CHB Countdown: Top 5 Reasons Why Keeping Ryan Kesler Was a Good Thing

Dylan Markley

Dylan is a cultural studies major from UBCO and an avid writer. He's played hockey his whole life and follows the Canucks mercilessly. In fact, although he was only 5 years old during the Canucks 94' playoff run, he acts like he remembers it perfectly.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    I think Kesler should have been moved at the deadline when demand for him was high. I worry that we won’t get as much for him at the Draft or in the summer.

    And while Kes brings all the skills you mentioned, does his staying here have any intangible or positive long-term benefits for the team moving forward? If he really wanted out, I hope he doesn’t sulk around the room and negatively affect the team.

    It’s nice to remain optimistic (I always try to), but I don’t think making the playoffs this season is realistic, even with Kesler.

  2. Dylan Markley says:

    They’re definetly on the outside looking in at this point. I’m sure there are financial reasons for his staying here. Getting rid of him at the deadline basically says “this season is over” and would certainly affect ticket sales. I’m looking at the entry draft for some sort of movement. A big part of the problem in my opinion is poor self-assessment. Ownership and management need to look at this team objectively and admit they are not a contender at this point in time.

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