CHB Countdown: Top 5 Sedin Line Combinations

Dylan Markley

Dylan is a cultural studies major from UBCO and an avid writer. He's played hockey his whole life and follows the Canucks mercilessly. In fact, although he was only 5 years old during the Canucks 94' playoff run, he acts like he remembers it perfectly.

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14 Responses

  1. Josh Hall says:

    You’re definitely missing Jason King. I’d put that above Kesler. Kesler shouldn’t even be on this list actually.

    Come on! The Mattress Line lit it up!

  2. Victoria says:

    I don’t know where the Sedin-Burr-Sedin mojo went this year but I hope it comes back – soon! The Sedins elevate the game of every player who plays with them but it amazes me Kesler doesn’t do better with them. If they can make Taylor “Pylon” Pyatt look great how come Kesler isn’t brilliant with them?!

  3. Josh Hall says:

    Because they are opposing forces. Kesler should be making other players better. It’s too much BEAST for one line.

  4. Dylan says:

    Ya the mattress line gets honorable mention for sure. It was just hard to leave the kes-sedin combination off when you look at some of their dominance earlier this year and then a few years back on the PP. People forget that despite the production of the Mattress line they were only together for about half a season before King was sent to the minors. You can tell we live in a hockey market when we debate line combinations from a decade ago haha.

  5. Josh Hall says:

    I mean Kesler and the twins on the PP shouldn’t count really because they were a powerplay exclusive group up until this season. And this season, they played together for a handful of games…just me being a stickler.

  6. Dylan says:

    Fair enough, but even in those handful of say 10-15 games they played together this year, they still managed to put up nearly 40 points combined. On a strict head-to-head or PPG basis I’d say the Kesler combo is more effective. Nostalgia-wise the Mattress line is legendary. Depends on how you look at it. At this point I’d be willing to bring Jason King back to try to generate even so much as a whisper of offence haha.

  7. Josh Hall says:

    Haha are you sure? He retired due to concussions after playing in Europe for a bit and is an Assistant Coach in St. John’s now.

  8. Dylan says:

    I’m kidding, it’s moments like this where sarcasm italics would come in handy.

  9. Josh Hall says:

    Apologies. Usually I’m conducting the sarcasm train. This 5 game losing streak has been hard on my abilities.

  10. J21 says:

    Kesler played the entire 2010-11 season as the Third Sedin on the power play. It definitely wasn’t a new thing this year.

  11. Josh Hall says:

    Again, in my mind, PP shouldn’t count.

  12. Dylan says:

    The problem is if you dismiss Jason King’s powerplay time with the Sedins you get rid of 14 of his 21 points in 2003-2004. 7 even- strength points in 47 games? Not the best.

  13. Josh Hall says:

    You got me! 😉 6 PPG’s that year. Damn! I still put King ahead of Kesler. That line had more mystique and in a way….more sexiness to it because King was such a huge surprise to everyone. Kesler we all expect to just dom each time he steps on the ice and then we get let down when he doesn’t 85% of the time.

  1. November 21, 2013

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