About This Morning: The Drew Doughty Show

Drew Doughty scored 3 goals in his last 28 games for the Los Angeles Kings. He’s had 3 goals in 3 games for Team Canada. Clearly he was conserving his abilities for the Olympics and as a Canadian, I’m okay with that. But I’m pretty sure the popping sound I’m hearing around LA today is Kings’ fans heads exploding.

Subban should be dropped in and Vlasic pulled out. Or Bouwmeester. I am not a PK Subban fan. I wasn’t even sure I wanted him on Team Canada because his attitude and his preference to play a bit dirty and arrogant isn’t an Olympic asset. But he was tight and controlled in his one game and played smart. He was noticeable in a good way unlike Bouwmeester and Vlasic today. Bouwmeester was unnoticeable and Vlasic was noticed for ridiculousness and sloppiness.

So now it’s the Swiss, who we had to beat in a shootout last time so no one better think this is an easy ride. The easier ride would have been if we won in regulation. However maybe we’ll face Latvia. I count no one out because it’s the Olympic and crazy things can happen.

Also, since we’re on the topic of the Swiss, you know who won that shootout in 2010? Sidney Crosby. For those who forgot, he did do more than that very last goal of the games. I feel the need to bring this up because the “Sid sucks’ tweets have already begun. There is no Country in the world that doesn’t know he’s the best in the world so, as Finland did so well, they are all going to make a point of shutting him down. And we should be ok with that because while they’re concentrating on Sid we have Toews, Doughty, Carter, Tavares and every other second and third and fourth best player in the world to score instead of Crosby. Remember that.

I heard on twitter (so it must be true and I’m too lazy to Google it) no undefeated team has ever won gold. Every men’s hockey gold medal has been won by a team that has lost a game along the way. Does that worry you? The way I see it is, That said, if a Country is going to buck a hockey trend, what better Country to do it than Canada?

Who sits the next one? I say it’s got be Vlasic and Kunitz.

Who is in net? I don’t care either way because Price and Luongo are both playing solid but I will say this. I think we need to start solidifying stuff and the goalie is where we should start.

Tell us your thoughts on who gets the net, who gets scratched and what we need to do to be the first team to go undefeated and win gold?

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3 Responses

  1. Habs76 says:

    Doughty’s goals have been important, but Bouwmeester-Pietrangelo has been the best overall pairing for Canada. They’re the anchor PK pairing; they cover for each other and play d-to-d better than the other pairs; and they control and move the puck with the most purpose of the pairings. They keep things simple, which is something that most of the rest of Team Canada has a problem with. When so many other players are forcing plays that aren’t there, you don’t touch your pair that best avoids those pitfalls.

    Bouwmeester was paired with Subban for most of PK’s shifts and Bouwmeester looked better every single shift.

    I’d be happy with sitting Hamhuis or Vlasic for Subban, but it would be a mistake to sit Bouwmeester, who has looked very good in every game. I’m not convinced Subban will change anything. They don’t need more razzle-dazzle or individual play, they need to play more like a team and do simple, unremarkable plays when the homerun isn’t there. Subban is a great player, but just rotating him in will absolutely not flip that switch for Canada.

  2. Victoria says:

    Thanks for the comment! I notice Keith a lot more than Bouwmeester, personally. But in the Latvia game I think all the D that played did well. For me it became clear that what we really need is goals more than anything and we couldn’t get them against Latvia. That can’t happen against the US.

  3. CANE_MANny says:

    Dude, seriously are you twelve years old or something???? No undefeated team has ever won gold??? Tell me you are joking… Ever hear of the big bad Soviet Union in their imposing red uniforms with CCCP and a roster full of seasoned veterans who kicked NHL asses quite a few times over the years. They did it quite a few times. Also, how about Miracle on Ice in 1980? USA tied Sweden in 1st game but did not lose the rest of the way. If you write a blog about something at least have SOME basic knowledge on subject matter….

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