Canucks Free Agent Targets

Matt Lee

Matt Lee has been a Canucks follower and a prototypical Canadian for years; it started on the streets by playing road hockey before and after Vancouver Canucks games and it's brought him here. After graduating from SFU with a BA in Communications and a minor in History while serving as the student newspaper's sports editor for two years, Matt is now a student at BCIT's Broadcast Journalism program in hopes of becoming a sports broadcaster.

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1 Response

  1. teddy2013 says:

    Considering the cap crunch Vancouver is in i would be surprised if they sign anyone on day 1. If one was to look at cap geek there only moves to free cap where Ballard and Booth. Since Booth is on LTIR, he could not be bought out.

    They have just over 7 million to get 7 players signed. Four defense men with trade clauses. Vancouver will not let Tanev leave, but could not match within their cap any hostile bid. So Tanev gets a short cheap deal…in the range of 2yrs/3 m. I would see no way they can afford either Raymond or Lapierre who when you look at cap geek again would be obvious resigns. Which free agent under 30 at double this years salary would fit their roles better? That would leave 6 million for 6 players. I pencil the prospect Corrado in at 6/7 defense.

    Any way one looks at it. Vancouver must either trade a highly paid player with a trade clause for less than full value or play some prospects. Any other GM looking at the Vancouver situation has Mike Gillis at a severe disadvantage. Dont look for any miracles to happen. Vancouver is going to take a dip in performance this year.

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