The Game According to Twitter: Canucks 2 vs. Sharks 3

The Canucks played better in game 2 than they did in game 1, though – and let’s be honest here – that’s not really saying much.

Roberto Luongo played great. And so did Ryan Kesler, who unleashed his beast mode in the third period and damn well near stole the Canucks a win.

Yup, that sounds about right.

The Game According to Twitter: 2013 Playoffs R1G2: Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

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Here we are on a Friday night knowing the Canucks need to play a “statement” game before heading south to San Jose for a games three and four.  And seeing as we at CHB want to do our part, we make a “statement” of our own by dragging me – Chris Golden – out to take over TGATT for a night.

Yes folks.  It’s on!
And that’s not all – guess who else is back?
Go #Canucks Go! RT if you’re with me!Richard Loat
Something about Mozy rolling with the Go #Canucks Go tweets makes me feel tonight’s going to be a good night.  Wonder what it’s like in the rink right now?
Rogers Arena feeling like Rogers Library right now.Cam Tucker
Great pre game vibe for both people that have made their way to their seats..Blake Price
Oh dear.  Guess everyone is still working on their tans in the Canucks “Party in the Plaza.” 

Or they were lined up getting their beer, because the rink has filled up now.
Not going to lie, the #Canucks coming out to U2, with the towels waving, really does something to me. My eyes sweat a little.Canucks Game
So after Wednesday night’s game, I wonder what AV listed as the top three areas to focus on?
@MarioMontega #tresshaps 1) score 2) a 3) goalMack McCorkindale
Sounds about right.

