Canucks Song: Under John Tortorella (Parody of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”) with Marie Hui

Clay with son Sean and Marie Hui

My new Canucks song is a tribute to John Tortorella – the brand new head coach of the Vancouver Canucks.  He brings with him passion, a wealth of experience, and a Stanley Cup ring.

This song features the amazing Marie Hui and my son Sean doing some background vocals (along with camera work and holding up cue cards…haha).


I was happy that I got in Torts’ famous line from his first press conference in Vancouver: “If you’re a good loser, you’re a loser.”

Clay Imoo

Clay Imoo is a Canucks season ticket member and creator of Canucks parody songs. He is a co-host of the C4 podcast and writer of Things That Make You Go Hmmm and CHB's Top 10. More importantly, he is a husband and father.

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9 Responses

  1. Ted says:


  2. Linda Norton says:

    very good what a good song love that song catchy very good

  3. Rhianna Fan says:

    too funny. great job

  4. kanye east says:

    just terrible

  5. Just terrible? That you didn’t think of it first? I know.. I feel the same way.

  6. kanye south says:

    Yeah that I didn’t think of it first lol
    let’s gather the family together to embarrass ourselves with a awful attempt at humor.

  7. Bill Flanagin says:

    wow this sucks

  8. Wait.. you were being funny? Oh.. my bad. I took your comment at face value and was simply trying to complete your sentence. Many apologies.

  9. Clayton Imoo says:

    Sorry you feel that way!

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