Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Suspensions, Firings and Mr. Carrie Underwood

NHLWheel of Judgment

The season is still in diapers and I’m already confused. Here are some insights, speculation and just plain old rants about events around the league.

The Canucks Eastern Doppelgänger

Has anyone else noticed that for that last few years the Philadelphia Flyers have been the Vancouver Canucks’ Eastern Doppelganger? In recent years, a lot of people pick them as favorites (like Canucks) but despite their obvious talent they tend to implode (like the Canucks). They’ve signed goalies to ridiculously large contracts (like the Canucks). They’ve regretted it (like you-know-who). They always fall short in the playoffs (sadly, Canuck-esque). And just like Vancouver did, they blame the coach instead of the GM. The firing of Peter Laviolette was not unexpected because of these similarities, but their timing was crappy. Why give this guy a shot at all this season? Now he’s unemployed with no available NHL team to throw his skates onto the ice for. And let’s be honest I think that if Laviolette had been let go at the end of last season, he would have been a good choice for the Canucks. Yes, yes, Torts isn’t doing horribly (yet) but… I think Laviolette would have been a solid choice if the option was there. And I can’t help but wonder with blow-out loses like 9-2  and 6-0 if the Rangers are thinking the same thing.

Mike Fisher’s is the new Zdeno Chara

Shame on you, Mr. Carrie Underwood. The hit on Cpdy Franson was completely in-the-numbers illegal but he gets no supplemental discipline. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since Zdeno Chara got nothing for the same hit as well.

But seriously, Alex Edler collides with Tomas Hertl, who has his head down, and gets suspended 3 games. Brendan Shanahan continues to baffle. I continue to have no idea what is considered a suspendable hit, definitively… unless it’s something the Bruins did, then it’s never a suspension. That much I get. I think Shanahan has a wheel, like the Wheel of Fortune wheel, and he just spins it and wherever it lands, boom! Judgement!

And About Edler

All this said, I am not an Edler fan. I used to be… before his last contract negotiation when I thought he, you know, knew how to play. But for the last couple of years he’s made a series of bad passes, questionable plays and careless hits.

And those plays aren’t just in the NHL. That hit on Eric Staal in the World Championships was totally reckless and Staal is still dealing with knee issues. I really wish the Canucks had traded Edler for someone useful (and Alberts too while we’re at it). Hopefully Torts can scream some sense back into Edler or has the common sense to bench him. At $30 million over 6 years with a no-trade clause, the Canucks need better from him.

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6 Responses

  1. jandt says:

    I don’t know what games you’ve been watching, but Edler’s probably been the Canucks’ best defenseman (or at least, second-best next to Jason Garrison). Yes, he’s had the odd brain cramp, but which Canucks defenseman hasn’t? In fact, you can argue Edler’s been the steadiest of the bunch. If you think Tortorella should bench him, then I’d like to know who you would play in his place. Andrew Alberts?

  2. Trevor says:

    Edler has been Canucks’ best D and the steadiest of the bunch? While he has been scoring a lot his defensive play was often awful. Garrison and Hamhuis are definitely way better than him. Don’t get me wrong, I have an Edler jersey and was a big fan of his, but he simply didn’t deserve that contract.

  3. Victoria says:

    Hey jandt, I’ve seen nothing but terrible from Edler in the last 2 years of playoffs – causing turnovers and goals for the other team. And his suspensions have been because of careless hits, like the one on Staal in the Worlds and the one the other night. He doesn’t go after people but he doesn’t avoid bad hits and he should. Also, no I don’t think Alberts should take his place. I think we should have traded Edler and now that we haven’t dig deep into our supposed depth and find someone who isn’t screwing up. But again, it’s just my opinion. Clearly different from yours but hey, that’s what makes the world go-round.

  4. Brent L says:

    You do realize that the acronym for the Department of Player Safety is DoPS? Pronounced “dopes”. Enough said…

  5. Victoria says:

    I agree Trevor!

  6. Victoria says:

    Ha! I didn’t realize that but boy does that make sense! Thanks for the laugh Brent!

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