You Be The Judge: Is Duncan Keith a Jerk?

J.J. Guerrero

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11 Responses

  1. I don’t think he was being sexist, but he was being a dick for sure.

  2. I can’t believe there wasn’t a call on that play. I liked Ray Ferraro’s reaction to it this morning on 1040 – ‘What are you thinking?’ He wasn’t even trying to make a play on Sedin, I can understand it a bit more if he’s taking a swing near the stick or hands (still a penalty) but on the back?

    As for the interview, dick move. Totally being a jerk. He’s a great defenseman, but no respect for the guy, on or off the ice, after a comment like that.

  3. Duncan Keith was a complete jerk & he should’ve received a penalty for that hack.

  4. Was he being a dick? 100% YES. Was he being sexist? I believe that he would not have made that comment about not being able to play to a male reporter, therefore it is sexist. But it really doesn’t bother me. It reflects much more on his inability to contain his juvenile emotions to having his butt handed to him by a team he hates than on women. He is a child. And yeah that slash of Daniel during that play was 100% a penalty.

  5. appaulled says:

    Nobody has ever said that Kieth is a clean player or a decent human being. The reporter may not have played the game but she got the call right…. More than you can say for either Kieth or the ref.
    Bad missed call but typical of refing this year. Bad form from Kieth, but, not unexpected from that classless act. Oh and Duncan, I have played and coached at a fairly high level. You really should apologize to the reporter.

  6. appaulled says:

    Yeah good defenceman but not much of a human being. I would rather be a good person than a great Defenseman….but you can be both. I bet his mom is proud of him…not.

  7. appaulled says:

    No he was both.

  8. Yup. Keith gets paid to play. KT gets paid to ask questions about his play. KT was only doing her job. It doesn’t matter one bit whether or not she played the game.

  9. Good on KT to push and keep asking the question. She didn’t back down from Keith.

  10. Sid mawson says:

    He’s a hockey player leave them alone

  11. and tha makes him unaccountable ???

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