May 052014

C4 on CHB

C4 on CHB – a canucks hockey blog podcast

Having spent the past month mourning the dreadful collapse of the Vancouver Canucks during the first quarter of 2014, the boys break radio silence to discuss a couple “happenings” since seasons end.

Chris, Clay and Matt get their chat on about Gillis’ legacy and who they think might replace him (rhymes with Henning). They also kick around why Linden gassed Tortorella and Sullivan, yet kept Gulutzan and Melanson. And last but not least, the boys get riled up about who will be the next coach “hired to be fired.” And it wouldn’t be a podcast without a little #AskCHB and Haiku.

Hired to be Fired – May 5, 2014

  • Holdem

    Well this time they had better pick a coach that can attach a style that fits the team instead of trying to get the twins to play a defensive style.

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