Ranted: The Sinking Ship

Victoria Pattison Denault

Victoria was born in Habs country, moved to Leafs territory for college & Canucks town for work before immigrating to the land of sunshine, movie stars & KINGS. When not watching hockey Victoria writes novels.

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12 Responses

  1. yoata says:

    Agreed, on all counts, Gillis is the laughing stock of the NHL and has been since he publicly offered Sundin $10M per (that would have at the time gutted the core that Gillis inherited and who went on to be so successful – no thanks to him). He has done little to improve that core in the time he’s been here and in fact has damaged the team significantly with his awful trades and signings, and if ownership doesn’t get rid of him soon he will finish the job and leave the Canucks with years of futility ahead.

  2. Justine Galo says:

    So Lack doesn’t have to try to make any saves and is allowed to make McSofties (2 of them that help lead to the loss) along with phantom calls by the refs and desperation moves by Bieksa. No he doesn’t deserve to ‘hung out to dry’ but he does deserve some criticism. This is the NHL, not adult safety league hockey. He’s 27, but Fleury was a lot younger when he took to the net and took a lot of heat, because like the Canucks, Penguins had no one else. It’s only been a week removed, but Gillis and Torts take the main blame. The guys scored 4 last night, Lack should have only allowed 2.

  3. For me personally, it’s no so much that Lack should escape criticism – he should be criticized for at least 2 of those goals – but moreso that he’s been put in a position he doesn’t seem ready for. Dangerous way they’re handling the kid. If he is the future, they better not wreck his confidence.

  4. Victoria says:

    I never said Lack deserves no criticism, Justine. He just doesn’t deserve ALL of it. No goalie is blameless (although a great many – a lot of whom are blaming Lack for everything – like to think Luongo was blameless for every goal he ever let in) Fleury may have been younger but he had a much stronger team in front of him.

  5. Victoria says:

    Amen Yoata! Well said!

  6. Tawnya C says:

    What I want to understand is why is the guys getting killed on the ice the coach, owners, GM’s etc.. fault? Are they not professional hockey players? Have they not played hockey for umteen years? Do they not know how to play hockey? Are they grown men? Yes to all of these questions! So why the heck is it anyone else fault but the players themselves?? They need to suck it up and play like they did when they wanted to get drafted!!! Seriously!!!

  7. M_Babyface says:

    Exactly. I’ve been saying the same thing on the FB Canucks site. Tort, Gillis and management don’t lace up or hold the hockey stick. The professional players do. The players have 1 job. That is to score, get ahead and stay ahead for 60 minutes. PERIOD. If the players are not playing to their pay grade emotionally and physically, then they need to “hit the bricks.” And true fans need to start pointing fingers in the right direction. This whole #firemikegillis is getting really old.

  8. Victoria says:

    You both have valid points. And I think it is the players responsibility too. So do we trade the Sedins? Kesler? Lack? See the thing is, if the players aren’t producing we have to find ones that do. That’s where it’s the GM’s responsibility. And Gillis has done a horrible job getting something worthwhile in trades. Also, if the coach is leading the players, which he is, and dictating plays and “style” (like blocking shots) then he is also responsible. They follow what he tells them. But yes, the players need to produce no matter what and they aren’t which is why I’m ok with them trading all of them if they have to.

  9. Orland K says:

    All goes back to the game in LA top of the new year. Their last real shot at playing Torts hockey — gritty, battling, playoff-type game, which ended absurdly with Brown landing on Luo and scoring. After that, the team said screw this to Torts, starting the next night in Ana. The have turned on him, there is no other way to interpret this awfulness. They want him gone. The problem is, the rumour is that Torts is Aqua’s guy, and so does this mean Gillis out and 3 more years of shot-blocking zero-offense terribleness? What burns me most about the latest bout of exploring the definition of rock bottom is that we’re very likely going to ruin Lack. There is no tragicomedy in the history of the NHL like the Vancouver Canucks.

  10. Justine Galo says:

    Fleury came in before the Crosby/Malkin era. When the Pens were still in last place to attain aforementioned players. So hardly right to say the Pens had a much stronger team in front of him to come into the situation. Drafted in 2003 MAF. 2004 Malkin 2005 Crosby. Hardly fair to say that Fleury was thrown in a much better situation. That’s just down right incorrect information. If anything, Lack had a better situation going in, if not for the injuries, the mismanagement etc. etc. etc. Fleury was 18 or 19, Lack is 27. Never said once it was all criticism and all his fault, but he isn’t blameless in this situation.

  11. Justine Galo says:

    lol landing on Lu. Putting it mildly there, he pretty much bowled him down, but yes that was “Moral Victory” night.

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