Holy heck!  The Sedins and Burrows just played the entire first shift in the San Jose end of the rink.  Pretty sure they have focus tonight.  And man oh man is the Rog rockin’!
Don’t know if the Canucks will be more fired up tonight, but the crowd is. #mustwinIain MacIntyre
Woah.. Louie just slipped.  Or maybe he was trying to troll the fans.  Whatever it was, don’t do it again.
Lu’s been drinkin? #CanucksKristen Day
What the what?!  Garrison gets two for retaliating after taking some lumber in the face.  Sharks to the power play.
Let this be a lesson to you, Garrison. If you get cross checked in the face, do NOT respond by cross checking a guy lightly in the chest.Pass it to Bulis
Garrison you were bad, go to my room #justkidding #canucks #playoffs #puckbunnythoughtsEricaDawn
@passittobulis retaliation in the playoffs is stupid, because it’s a roll of the diceIan
Wow!  Luongo with a couple unreal saves!  I’m completely okay with that, except I’m not – let’s play some defence boys!
Luongo making early saves once again. Goaltending NOT the issue in VAN.Mark Spector
I’m watching this game feeling extremely thankful that Marc-Andre Fleury isn’t asked to stop pucks for the #Canucks.Dimitri Filipovic
And again Luongo has to come up big!
Luongo is ON tonight holy shitParvej
Hey Canucks, you’re allowed to defend your own slot, ya donkeys. Jesus, right up the gut AGAIN.Cam Davie
I have to be honest here, I’m not liking the direction this game is going early.  Sure the boys started well, but that penalty against Garrison has really evened the ice some and now we’re watching Luongo have to put on a clinic to keep the good guys in the game.
Seriously though, can Luongo score?Blake Price
Damn straight looks like me might have to at this point.  Not entirely sure if this is legal, but it worked in a movie once:
The Greatest Play in Sports Historymmattucc
Oh what the hell.  Luongo makes the first two stops but can’t stop Thornton and the Sharks take a 1 goal lead late in the first.
Puck bouncing in crease and Sharks score.Brent Butt
Edler can’t handle the puck or Thornton. #SJSharks open scoring. 1-0Farhan Lalji
I’m not sure I have an answer to the question – what should the Canucks do?
Pretty sure that’s not the answer, but Allan’s idea is worth consideration at this point.
Ryan Kesler should go sneeze onto the Sharks bench.Allan
Oh hai Alberts.  Nice penalty to take there.  Maybe we can tire out the Sharks offence or something.
Canucks with zone time but no results. Sharks getting actual chances. Alberts takes typical penalty. First period outlook? GrimWyatt Arndt
Just when you’re about to forget that Alberts is even on the team he goes and gets himself a penalty. #CanucksMarda Miller
Yeah Alberts, cross checks to the face are still illegal. #dumdumChad Forrest
Can someone explain to me how Alberts provides more than Ballard?  I get that he’s got the size advantage, but seriously…
Andrew Alberts, why oh WHY are you on the ice over Ballard?? #doublestandards in the locker room? #CanucksBrittney Gougeon
Joe Cannata shorting his pants right nowRachel
Joe Cannata actually shitting his pants
Thankfully Luongo is fine.  But maybe Seamus is on to something…
The greatest story in sports history ends with Joe Cannata winning the 2013 Conn Smythe trophySeamus McKale
After coming out of the gates guns blazing, the Canucks have gone a solid 9 minutes without a shot.  Not entirely sure, but makes it that much harder to score goals.  But then, I’m just a blogger so what do I know?
Whew.. period over.  Not entirely happy that the Canucks are down by one, but at least we’re only down by one going into the second.
The Canucks are passing like Tim Tebow.Squire Barnes
What do you mean Squire?
TSN flashes a graphic about faceoffs, @camcharron suddenly feels the need to go take a number two.Dimitri Filipovic
You competitor bloggers are a different breed.  Anywho.. back to the game.  Anything we should be dong?
that was fun… *pops a couple of aspirin, prays to poster of Trevor Linden*Sedinitronic
Wow.. we’re not even a minute in and Burrows has been whistled for goaltender interference.  After seeing the replay, not entirely sure there was anything Alex could do there short of freezing time a la Zack Morris.
WHAT! HOW!! #CanucksDiana
Oh man. I better not comment on that penalty. Too many swear words for twitter.Wyatt Arndt
Really? That’s brutal. Never thought I’d wish for the good ol’ days of Fraser & VanHellemond. #CanucksJon Breisnes
Thankfully the Canucks kill it off.
And now it looks like the referees are providing the Canucks a return on the Burrows penalty by waving off a goal from Pavelski.
Pavelski pots the puck after Wingles interferes with Lu, – Ref waves it off immediately.Brent Butt
Ebbett and Weise in on a 2 on 1 – STOPPED BY NIEMI!  It was that exciting.  Almost.
Last 2 guys I want on a 2 on 1: Ebbett and Weise. And they didn’t score! #shockingEarl Gordon
I’m telling you, this Canucks team we see in the second period needs to talk to squad that takes the ice in the first and third.
Brent Burns to the box for tripping!  Time to do this boys.
Say what?!  Henrik now heads to the box for a faceoff violation?  Wow.
Of course. #canucksBrooklyn D.
Henrik is pissed off. Oh boy.Melaina
Holy hell in a hand basket!  Another “what a save from Luongo!”
I just LUUUUU’d my pants.Wyatt Arndt
Luongo. That is all.Nicole van Zanten
Luongo, thank you. The rest of the team, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!! @canuckshockey #Canucks #TGATTJay Jones
When Roberto’s on, he’s freaking on.  Just wish the rest of the team would take note and help the guy out!
Oh wait.. is that life from a Canucks not named Luongo? It sure is.. it’s Kesler.
Oh snap a Kesler Beast Mode sightingWyatt Arndt
At the end of a great shift from Kes, he draws a penalty and the Canucks go back to the power play.
Come on #Canucks. You used to know how to score. You can do it. We believe. Score 5 and we’ll call it even.Jon Breisnes
