Performance of the Week: Eddie Lack’s SO vs. the Penguins

This week’s performance of the week should come as no surprise because: a) well, Eddie Lack’s mom tweeted at him and it was adorable; and b) Eddie Lack notched his 5th career shutout last Thursday, a 22-save shutout against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Obviously, these are things that everyone’s been talking about and now I will too. (I just wanna be like the cool kids, okay?)

You’ve probably seen the tweet a million times, but for the purposes of this post, let’s see it again:

Just the cutest, right?

NHL players aren’t allowed to tweet on game day, but, evidently, this rule doesn’t apply to their parental units. But that’s fine because, hey, a motivated Eddie resulted in the first time a Canucks goaltender had posted a shutout in Pittsburgh.

Eddie Lack blocks a shot by Sidney Crosby (photo Gene J. Puskar)

It was back-up-against-back-up on Thursday night. Thomas Greiss manned the pipes for the Pens — his first start in Pittsburgh this year. The Canucks though were able to take advantage of a slightly injured Pittsburgh line-up, scoring once in the first and then twice more in the second for a final score of 3-0.

Eddie made 22 saves for only his second win of the season — but who’s to say the story would be the same if Eddie’s mom hadn’t tweeted him prior to the game? WE’LL NEVER KNOW, but it’s safe to say we’re all pretty glad she did.

Later, Eddie Lack replied to his mom — and who doesn’t like a little family banter on twitter dot com, especially when it involves an NHL player and his mom?  Well you can check it out here and here aaaaand here so wait — maybe Mamma Lack should’ve  been awarded with the Performance of the Week?

Well, she certainly won Tweets of the Week, if that were ever a thing.

In any event, thanks, Mamma Lack! The game against Pittsburgh was a game many Canucks fans automatically wrote off as a loss, but the entire team played solidly and Lack deserved the shutout. It’s just too bad the all-around solid performance by the Canucks didn’t carry them through the weekend in Toronto or Ottawa but we’ll always have the memories from this game. All you gotta do is turn your face to the moonlight.

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