About This Morning: The Price was Right!

Josh Hanner/NY Times

Josh Hanner/NY Times

Every team is going to have a game where they struggle. Every team will have to face a red-hot goalie at some point. We had the fortune of having the shaky game against Norway and the red-hot goalie with Latvia, who had little else to stop us. The USA had the misfortune of having a shaky game and the red-hot goalie in the same game – our game.

  • I just want to say to the USA fans blaming Quick, you’re the reason the world thinks Americans are stupid.  If it wasn’t for Quick you’d have lost that game 5-0. The end.
  • Kunitz is the 2014 reincarnation of the 2012 Mason Raymond. He couldn’t score if the net was empty and the size of a barn.  But damn he just never stops trying.
  • Jonathan Toews is the most amazing puck handler I have ever seen. No he hasn’t scored in this tourney but he is winning face offs and stealing pucks and controlling and setting up plays. He’s been insanely good.
  • Remember that time everyone, including me, thought our weakest link was goaltending? Ha! We must have been drunk. Luongo has a shut out. Price has a shutout – against the United States of America. To quote a certain gold medal goalie with the twitter handle Strombone1;  “Jesus Price!” Now someone please replace Lundqvist’s equipment with his NYR equipment from the beginning of the season (the stuff he couldn’t play in to save his life). I’ll buy you a beer if you do!

Guys… we’re going to the gold medal final! Again. But the end of the day Sunday our Canuck Dan Hamhuis will have an Olympic medal. Roberto Luongo will be a 2-time medalists. The color is the only thing left to fight for. Fight hard boys! We love ya no matter what but fight hard!

Predictions anyone? Tell us!

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4 Responses

  1. CANE_MANny says:

    Sweden 2 – Canada 0…… Canada’s luck finally runs out against Lunquist

  2. Victoria says:

    Well THAT is not the prediction I wanted to hear! I hope you’re wrong and it’s reversed! 🙂

  3. Christy says:

    ” If it wasn’t for Quick you’d have lost that game 5-0″ like today for example!

  4. Lucy Harrison says:

    Quick was fantastic. Couldn’t agree with you more that US goaltending was NOT the issue. Price was fantastic. Awesome observations and assessments about Kunitz and Toews. I’d like to know where Crosby comes into all of this? He is making an effort but seems to be missing opportunities for whatever reason. Jamie Benn … been fairly solid from what I can tell – unsung hero in my opinion. Is it just me or did Canada seem to be gelling as a team more in the game against the US? They had great puck possession and played a good solid 60 min. I’d like to hear more about those pieces as you are such a good analyst Victoria! Nice blog! I predict Canada 3-2 in the final.

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