May 012013

Vancouver Canucks "This is What We Live For"

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Is there a more exciting time of year here in beautiful BC than during the Canucks playoffs?

The Canucks are trying to capture your excitement with a microsite – – where fans can submit photos, videos and other media using Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and use the hashtag #TIWWLF, and then view them in the mosaic on the site.

On the ice, the Canucks will try once again to chase Lord Stanley’s Cup. For those whose disappointing early exit against the Kings are still fresh on their minds, it’s a fresh start and another opportunity to give Canucks fans that elusive Stanley Cup.

Of course, for that to happen, someone has to step up and lead and will this team. Well, everyone has to step up, but someone has to step up higher than everyone else.

And to win a pair of lower bowl tickets to tonight’s playoff Game 1 vs the San Jose Sharks, courtesy of our friends from the Vancouver Canucks, let us know: If a Canucks player were to win the Conn Smythe Trophy, who do you think it will be?

To enter:

  • For one entry: In the comments section of this post, tell us which Canucks player you think will elevate their game the most in these playoffs and win the Conn Smythe Trophy. (Make sure you enter your email address when you log-in so we can contact you if you win.)
  • For a bonus entry – Tweet the following:
    I entered and RT to win #Canucks game 1 playoff tickets at from @canuckshockey @VanCanucks @lyteforce #TIWWLF #CHB

We will randomly draw the winner at 1:00 PM today so make sure your entries are in before that. The winner will win one (1) pair of lower bowl tickets to tonight’s playoff Game 1 vs. the San Jose Sharks. You must be able to pick up the tickets at Will Call at Rogers Arena.

You don’t have much time. What are you waiting for?

UPDATE: Congratulations to Kurt (@KurtPenner) on winning the pair of tickets to tonight’s game!

  • Kaitlin

    I think it will be Jannik Hansen!

  • Eliot Hong

    Jason Garrison. He’s been playing more comfortably and showing why we signed him for a long-term deal. He’s going to be big factor in the upcoming playoff run! (sorry, double post – forgot to sign in the first time)

  • AP

    Hansen’s got this!

  • Brent Miller

    Ryan Kesler is who I believe will win the Conn Smythe, I think he is ready to step up his game now that injuries are over with and show the world why everyone has so much respect for his skill set!

  • B Fok

    Cory Schneider. If Jonathan Quick can win this trophy, Cory can too. Let’s just hope this “Body Injury” doesn’t last further than Game 2

  • Kody


  • Jayne15

    Ryan Kesler all the way. He’s just getting his stride back from his injury, so he’ll be hungry!!

  • jrothney

    Henrik Sedin will be the one to battle through the checking of the opposition and succeed on the score-sheet and in motivating his team to win the cup!

  • Patba

    Henrik Sedin will be the Conn Smythe winner this year!

  • Megan Harris

    I think Schneider is the most deserving. He’s gotten his team to the playoffs, and hopefully will continue to shine and lead the Canucks to the Stanley Cup! :D

  • notorious m.e.g

    Ryan Kessler for sure.

  • Casey Chan

    It has to be Cory Schneider when he’s healthy. Go Canucks!

  • wingamy

    Bieksa against the sharks…:P

  • Kyleigh Francks

    Definitely think Schneider is the most deserving. He’s battled in the net, and in the media scrums for his right to play as the number 1, and he is a HUGE reason this team is in the playoffs at all!

  • Adam0ne

    Kesler. He’s shown he can up his game to win a series before, and the rest of the team needs that from him again.

  • Go Canucks

    Hard to choose. Many will raise their level of intensity. I’m gonna go with Higgins

  • Bingo


  • Yuya Era

    Kesler. Will probably help us on our struggling PP which was getting better towards the end of the season when he came back.Not to mention he’s a beast anyways.

  • Shannon

    Kesler will need to step up

  • Josh F.

    Ryan Kesler. hands down.

  • Samantha

    Henrick Sedin. The ironman will conquer!

  • Ron

    H Sedin must. Landmark season..

  • Stesha

    Kesler, without a doubt.

  • Camayu

    I’m gonna go with my boy, Kesler!

  • Emily Marroquin

    Kesler’s the man!

  • Sonia Ali

    Hard to choose because the insane Luongo fan in me just wants to say Luongo, but I’m gonna go with Kesler. The team really woke up when he was back and sort of fell apart when he was injured. If he’s truly 100%, I think he could win the Conn Smythe!

  • Ryan


  • Rebecca

    Henrik Sedin!

  • Mr Matt

    Kesler is gonna step it up for sure! He’s the one.

  • Rachel Green


  • Jo Anne Wiseman

    Cory Schneider for sure

  • tdawn

    Cory Schneider!!

  • Garrett Ladd

    It’s gotta be the future vezina winner Cory Schneider. He might not be getting the start tonight but I predict 15 wins (after luongos tonight) with 5 shutouts.

  • Clint Seinen

    Hendrik Sedin

  • Kelly Pattison

    Ryan Kesler!

  • Michael Aird

    Alex Edler is the one who is going to be the difference maker in this series, if he can elevate his game!

  • Melaina

    Bit of a cliche answer, but I believe it: Ryan Kesler.

  • Olivia Browning

    Ryan Kesler! He’s determined, talented and hungry to win!

  • Jo Anne Wiseman

    I tweeted for an extra bonus ……..under SerenityFate

  • Robert


  • JohnnyCanuck75

    Kesler after he activates beast mode will be unstoppable!
    I have a good feeling about this years cup run.

  • Kate Jarrett

    I’m going with Luongo. I think he’s really going to prove why he’s here. ….and I’m going to TWEET now!

  • Kurt

    Henrik Sedin finally reaches that playoff gear par excellence and is the MVP

  • Linds

    I’m thinking Garrison. He’s gonna score tonight for sure.

  • Stephanie


  • Matthew Ross

    Roberto Luongo is a gamer. He has accomplished a lot, but he wants a ring. Given the opportunity, he will back stop our boys to the Stanley cup.

  • Konrad Maludzinski

    ryan “keslord” kesler! guy is all heart and always steps up to the plate for the playoffs, if we go all the way it will be through him!

  • Jeremy Vis

    My pick for Canucks Conn Smythe winner is Henrik.

  • Charlene Andrew

    BIEKSA BABY! He will rally the boys like no ones business and his timely goals keep us in : )

  • Joanna Ho

    I have my respect and faith for Luongo

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