About Last Night: We Miss Torts

Hey, look, Torts, Statler and Waldorf were at the game!
Photo Credit: canucks.nhl.com

Some highlights – sure, let’s call them that – about the Canucks’ 4-3 lost to the Winnipeg Jets last night.

  • Dear the guy who brought the giant Torts cut-out – that’s so much awesome.
  • Devin Setoguchi snapped his scoring drought, scoring twice, including the game-winner with just 2:56 remaining in regulation. Prior to his first goal, just 6 minutes into the game, he had gone scoreless in 7 games, and only had 1 goal in his last 26 games. There has to be a stat out there on slump buster teams – or teams likely to allow players to bust out of lengthy scoring droughts. Or first career goals. The Canucks must be at or near the top of this list.
  • The Jets scored back-to-back goals within 65 seconds in the first to give them an early 2-0 lead. Recently, it seems the Canucks have allowed a lot of goals and allowed them in bunches. Against the Blackhawks on Wednesday, they allowed 3 goals in 4:17 minutes and 4 goals in 7:41 minutes. In that 9-1 disaster against the Ducks, they allowed 2 goals in 2:02 and another 2 goals in 55 seconds after that. Earlier in January against the Penguins, they allowed 2 goals in 16 seconds with barely a minute left in the game and a 2-goal lead; the Pens of course came back and won that game in the shootout. How fragile are these guys right now?
  • Ryan Kesler was a bright spot. He scored in the second period to tie up the game momentarily, and added a couple assists on the other Canucks goals. More #beastmode Kes please.
  • Kesler, after the game, “We need to find a way to win, this is getting old. We don’t want to lose.” Well, no shit.
  • Hey guys, did you know Alex Burrows hasn’t scored a goal yet this season?
  • Torts will be back behind the bench on Monday when the Canucks face the Detroit Red Wings. Welcome back, coach. We missed you.

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