You Be The Judge: Was Zack Kassian out of line for making fun of Luke Gazdic’s neck beard?

J.J. Guerrero

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3 Responses

  1. John says:

    Just before he pointed at his chin Gagner had stepped towards the mixup from the bench. You can see Gagner yelling at him too. It’s pretty obvious–it was at Gagner.

  2. SarcasticBugger says:

    Any hockey pest tries to get under the opposition’s skin at the START of a game. Kassian was chirping at the end of the game while hiding behind a sea of officials and teammates. Total douche move.

  3. Burrows' Buddy says:

    Fact: Perron hit Kassian
    Fact: Perron immediately turned and ran
    Fact: The officials came in.
    Fact: Gazdic came in and Perron turned to act tough after the officials were there.
    Fact: Gagner made his way down the bench to chirp.
    Unknown: Kassian chirped back at an Oiler.

    You can’t tell from that video who Kassian was chirping at. Seems like some butthurt Oilers fans want someone to blame for their team not showing up to play last night.

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