You Be The Judge: Nino Niederreiter’s “Good, Open Ice Hit” to the Head of Alex Burrows

J.J. Guerrero

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  • james

    wow… im shocked that such an obvious high elbow goes unpunished?!. proves that the NHL really does hate vancouver.. nice work Shanahan..

  • peanutflower

    Apparently Burrows “deserves” to hit like that.

  • Nathan Jacobson

    The call was interference…the puck was on Burrows stick…the call can’t get much more ridiculous than that. Clearly the refs, and nhl, and those clearly much less biased than you felt that the primary contact was with Burrows’ chest, which I’d agree with. Just because a guy went down or got hurt doesn’t mean it’s a dirty hit.

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  • DJ

    I’m a Canucks fan. That’s a legit hit. Burrows should’ve protected himself.

  • modoo

    Not a Canucks fan, Wild fan or fan of all the suspensions the league has handed out in recent years but this hit is a textbook suspension – should have been one or two games based on previous decisions. The failure to hit through the body makes it suspension-worthy (in NHL parlance). Shanahan has said many times that the fact the person taking the hit is spun around is a dead giveaway. Canucks got hosed.

  • Victoria

    That’s in no way clean. Not even close. And in the past it has NOT been the player’s responsibility to protect his head from another player lifting his elbow into his face. Because elbows aren’t supposed to be allowed. Really not cool.

  • Victoria

    Amen. Well said.

  • J.J. Guerrero

    Sure, Burrows should’ve kept his head up, but NN also came from the blindside and obviously lifted his elbow to hit Burrows to the head. If Kassian had thrown that hit on Parise, Kassian wouldn’t be playing until next season.

  • J.J. Guerrero

    If primary contact was with Burrows’ chest, my grade 11 Physics says Burrows he wouldn’t have fallen the way he did.

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