Game Day Preview Canucks vs. Rangers: AV Returns

Ashley Pothiboon

Student who's old enough to do everything--mature enough to do nothing. I've loved the Canucks for eternity and I can still fit into my 6th grade Markus Naslund jersey.

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  1. Pivot says:

    The Vancouver team AV built isn’t fit to play Tortarella grind it out, 1 goal games. Blocking 20+ shots per game and throwing 30 hits is not how AV built this team. The defenseman are all wrong for Torts high stakes hockey approach. They need good skating big shutdown defenseman. A couple bottom 6 Centerman that’ll kill penalties. Even a couple wingers that’ll kill penalties too and at least 2 top end, shutdown defenseman that he trusts in all situations. 5 on 5, 5 on 4, & PK. They have some pieces to trade for players to fit around Torts. I doubt he gets fired. They still owe AV money. Now they’re gonna fire Torts with 4 years on his deal, and hire (and pay) another coach? Torts has won everywhere he’s went. Wether it was an immediate change or change over a couple of years but he will get results. The personnel let him down. The Calgary debacle was just him protecting his players. He may be hard on them but no one else is allowed to.

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