CHB Contest: Win Canucks vs. Sharks Game 2 Playoff Tickets!

Who wants to win some Canucks tickets? Well, lets play a game, shall we?

Vancouver Canucks "This is What We Live For"

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Rules are simple, you solve the puzzle, you have a shot at the Canucks tickets. Feel like testing some of your Canucks knowledge? It isn’t going to be easy! Have at’er and let me know what you come up with!


Step 1: Lets crunch some numbers.

Quick example of how this is going to work – If I gave you the clue: “You take Mario Bliznak, and take away Dan Hamhuis. Next, throw in Rob Davison.” Then your answer would be 604. Mario Bliznak (62) take away Hamhuis (2) is equal to 60. The answers to each of the clues in the following bullets is a number. Do you follow?

First, lets play with some jersey numbers, shall we?:

  • Divide Alex Burrows in two.
  • What number did Gary Lupul, Dan Quinn and Barry Pederson have in common?
  • Imagine Trevor Linden being half the man he is.
  • Throw in that cheeky best-shootout-goal-ever goal scorer, Marek Malik.
  • Divide Cam Neely into three.
  • Then add together Charlie Hodge, Keith Carney and Pat Quinn.
  • John Arbour and John Schella shared more than a first name.
  • Anyone remember Fred Speck?
  • Oh, and lastly, a current player in the San Jose Sharks organization has a dad that played for the Canucks – what was daddy’s number? (The one he shared with another ex-Canuck, fondly called by some as the “Finnish MacInnis”.)

Step 2: How’s your math?

Write down the numbers in the order you got them. If you’ve figured it out, you might be looking at a phone number. Before you do anything with it, add these ten numbers up.

The number you get should be one of the jersey numbers a former San Jose Shark and former Sedin linemate wore just before he was traded to the Vancouver Canucks.

Who was this player?

Step 3: Text us your answer.

Remember that code you cracked, Mr/Mrs. Da Vinci Code?

Text your answer (from step 2) to that phone number (from step 1) by 3:00 PM today – make sure you include your name or Twitter handle so we know who you are – and you could two lower bowl tickets to tonight’s Game 2 playoff matchup between the Canucks and the San Jose Sharks.

It’s that simple.

And… go!

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20 Responses

  1. how do you divide Cam neely’s # into 3 and get a whole number?

  2. Natasha says:

    Steve Bernier

  3. It’s possible. “Old school” Canucks fans will know the answer.

  4. So Real says:

    yeah what a shity contest serious. get the fuck outta here you and vancouver and companty just loosers anyway

  5. Zach Morris says:

    Appreciably difficult. The Canucks tickets will be well won

  6. His number as a Canuck, people….

  7. Abby says:

    if I solve this puzzle, I’m going to be giving myself kudos for all this research since I’m an under-20 Canucks fan and even though I consider myself pretty well versed in Nucks-lore, this was definitely challenging.

    Way to be creative, CHB!

  8. Kel says:

    … crap .. stuck on the john and john question

  9. Hannah says:

    I cannot figure out #7!

  10. I am stuck on Cam Neely divide into three?

  11. Mandeep says:

    Super cool contest

  12. I got the numbers but they don’t add up right ouch

  13. Wicked contest! Really well done!

  14. It’s possible. “Old school” Canucks fans will know the answer.

  15. I figured it all out so it works perfectly but the phone number was wrong…

  16. since i don’t text guess cannot play…….. but have twitter

  17. I posted my answer to you on twitter. just in case……..can u let us know the right answer after you pick the winner…….thank you very much 🙂

  18. When’s the big announcement!?

  19. Lori Davis says:

    Steve Bernier: 56 with the Sharks.

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