Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Which Canuck do you want around in a zombie apocalypse?

With the season finale of the Walking Dead, one of my favorite shows on TV, I started to think about which Canucks I would want on my team if there was a Zombie apocalypse… and which ones I wouldn’t want. Hmm…

David Booth Hunting Zombies

David Booth

The funny thing about this is I don’t want him on the actual Canucks. I feel that he’s been a huge disappointment and a waste of money, but in a Zombie apocalypse, I want him on my team. Finally, all that gnarly hunting he does in his spare time will come in handy. Let’s face it, he’s the closest thing the Canucks have to a Darryl… if you take away the hillbilly badassness and add a blonde surfer flo and a bible.  Like it or not, the fact that Booth’s shot is way better off the ice than on, makes him essential in a Zombie apocalypse.

Kevin Bieksa

Shots! Shots! Shots! He will punch right through a zombie’s head like it’s made of paper. Plus, his witty banter will keep things light back at camp. If you’re going to be stuck in a zombie apocalypse you might as well be stuck with a tough guy with a great sense of humor.

Chris Higgins

There are a few reasons why Chris Higgins should be on my team in a Zombie apocalypse. He’s fit. He can definitely out run a Zombie, or 16 of them. Food is scarce and not necessarily healthy in the zombie apocalypse, and the one time I met Chris Higgins, he was coming out of a Subway. Clearly the dude can eat ANYTHING and stay fit. Last but not least, if he gets caught, the Zombies probably won’t eat him – there’s not a lot of fat on that body to gnaw on. (Yes this was just an excuse to show his abs again. Female Canucks fans, you’re welcome).

Higgins Flashes Abs to Fight Zombies

Who wouldn’t I want with me in a Zombie apocalypse? I’ve been thinking about that too.

Max Lapierre

If you know me, you know admitting this pains me more than I can say but Lappy would not be a good person to be with in a Zombie apocalypse. He’s too antagonistic. He’d taunt the zombies. If Max waves his fingers in front of a zombie and tells them to take a bite like he did with Boston, they will. End of Lappy.

Max Teases Zombies

Mason Raymond

I know he’s been playing better but I’d still be worried about his ability to stay upright. Dude spent a lot of time falling down last year in crucial moments. If he does that even once in a zombie attack, he’s an instant appetizer.

The Sedin twins

Sorry Hank and Dank. These guys aren’t big fighters. I don’t mind them taking the high road on the ice, but in a zombie apocalypse, there is no high road. Just ask Dale how taking the high road worked out for him.

So who would you want in your corner in a zombie apocalypse? Who wouldn’t you want with you? Give us your picks in the comments!

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