Sounds good to me Jon!
Your big money defenseman with a bomb of a shot. PP….2 ?Jeff Angus
Shake my head we don’t see Jason Garrison on 1st powerplay unit..inexcusable.JAY JANOWER
Garrison still on the 2nd PP unit because the coaching staff have no interest whatsoever in winning gamesSeamus McKale
Can someone explain this to me?  Sure he doesn’t always hit the net, but Garrison definitely strikes fear in the hearts of all those who stand in front of his shot.
And the Sharks kill it off.  I think it’s time to resort to desperate measures.
I think I saw someone tweet that Niemi is working on a shutout. Did I see a tweet about Niemi’s shutout?Chris Golden
Wait. Niemi has a shutout right now?
Hey.. does anyone know if Niemi is working on a shutout? Anyone? Anyone? #CanucksChris Golden
I mean.. it looks like a shutout.
Does Niemi have a shutout? RT if Niemi has a shutout. #Canucks #TGATTChris Golden
Yep… Niemi is working on a shutout.
@lyteforce if he gets a shutout you are dead to me. The shutout jinx only works against the sayers team. not for the opposition.Will Golden
Guess my brother isn’t down with my advanced voodoo.  Little does he know that there’s a statistic to back me up.
Wow.. Kesler just demolished Justin Braun.
Kesler says hi to Justin Braun. #Canucks #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
Kesler giving the sharks something to think about. Nice hitting! #beastmodeJustine Galo
That’s right.. Kesler is a big deal.
Kesler is hitting everyone. #WarmingUpMarda Miller
Period over.  I think we need something to inspire us and the team to tie this game up.  So Rocky it is.
"The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows" – Rocky VIaviothegr8
Third period is go.
Refs just got a real warm welcome when they skated out…. #NOTDon
Yep.. as they should.
Fun fact: Because Raffi Torres’ own goal doesn’t count, the #Canucks haven’t scored a goal in about 150 minutes of playoff hockey. #TGATTCanucks Hockey Blog
I’m not entirely sure that goals are all that important.  Are they?
So, we had 1982… then 1994… then 2011… Do we really have to wait until 2033 next? #CanucksJon Breisnes
No.. please no.
What’s this?  A stupid penalty against the Sharks?  I’ll take it!
OMFG a SJ penalty.Justine Galo
Nice jump by the Kesler line to start up the 3rd. I am cautiously semi pleased about this.Melaina
I know, right?  Wouldn’t it be something…
KESLORD.Chad Forrest
Ryan Kesler 1-1 Goal – Canucks Vs Sharks – R1G2 2013 Playoffs – 05.03.13 – HDcanuckshd
I’m not going to lie.  I may be getting noise complaints from my neighbours after that goal.
Such a wise man Chad.  Bet you didn’t think Alberts would be the first one to try, did you?
‘Here comes Alberts!’ has to be the least threatening play by play ever. #CanucksJon Breisnes
Nope.  No you didn’t.
Oh what the Bieksa?  Sure finishing your check is a good thing… AS LONG AS IT’S NOT AFTER THE WHISTLE!?!
Dumb dumb dumb.Thomas Drance
#LeastModeSeamus McKale
Bieksa… Head shake.bren*
Okay.. I’m okay.  I have faith.  The Canucks are going to kill this one off.
And… they did.  *whew*
Keslerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! #tgattAnne Shaw
Sexy Kesler!! 2-1 #canucks #tgattTLChicken
Ryan Kesler 2-1 Goal – Canucks Vs Sharks – R1G2 2013 Playoffs – 05.03.13 – HDcanuckshd
Ryan Kesler…. MAXIMIZE! #beastmode #canucks #tgattMichael Cinco
My chihuahua is hiding behind the toilet tank right now. #screaming #Canucks #TGATTJennifer
Seriously, how awesome is Kesler right now?
You tell me.  My cat is currently stuck on the ceiling claws deep.  Might have been my celebration or something that did it.  If I wasn’t getting a noise complaint from the earlier goal, I’m damn well getting one now.
Oh boy.. that really didn’t look good.  At least Roy was in net.  Roy’s are always good to have when you need an extra goaltender I here.
Roy was filling in for Luongo there for a few seconds. #Canucks
Is it me.. or is this game intense?
Still praying #tgattLukas B.
I should hope so Lukas!
GO #CANUCKS GO!!! 2 Minutes left. Niemmi will be out soon. #TGATTGlen Thayer
C’mon.. c’mon.. Niemi to the bench for the extra attacker.
Oh my.. Hansen just missed the wide open net.
[CENSORED]!!!!! 🙁 #CANUCKS #TGATTgerimaple
There were a tonne more tweets at this point.  This was really the only one I could share to keep CHB on the family friendly list.
I just…sigh! Will this team ever not give me heart palpitations?…think I should send the Canucks organization my medical bills! #TGATTKiran Mehat
#Believe! Lets go #Canucks. This is a crucial game. We cannot go to SJ 0-2 down. Cannot! #TGATTCaylie King
And regulation is in the bag.  To overtime we go.  And I think we all need some inspiration.
Surprisingly, the Canucks have been getting shots on the net.  Thank you though Michael.
Well, at least it’s not going to a shootout. #CanucksDennis Pang
Oh yes.. the best type of inspiration.  Anywho, over time is go.
I thought they took out the stanchions…almost the most ironic goal in hockey history #Canucks #TGATT great save by LuoGlen Thayer
Wow.. and early in overtime as well.  I wonder how Wyatt is doing?
Sorry brah.
Canucks are pressing here.. I can feel it!
EDLER?! Why u have to pinch? Sharks the other way on a 2 on 1.
Torres scores. It’s over.
Umbelievable. Edler… so many poor plays throughout the game. We have to win 4 of the next 5, 3 of those in san jose. #needluck #tgattVanucks
I don’t know what to say.  I really don’t.  But Chris is right.
#TSN shit the bed picking the stars of the game. Should have been Niemi, Luongo, Kes in any order independent of the final result. #TGATTChris Baldwin
Anhywho… I’m both positive and biased, so my prediction of the Canucks in 6 stands.  And if you don’t believe me, you need a little Rocky Balboa in your life.
Seriously, really! Sigh…on to the next one! *Go Canucks Go* #TGATTKiran Mehat

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