent Basky
They earned that one, those crazy Sedins. #CanucksKatie Maximick
BREAKING: SEDINERY is not broken. HANK shoots the puck (?!?!) and SCOOORREEEESSSS #TGATT #Canucks #CFKFTelethonluonGOLD
super slomo replay reveals that Henrik passed that puck back to Daniel twice before finally shooting the puck into the open net. #TGATTJustin Abraham
The second intermission gives us Telethon promo outtakes, and they’re the best.
Canucks Telethon Outtakes (Apr 3, 2013)canucks
Those outtakes still make me laugh and I’ve seen them three times now. #TeamOfDorksAlix
My team is full of nerds and dorks. My time is better than your’s.Jenn Johnson
MayRay says to Garrison in this outtake, "can I look into his eyes like we’re in love and stuff?" YES!!! #Canucks
Derek Roy gets his first point as a Canuck, with a pretty pass to Chris Higgins for the goal. 3-0 Canucks.
Canucks Vs Oilers – Chris Higgins 3-0 Goal – 04.04.13 – HDcanuckshd
That sound you hear is the Roy bandwagon getting full. I was here first! #Canucks #TGATTWalter Siu
Derek Roy. Welcome to Vancouver. A threat all night, this line clicks as Roy sets up he of the amazing abs for an easy tap in. 3-0 #TGATTKent Basky
Higgins and Roy! Can we keep em’? Eh MG? Can we keep Em’? #canucks #tgattMichael Cinco
That Higgins goal was gorgeous. Perfect setup from Roy. So much amazing. #Canucks #OilersSabrina
Higgins sneaks a look at his abs, just because. #Canucks
Cory Scheinder must’ve wanted in on the fun. He skates out past the face-off dot to meet the puck and be generally badass.
An aggressive move by Cory going to the Blueline to rid the puck. He gets an assist for that right? #tgattJustine Galo
Schneider: COME AT ME BROPseu Sue
Schneider’s getting crazy up in here!Shaun Stewart
How do you know Schneider is feeling it? When he skates out past the face-off dot…that’s how! #TGATTClay Imoo
Last time I saw a goalie come out of the net that far, he shot a knucklepuck and sent the Iceland game into overtime. #Oilersarecakeeatersj.Bowman
The Greatest Play in Sports Historymmattucc
Kassian ends the game with a goal to make it 4-0.
Canucks Vs Oilers – Zack Kassian 4-0 Goal – 04.04.13 – HDcanuckshd
#kassian with toothless aggression!! #Canucks #tgatt @zkassian9Emmanuel M Samson
Nicely. RT @kevin_kinghorn: Kassquatch? I don’t get it but it’s worthy of a tweet. #canucks Hockey Blog
Kassian FINALLY gets another goal. I think this counts for "revenge" that was Sportsnet’s key to game tonight. Nice job, #Canucks #tgattgerimaple
Welcome back Kassian. P.S – Goals in Vancouver taste better than alcoholic beverages. #CanucksMarda Miller
Kassian gets his first goal since coming back from his "conditioning" stint with a big gap-toothed smile. #Canucks
The Canucks take the win in a really fun game. They may have taken longer to score them, but they matched the Oilers 4 goals from Saturday.
Dear refs: #Canucks score 4. Now THAT’S game management. #boom #tgattJustine Galo
Before the broadcast ends, a bunch of ladies steal the attention… 
Cougar life is back!!! #rawr #TGATT #CanucksElmee Baterina
LOL @kbieksa3: "Look at all the cute ladies there…" #Canucks #creepyjuiceEd Lau
That’s also a wrap on the Canucks For Kids Fund Telethon. Did you spot Mr. Chris Golden working the phones?
Yup, that’s @lyteforce repping #CHB at the #Canucksforkids Telethon. Call in and donate, guys! 1-855-437-3863 #CanucksCanucks Hockey Blog
I see @lyteforce behind McEwen. How come you’re not answering the phone?!Ed Lau
I see @lyteforce on TV!! Just donated $150 to #CFKFTelethon. Give what you can everyone! This is a great cause. @VanCanucksJustine Galo
So if Tanev scores does @lyteforce do his time on the telethon phones in the buff? Or do we donate money to keep his clothes on? #TGATTChris Baldwin

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